Gumbend to be refilled this summer

By Dominic Geiger

Lachlan Shire Council has recently confirmed Condobolin’s Gum Bend Lake will once again be filled for the coming summer.

The announcement, which was made at last Wednesday’s shire meeting comes despite revelations the lake is losing approximately a foot of water every two to three weeks through an as yet undiscovered leak.

Mayor for the Lachlan Shire, Des Manwaring, said it was possible the leak had always been affecting water levels in the lake as this was the first year such stringent water measuring procedures had been put in place.

“No one ever took as much notice prior to the drought as they do now,” he said.

“With the current water restrictions in place it’s easier to notice.

“The [leaking] water is likely to be going back into the river.”

Des said it was council’s hope that the leak would ease with the swelling of clay in the lake bed.

“The trouble also is finding the leak, as it would be difficult to trace,” he said.

“You’d have to completely dry the lake again before you could work on it.”

A NSW Office of Water spokesperson said although council currently had zero general security water allocations, the lake could be filled using council’s outstanding allocations from previous years.

Karen’s room makeover: the before and after

Karen's Makeover: BeforeADVERTORIAL

A Blank Canvas….

When I was given this project it was great to have such a blank canvas from which to design this space from.

The lady that lives in this house is very elegant and stylish and loved the hints of black we used to create a real sense of style to the living and dining rooms. We also used timber to give the dining room extra warmth and character and to reflect its country location while the lounge room featured glass and chrome to add an extra bit of bling to the atmosphere. The glass coffee table also allows the area to feel larger because it is transparent.

I loved our final result and so did she!

Karen's Makeover: After

Djembe jamming

Djembe teacher Mark Bennet with students Sharron Haase, Eliza Packham, Heather Blackley, Lanny MacKenzie and Bill Cunningham. DG

By Dominic Geiger

A small but enthusiastic group of rhythm aficionados gathered at the Condobolin Community Centre last Saturday for an explosive djembe drumming workshop.

Djembes are traditional African drums made from carved wood and goat skin.

Mark Bennett, of Rhythm Creature African Drumming, taught the students basic rhythms and breaks before using various recycled materials such as storm water pipes and tyre tubes to create homemade African drums or ‘Dun duns’.

Mark said the best part of drumming is that people don’t need to be particularly skilled to have a great time.

“There’s just such an amazing feeling when you’ve got everyone drumming together,” he said.

“Drumming has been such an important part of societies all around the world; I think it’s very important for people to come together and play music with each other.”

Mark said in addition to being a drumming teacher, he’d also made a number of djembes himself.

“The djembes are made from tree stumps with goat skin stretched across the top,” he said.

“There’s a rumour some people have tried to use kangaroo skin but it ends up being too bouncy.”

Project coordinator at Western Plains Regional Development (WPRD), Heather Blackley, said the plan was to set up a small drumming group involving students from the various Condobolin schools.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to get both adults and young people involved with the aim of eventually performing at functions around town,” she said.

“We may even be able to involve the djembe drummers with the RSL Pipe Band.”

The workshop was run through NSW Artstart, Lachlan Arts Council and WPRD Youth Services.


Attention happy snappers

Lachlan Catchment Management Authority’s (CMA), Photographic Competition has just opened so why not take a snapshot or look at one you have taken recently and be part of the fun – you may even become a prize winner!

This is the sixth year of the annual competition for the Lachlan CMA. This year the theme is “Gotta love the Lachlan” with an additional category “Schools”. The theme was chosen to encourage people to capture the beauty and diversity of the Lachlan Catchment in a photograph and to share their vision of what living in the Lachlan means to them. We are looking for entries that reflect our theme.

So have you captured any photographs reflecting the area of the Lachlan you live in? Then we’d love to see your images. Lachlan CMA is a locally driven organisation that coordinates management of the Catchment’s land, water and other natural assets and helps the community to identify and address issues facing the Catchment. The photographic competition has provided a great opportunity for the Lachlan CMA to reach the broader community.

Lachlan CMA Chairman, Mr Rob Gledhill recently launched the competition, “It is great to open the 2011 Photographic Competition and more importantly it is great to be able to offer  free entry so all our Lachlan Catchment community members can participate”, Mr Gledhill said.

