Condo girl takes out VET Student of the Year

Condobolin student Jessie Haydon has beaten finalists from Bathurst, Orange and Parkes to win VET Student of the Year for the Central West.

VET Student of the Year for the Central West, Jessie Haydon, cooks up a storm at Condobolin High School. LP


Condobolin student Jessie Haydon has beaten finalists from Bathurst, Orange and Parkes to win VET Student of the Year for the Central West.

Jessie Haydon at the awards ceremony in Orange with her traineeship employer, Sharmane Armstrong. Contributed

By Lara Pearce

Condobolin student Jessie Haydon has beaten finalists from Bathurst, Orange and Parkes to win VET Student of the Year for the Central West.

Jessie attended the 2014 NSW Training Awards ceremony in Orange on Friday 13 June after being finalised for the award.

Jessie is in Year 12 at Condobolin High School, where she undertakes two Vocational Education Training (VET) courses: Hospitality and Sports Coaching.

“I got to the presentation and saw myself on the front page [of the booklet] and thought ‘Why am I on the front page?’ and then everyone was like ‘You won! You won!’,” she said.

“When they called my name, I almost cried.”

Jessie received her award and gave a speech to over 300 attendees, thanking her parents and family, her teachers and her employers at the Condobolin Motor Inn, Sharmane and Scott Armstrong, for their support.

Her Hospitality teacher, Bev Small, nominated Jessie for the award for her work in her Hospitality subject and her associated traineeship, working as a cook at the Condobolin Motor Inn. Ms Small was unable to attend the award ceremony due to illness but offered her support from afar.

“She was on the phone to me crying,” Jessie said. “So I made sure to give her a big thank you in my speech.”

Ms Small said she was thrilled with Jessie’s achievements.  “I nominated Jessie because [her VET course] has made her value her education more,” she said. “She does really well in her VET course, where she is a leader to other students, and she does really well at her job and she juggles them very well.”

“She has well and truly earned the award.”

Jessie works at the Condobolin Motor Inn most evenings. She cooks, cleans, waitresses and helps out wherever she is required, leaving little time for homework on school nights.

“Sometimes I don’t get out of there until 11pm,” she explains. “I have to do a lot of homework in my studies.”

Jessie said that it was her aunt who shared her love of cooking with Jessie when she was little. “We would bake cupcakes for my sister’s birthday and that kind of thing,” Jessie explained.

Jessie has always loved cooking but it was not until she started her Certificate II in Hospitality that she became truly dedicated to her studies.

“I woke up to myself and realised that this is really going to be a hard life if I don’t do something,” she said.

After finishing Year 12, Jessie hopes to go on to complete a Certificate III in Hospitality and work as a chef.

She will now go to compete against the winners of other regions for VET Student of the Year for NSW.

Wireless network increases options for Condobolin TAFE students

Darcy Whitla and Donna Edwards are both currently studying Certificate III in Employment Education and Training at Condoboin TAFE. DGBy Dominic Geiger

Condobolin TAFE students no longer have to travel huge distances just to attend classes thanks to the recent introduction of TAFE Western’s Wireless Network.

The wireless network access has been commissioned at all TAFE Western colleges, which stretch from Broken Hill to Lithgow and from Lightening Ridge to Cowra.

Education Support Officer at TAFE Western Condobolin, Sue Henley, said the technology would allow for increased flexibility in how students chose to study.

“I think it’s great; the students can bring their own laptops and can hook up to video conferences which are taking place in Orange,” she said.

“In the same way, teachers in Condobolin can present video conferences here to students in Parkes or Forbes.

“It also gives students scope to take part in outdoor learning if it’s a nice day as they can just use their laptops to connect to classes.”

Sue said far from replacing other forms of learning, the Wireless Network would simply exist as an option for those students who were already tech savvy.

“It all depends on the student,” she said.

“The technology just allows for more learning options.”

TAFE Western Institute Director, Kate Baxter, said TAFE teachers were now able to use online material, video and other resources on the wireless network in every building including trade workshops.