The competition encourages all ages to get involved and will accept black and white and colour entries, entries must be received in digital format as per the competition rules. A separate entry form must accompany each photograph – these are available at all Lachlan CMA Offices or via the website.

It is hoped the competition will highlight the diversity of the catchment and the people who live in it. There is some great prize money up for grabs and entry is FREE! So if you are a keen photographer or just want to be part of the fun grab a copy of the competition rules and entry form and submit your photograph at any Lachlan CMA Office.

“We have allowed competitors unlimited entries” Mr Gledhill said, “and everyone is eligible to enter except the Judges and professional photographers”. Entrants are reminded that they do need to limit their subject matter to within the Lachlan Catchment.

Further information on the photographic competition can be obtained from any Lachlan CMA office. For more information on the Lachlan CMA and our office locations please contact 1800 885 747 or visit our Website – Happy snapping!

Ram’s Shed renovations in final stages

Publican Greg Cooper outside the Rams Shed. DGBy Dominic Geiger

The Condobolin Hotel Motel’s Ram’s Shed is nearing the final stages of completion following massive renovations and the purchase of a brand new carpet.
Hotel owner, Greg Cooper, said the primary purpose of the Ram’s Shed is to give the Condobolin rugby union team a home, though the facility would be available to anyone interested.
“We’re in the last stages of renovating the shed; all we need to do now is the carpet,” he said.
“We’ll be putting lots of rugby union paraphernalia inside; the official opening will be announced very soon.
“The cost has been just over $90,000; we’ve painted inside, put in new lighting and a smoking area and we’ve had a new outside sign painted.
“It’s all heated properly and (when events are on) we’ll have the street entrance open.”
Greg said he had already begun taking bookings for the Ram’s Shed for various upcoming functions.
“We’ve got a wedding booked in for September as well as a special party coming up,” he said.
“We’re also going to use the room for special functions, i.e. Quota and Lion’s Club meetings.
“The room will be open to everyone.”

Harvard educated piano teacher open for business in Condobolin

Former Harvard University tutor, Andrew Robbie.By Dominic Geiger

Former Harvard University tutor and Condobolin resident, Andrew Robbie, has announced he will begin offering private piano and music theory lessons at the Condobolin Community Centre to interested local students.
Andrew, who is currently completing his PhD in music theory with a specialisation in music video editing, said the music lessons had been organised as an “outpost” initiative for the Bathurst based Mitchell Conservatorium.
“Anyone interested can contact me to talk about taking music lessons or ask questions and then call the conservatorium to discuss costs and scheduling,” he said.
“I really encourage parents in particular to have a good chat before their child starts lessons; it helps me to tailor lessons to each family.”
Despite focussing on school age children, Andrew said he was more than happy to tutor mature aged students.
“I’m also comfortable teaching both serious students as well as kids who just want to have fun,” he said.
In addition to three years spent tutoring at the prestigious Harvard University in the USA, Andrew taught piano and theory at a music school in Western Sydney during his undergraduate years at the University of Sydney.
Andrew is also an experienced chamber musician and accompanist, holds three associate diplomas from the AMEB and a licentiate from Trinity College.
Andrew said he moved to Condobolin at the end of last year because his wife got a job as a teacher at a local school.
“My main job is looking after my two sons, who are one and two years old,” he said.
“After we moved here the Mitchell Conservatorium contacted me and as a result I’ve decided to start teaching lessons.”
People interested in piano or music theory lessons from Andrew can contact him via e-mail at, on 68953954 or can contact the Forbes branch of the Mitchell Conservatorium on (02) 6852 3766.

Sixth potential site announced for Condobolin Skatepark

By Dominic Geiger

Lachlan Shire Council has temporarily suspended the public consultation process for the proposed skatepark development in Condobolin following the announcement of a sixth potential site at the Wiradjuri Study Centre.
The skatepark project, which has seen numerous delays since its inception over ten years ago, will be put on hiatus until council can liaise with the CEO of Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation (WCC), Percy Knight, in regards to building the park on study centre grounds.
General Manager of the Lachlan Shire, George Cowan, said a report from the consultation process with Percy would be brought to the June council meeting.
“Council (will then) determine whether the new site will be added to the other five for community consultation,” he said.
“I will be meeting with Percy sometime this week to discuss the matter further.”
Percy said he was “open minded” about the possibility of a skatepark being built on study centre grounds.
“I’m certainly prepared to talk to council about (the project),” he said.
“If the skatepark is to go ahead it will require amendments to the development application, but that’s just part of due process.”
Percy also said he was considering the possibility of building an internet cafe on study centre grounds to offer an additional place for young people to socialise.
“Establishing a supervised net cafe would offer something for the kids who aren’t interested in the skatepark,” he said.
“We would provide computers and internet but of course the cafe would have to be managed properly.
“We need to be really strategic and proactive about these projects; they need to be managed in a cooperative and collaborative way, but all those issues can be worked out.”

Tottenham Men’s Shed receives Veteran funding

The Tottenham Men’s Shed Incorporated will receive a $7,305.00 grant through the Veteran and Community Grants program, Federal Member for Parkes Mark Coulton announced.
Administered through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Veteran and Community Grants program offers grants to a range of community activities that encourage and promote healthy and social lifestyles for veterans, and to programs that assist veterans in living independently at home.
Mr Coulton said “I congratulate the Tottenham Men’s Shed on their success in receiving this grant. I have always been a huge supporter of Men’s Sheds and the important and practical role they play in connecting men with their communities.
There are many on-going costs that are associated with the running of these sheds and I am sure this grant will go a long way in ensuring the members of the Tottenham Men’s Shed can continue their successful operation and also attract new members.
There are Men’s Sheds right across the Parkes Electorate who are bringing together veterans and I would encourage other Men’s Sheds committees to contact my office if they would like to source the possibility of any available funding” he said.

Spit roast BBQ tested

Students from Condobolin High School hosted a barbecue at the Condobolin Men's ShedBy Dominic Geiger

Metals and engineering students from Condobolin High School hosted a barbecue lunch at the Condobolin Men’s Shed recently to celebrate the completion of a spit roast barbecue project.
The students have been constructing the barbecue over the past six weeks with the help of Barrick Gold Corporation sponsored project facilitator, Steve Karaitiana.
Steve said he’d learnt a lot from the students and he hoped they’d learnt a lot from him as well.
“It was a pleasure to work with these young men,” he said.
“The community is now able to hire the spit for functions and in doing so they’ll support the Men’s Shed.
“You can really cook for a big crowd with this barbecue; it’s hard to beat the old spit for cooking a good feed.”
Careers advisor at Condobolin Highschool, Tim Lukins, said the project had helped give the students a much bigger picture about what life after school was like.
“It’s exposed them to the wider community,” he said.
“While they’ve been doing this project one day a week they’ve managed to build sheds at the Murie as well.
“They’ve been taking one day off school a week to work on these projects.
“The barbecue was finished today so now this lunch is a bit of a test run.”
Approximately twenty people enjoyed a succulent meal of spit roasted lamb and potatoes at the lunch.

Karen Creith launches national magazine

Parkes Interior Stylist, Karen Creith, has come a long way from writing her decorating column in the Parkes Champion Post in 2009 to now launching her own national magazine.
Karen officially released her first edition of her magazine, Styling Your Home With Karen Creith, recently at the Parkes Services and Citizens Club. With a passion for interior decorating and style that is almost contagious, and excitement to match, Karen couldn’t be more thrilled to see how this journey has unfolded.
“The magazine is more of an instructional guide to styling rather than just the usual inspirational shots seen in decorating magazines that don’t tell you how to create the look for yourself,” Karen said. “Whether it is a small or large project, I still feel the same satisfaction when I have helped my clients make themselves their very own private sanctuary.
“I am very passionate about this – it can be really easy and simple sometimes to make a very big difference in how people can enjoy their time at home,” she said.
It all began when Karen, her husband John and brother in- law Peter Creith wanted to advertise their family business, Furniture One, in the Champion Post from a different angle.
Her own local column, as well as showcasing their newly styled home, soon had Karen writing for  national and regional magazines.
From a young age, Karen has always loved decorating and styling within her own home.
Now 40 and proud of it, the mother of two is loving the opportunity this new career has given her to expand her relationships professionally and personally.
With a thriving family business, her own magazine hot off the press and the chance at meeting a wide variety of people within her job along the way, Karen has found a new confidence in herself and is eager to tackle any challenges that come her way.
“I never thought I would have these kinds of opportunities while I was living a simple life in the country,” Karen said.
“It’s amazing what can happen,” she said. Styling Your Home With Karen Creith goes on sale nationally  and is available at all newsagencies.
Courtesy Parkes Champion Post