“In addition to the wireless network, TAFE Western has also been developing more online training courses in project management, financial services, information technology, electrical and mechanical engineering, retail, tertiary preparation, children’s services and welfare,” she said.

“We have a goal to have 20 course areas previously not online, delivered using new technology which allows the participation of geographically dispersed students.”

Training for the future

Participants will train for twelve months for construction qualificationsParticipants embarked on a twelve month traineeship last week in an initiative of the Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation (WCC) in conjunction with the Western Institute of TAFE Condobolin campus in an initiative to provide indigenous students with construction qualifications.
The full-time traineeship requires students to attend TAFE Condobolin two times a week for theoretical and practical tutelage coupled with three day employment at the developing Wiradjuri Study Centre.
Education Support Officer of the TAFE Condobolin campus, Sue Henley, said a full-time traineeship such as that being undertaken by the students was a strong commitment and a solid step in the right direction to completing ongoing education like an apprenticeship.
TAFE teacher Stephen Cross, said the two day theoretical and practical component would allow them to complete their Certificate II in Construction and also incorporated their OH&S induction.
“The benefit of operating the course this way is they’re being assessed on all their skills immediately and we can work with each of their skill levels to bring them all up to an even par,” Stephen said.
Percy Knight of the Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation which implemented the course said the aim was to create a core group of young people who know what they are doing on a construction site.
“It’s about giving our youth practical skills and empowering them to achieve,” he said.

Commitment to training rewarded

Juanita Wighton has won the TAFE NSW Gili award for Trainee of the YearLachlan Shire Council employee Juanita Wighton has won the prestigious TAFE NSW Gili award for Trainee of the Year which recognises the achievements of Aboriginal TAFE NSW students who have contributed to their communities through training and education.
Completing her Certificate III in Local Government through TAFE Western, Condobolin College, Juanita said she was proud to have applied successfully for a full time position at LSC after her traineeship and hoped she was a role model for the younger generation to complete their education.
“Being an older sibling, it motivates me to strive to be the best role model I can be for the younger people in my life,” Juanita said.
“I want my younger siblings to understand that we have so much opportunity in this life now compared to our older generation and that we should not knock back any opportunity that comes along – I’m trying to be the best person I can be,” she said.
The highly contended TAFE NSW Gili Awards are the premier awards ceremony for Aboriginal TAFE NSW students for over 20 years and will be presented at a state level next Thursday 8th July at the Sydney Opera House
Earning the respect and high regard of her TAFE teachers as well as her colleagues, General Manager George Cowan said Juanita’s effervescent personality and willingness to learn was a credit to her work ethic.
“Juanita impressed me particularly in her workplace attitude and ethics, which are exemplary, in the reception area of Council, and her aspiration to be a positive role model for other young Aboriginal women in her community,” Mr Cowan said.
The TAFE NSW Gili Awards coincide with National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) Week which is recognised from 4-11 July 2010.
Juanita has also been nominated for the esteemed Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Vocational Student of the Year and this will get presented in Orange on Tuesday 6th July at the Western NSW Regional Training Awards Presentation Dinner.