West Wyalong to host Winter Winds & Strings School

West Wyalong’s Regional Music Inc will again be hosting the Winter Wind & Strings School in partnership with the Orange Regional Conservatorium.  The 3 day workshop this year will be held from Thursday 14th July to Saturday 16th July with a public concert held on the Saturday afternoon.
The West Wyalong Winter Wind and Strings School provides an opportunity for rural and isolated students of all ages to access professional tutoring, gain experience in playing in ensembles and orchestras and share their talents with the community. The Orange Regional Conservatorium tutors are vibrant, inspiring and provide professional tuition for violin, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, tenor horn, trumpet, cornet, trombone, and guitar.
The Winter Wind & Strings School participants have previously consisted of people who had or were currently learning an instrument, however, this year will be open for anyone of any age or ability wishing to learn any string instrument with the Orange Regional Conservatorium supplying instruments for participants to use for the entire workshop if they don’t have access to an instrument to bring.
The Winter Wind & Strings School will be held at the St Mary’s War Memorial School, West Wyalong with each day beginning at 9.00am and concluding at 4pm whilst the Saturday’s workshop concludes at 1pm with the Concert, which will be held at the West Wyalong High School Multi Purpose Unit, begins at 2pm.  Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided each day for all registered participants also.
The 3 day workshop has been a resounding success since its inception in 2004 and this year the Winter Wind & Strings School is primarily funded by the Regional Arts Fund NSW and a Cultural Development Grant from the Bland Shire Council.
Anyone wishing to participate and register their interest or for further enquires please phone Kerrie Johnston on 6966 1335 or Kate Quade on 6975 7140.

Arts and crafts in Condo

The Crafting the Lachlan network is a free support and information network of arts and crafts groups from the wider Lachlan Valley area.
At the next meeting on Monday May 16 they’ll be talking about how everyone is going, look at some very trendy new directions in craft online and review designs for a local crafts trail brochure.
Anyone around the Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan shire areas is welcome to join this network. Contact Arts Outwest or talk to Heather Blackley at Western Plains Regional Development: (02) 6895-3301.
Arts OutWest is also continuing to run workshops for young dancers, workshops in film making and hip hop, and workshops for visual artists.
The visual arts workshops are open to all Aboriginal visual artists in the region and will be a combination of art making alongside skills for selling your work on the professional market.
Dance and film making workshops will be held as part of the regional program. Aboriginal dance workshops will happen in Condobolin (May 10-11), Lake Cargelligo (May 12 and June 24) and Cowra (May 9 and June 16).

A day out for the ladies

By Olivia McInnes

Ladies from all over the region made the trip to West Wyalong last Friday for the annual Ladies Day Out.
The event began three years ago after many years of drought drew the need for the spirits of West Wyalong district residents to be lifted.
Jane Sykes of Temptations Jewellery said that “Ladies Day is a day for women to come to West Wyalong and have a feel good day”.
“It also promotes the town and gives the businesses great exposure” she said.
The day is packed with activities to keep the ladies entertained including cooking, craft and skin care demonstrations, fashion parades and much more.
“The committee does a marvellous job and put a lot of time into the event” Said Sue of Harvey Norman.
But the day isn’t entirely for the women; the odd husband was also spotted amongst the gaggle of girls.
The theme for the event this year was the Royal Wedding and many dressed for the occasion in wedding dresses and other such finery.
Ladies Day also marked another important event for West Wyalong in the official launch of the “Bag Free in 3” Campaign.
The campaign aims to eliminate the distribution of plastic bags from all businesses in West Wyalong by replacing them with a more environmentally friendly option.

Wheelers fishing photo competition a winner with the locals

Plenty of “fat and healthy fish” have helped create some award winning images for Condobolin’s Wheeler’s Foodwork’s recent fishing competition.
The contest, which ran from April 11 to May 2, saw a whole host of entries from both junior and senior categories.
Organiser John Wheeler said he was incredibly impressed with both the quality of the images and the attitude of those doing the fishing.
“I just want to thank everyone who entered; the feedback’s been great,” he said.
“It’s been good to see a lot of the kids out there doing the right thing and having fun at the same time.
“There are some cracking photos in there and some great looking fish.
“It’s a shame to see all the carp but it’s important not to be discouraged; just keep going out there and catching them cause that’s the only way we’ll get rid of them.”
John said all competition winners, who are listed with their photos above are encouraged to pop in to Wheeler’s Foodworks to collect their prize.
“I also want to thank Anthony Curtis, Steven Gaunt, Dave Harp and Alex Hickson for their support and for supplying such awesome lures,” he said.


Cameron Ingram, Jamie Ross, Jake Whyler, Maddie Sharp, Jorja Schaefer, Joel Schaefer, Luke Whyler and Keira Bugg.


Helen Barrass, Paul Fisk, Grant Smith, Barry Toms, Simon Smith, Kate Smith and Josh Karsten.

The Condobolin Argus – 10 years old

With The Condobolin Argus’ 10th birthday nearly upon us, first week of May, it seemed appropriate for a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the issues and events that have been critical in making The Argus the influential and relevant community newspaper it is today.
With so many editions archived in the depths of the Argus library, the task of revisiting important stories and campaigns seemed daunting at first, though with much perseverance, the team at The Argus has managed to compile a fairly concise list of ten achievements it feels have been most relevant to the Lachlan Shire community.
They are (in no particular order):
Joining the battle to keep the Condobolin Agricultural Research Station up and running.
In March 2009, The Argus reported on the NSW Labor Government’s decision to close the Condobolin Agricultural Research Station (CARAS). A surge of public protest culminating in a rally in Condobolin’s main street reversed that decision.
Helping prevent the closure of Target Country in Condobolin.
In January 2003, The Argus confirmed Condobolin Target Country would remain open despite pressure to close the store. The Argus supported the store during the resulting six month trial period through a ‘shop local’ campaign.
Helping to promote the Condobolin skate park project.
The Argus has been supporting the Condobolin skate park project for a number of years. The project is finally becoming a reality with the final draft becoming available for public comment following Lachlan Shire Council Meeting on 20th April.
Supporting the RTA’s ‘Three Shires’ initiative to help reduce the region’s road toll.
This project aims to increase road safety throughout the Lachlan, Forbes and Parkes shires. Part of this project has been the wheelie bin initiative, encouraging children to decorate wheelie bins in an effort to highlight road safety. The Argus played a large role in encouraging people to take part in this project, and now also has a very happy looking bin.
Providing full yet sensitive coverage of breaking news including human tragedies.
For example on the 2nd of December 2005, a ten-seater Piper Chieftain light plane crashed on Neil Baxter’s property ‘Craig End’. Unfortunately, the incident resulted in the loss of several lives and resulted in an Australian Transport Safety Bureau inquiry. The Argus printed continuous coverage of the incident from the crash to release of the inquiry.
Coverage of natural disasters.
The Argus has been instrumental in keeping the community aware of various fires and floods which have affected the region over the past ten years. With the real time news delivery available with the internet, The Argus can now deliver information to readers as soon as natural disasters unfold. This was most recently demonstrated during the floods in Ungarie last month.
Promotion of local tourism initiatives, particularly ‘Utes in the Paddock’.
Owing to the Argus’ commitment to improving tourism in the Lachlan Shire (and perhaps due to the fact our editor is one of the artists) Utes in the Paddock has become a ‘must see’ on any visitor’s to do list. Beginning in 2007, The Utes in the Paddock Project now includes 15 ute artworks and has been nominated for a NSW Heritage and Cultural Tourism Award and People’s Choice Tourist Experience Award.
Coverage of Aboriginal issues and events in the Lachlan Shire.
The Argus has strived to help ‘close the gap’ on Indigenous inequality though a focus on providing fair and unbiased reporting on events and issues important to the Wiradjuri community. The Argus has frequently reported positively on Aboriginal tourism, educational and employment initiatives.
Promotion of major events such as the Condo 750, Tattoo,  Condo B & S and our Australian Idol Shannon Noll.
The Argus has thrown its support behind various community oriented events over its ten year history. This promotion has been in the form of editorials, advertorials and extensive advertising features before, during and after events.
Support of local Charity Organisations
When major charity events and fundraisers happen in the Lachlan Shire, The Argus is always in the thick of the action, lending its promotional power to the event. Various charities and charitable organisations.