Scholarships give chance to achieve

By Karen ToothCondobolin TAFE's Mick Young Scholarships

The sentiments that forged the Mick Young Scholarship Trust idea more than two decades ago are still bearing fruit in Condobolin with the presentation of scholarships to eight recipients at a TAFE Western Condobolin College function on Wednesday evening at the Condobolin Motor Inn.
The Mick Young Scholarship Trust, or MYST, is a national fundraising initiative which gives financially disadvantaged students the chance to further their education at Universities, TAFE and colleges right across Australia.
Mick Young was a shearer, union official and Federal Cabinet Minister. He was driven by a core belief – that education creates opportunity. He believed access to it should not be limited just to those who can instantly afford it.
The successful applicants are: Brady Black – a first year apprentice studying certificate III  in Engineering – Fabrication Trade and employed by G & S fabrication. Michael Burke – a second year apprentice diesel mechanic studying Cert III in Automotive Mechanical technology while working at Cornish’s Farm Machinery. Anna Caskey is completing Cert IV in Training and Assessment at Parkes College so she can apply for her Bachelor’s degree in teaching and Diploma in Children’s Services to teach others about quality child care. Harrison Habel – a 3rd year apprentice employed by Central West Group Apprentices and hosted by Maspro Engineering. Mark Haworth is still attending Condobolin High School and is enrolled in Cert III in Engineering Fabrication trade at Dubbo College. Adam Laneyrie is employed by Central West Group Apprentices and works with Condobolin Steel and is enrolled in Cert III in Engineering Fabrication Trade. Stacey O’Bryan is enrolled in Cert II Animal Studies with work placement at the Condobolin Veterinary Surgery. James Patton is a 2nd year apprentice with Central West Group Apprentices and hosted by Condobolin Steel Pty Ltd and studying Cert III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade.
Enquiries about the scholarship should be made directly to the Student Support unit at each participating educational institution.
The Trust depends heavily on dedicated and caring TAFE administrators across the country.

Commitment to building a better future

Recognising the commitment and achievement of local TAFE students, the annual Western Institute of TAFE’s Mick Young Scholarship and Industry Gathering will be held next Wednesday 19 May at Condobolin Motor Inn from 6.30pm.TAFE Industry Gathering
The Mick Young Scholarship Trust has designated $7000 this year to be divided among achieving TAFE students to support and recognise their studies and commitment.
The funds go towards supporting study and travelling expenses encountered throughout the students’ course training.
Education Support Officer, Sue Henley, said the night was about recognising the accomplishments of local TAFE students coupled with an opportunity for Lachlan Shire business houses to come along and meet TAFE NSW Western Institute Business Consultants to discuss their training needs.
“The Industry Gathering is an evening for us to get out there into the community and show them what skills and training the Western Institute of TAFE has to offer them.
“It’s also an opportunity for us to show there are a lot of options in educating and training their staff and if they tell us what it is they want we can look at introducing industry-specific programs to give them what they’re looking for.
“It’s also a fabulous chance to come and sample some TAFE hospitality finger foods,” Sue said.
The Mick Young Scholarship Presentation and Industry Gathering will be held at Condobolin Motor Inn on Wednesday 19 May commencing at 6.30pm. All business houses are invited with RSVP by Friday 14 May to 6891 9000.
Recipients who will be awarded the Mick Young Scholarships on the night are: Brady Black, Michael Burke, Anna Caskey, Harrison Habel, Mark Haworth, Adam Laneyrie, Stacey O’Bryan and James Patton.

Up-skilled youth to build eco-village

By Sally Willoughby

Participants started a twelve-week mining and construction course this week (19 April) sponsored by the Wiradjuri Condobolin Centre (WCC) in an initiative to create skilled workers with multiple qualifications.

The full-time course will include accredited training through the Western Institute of Tafe coupled with a practical on-the-job component two days a week with access to technology including mining and trucking simulators.

“Our [the WCC] aim is to create a core group of young people who know what they are doing on a construction site,” said WCC CEO Percy Knight.

“It’s about giving our youth practical skills and empowering them to achieve,” he said.

If participants don’t have a job with a mining company by 1 July, the Wiradjuri Study Centre will offer them a 12 month construction traineeship designated to the WCC’s new eco-housing project.

The eco-housing project will involve the construction in excess of an anticipated 100 houses in two stages using environmentally-friendly compressed earth bricks.

Percy said the homes will be given to Wiradjuri people under restrictions to get them out of a rental situation and put people in a position of asset wealth.

“We [the WCC] have identified the need for a fresh beginning and we have a strong commitment to encouraging self-determination in the Aboriginal community and educating them to become skilled workers and promoting a knowledge economy,” Percy said.

“We’re committed to finding ways to give the people a positive and sustainable future,” he said.

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