Support for Community much more than just words in a newspaper.
Born out of a large gathering of members from right across the community forming the view more could be done to promote our region, The Condobolin Argus actively pursues promotional opportunities in may different ways.
The paper looks to attract staff with high level skills and talents that offer its community additional benefits. One staff member worked tirelessly on submissions and promotion for the Professional Bull Riders event. That event attracting large crowds enhancing business for the local community. Yet another staff member successfully competed the local Show Girl promotion being awarded State Runner Up at the Royal Easter Show, thereby doing a magnificent job of promoting our region.
Focus for The Condobolin Argus is very firmly on assisting local community to promote itself, diligently managing advertisers funds to employ high level skills providing a holistic service. One portfolio sponsored by The Condobolin Argus in this way is that of ‘Community Promotions Officer’.
All of this has only been made possible by your strong support over the past ten years. Thank you for helping us to provide this service to our community.
To help your local community newspaper celebrate its 10th birthday and plan for many more, please drop on by the office at 93 Bathurst Street Condobolin during the first week of May -We’ll have some birthday cake.

Enjoying the spectacle

By Debbie Hickson and Jessica Symonds

Residents of South Forbes Road enjoyed the roar of bikes and cars as the participants of the Condo 750 raced through their properties this weekend.
The annual Easter event was a first for newcomers to the district, Debbie and Bryan Hickson.
The Hicksons enjoyed the competitors racing through their property.
“The event was fantastic,” she said.
“We loved the Prologue on Friday. We got to see the insides of the car, and look at the bikes.”
“On Saturday and Sunday, there was probably about fifteen of us there, watching the bikes and cars.”
The Hicksons were pleased with the organisation of the event.
“It was easy for us, the organisers marked the track, and when we checked all the gates and stock, everything was in the right place.
“We wanted to let other farmers know, being a part of the event, your property being part of the track, is really no inconvenience.
“The organisers do everything, opening and closing the gates, leaving everything as they found them.
“It’s great to be a part of it, and we’d love to host it again.”

It’s a family thing

By Dominic Geiger

Family means a lot to the Railway Hotel’s new licensee Kim Jones (pictured with daughter Meagan).
“My husband Chris and I have taken over the lease for the hotel and the help we’ve had from our children has been wonderful,” she said.
“We’ll be providing great family meals for people, making conference and function rooms available and we’ll be hosting an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea event here.”
Kim officially took over operations at the hotel last week; a feat she said wouldn’t have been possible without the support of her three children.
“Chris and I have moved in to town, so (my daughter) Meagan came home for a couple of days to help pack and move everything,” she said.
“My youngest son Scotty will be moving back home with (his girlfriend) Sarah to help run the farm after he finishes his degree in Orange this year and my oldest son Dave is going to help keep me sane.”
Kim said she and Chris had been thinking about taking over the lease for a number of years, though the timing hadn’t always seemed right.
“Technically we’ve been in business in town for over thirty years with Chris’s machinery business,” she said.
“I also used to have a dress shop in town for eight years.
“So we were just looking for a change; Chris is going to stay on with his business while I’ll be running the Railway.
“It’ll also give me a chance to be more accessible to people in my role as Deputy Mayor.
“I really hope the community support us and drop in by to say hello.”

West Wyalong Ladies Day Out

Ladies Day Out in West Wyalong is set for Friday 29th April with this year’s event theme “A Royal Occasion” referring to our connections with England and the Royal Wedding of William & Kate. Visitors on the day are encouraged to dress for the occasion and join in the royal festivities planned.
The day commences at 9am when you may enjoy an early morning coffee or tea. You will also receive a Ladies Day Out bag, a free gift from participating businesses for visiting our town. This year’s bags are new and bright and perfect for continued use throughout the year.
Participating businesses with special offers available (more to come) are as follows; Tattersalls Hotel, Temptations Jewellery Accessories Gifts, Thom, Dick & Harry’s, The Cottage of Health, Australia Post West Wyalong, West Wyalong Showcase Jewellers, West Wyalong Newsagency, West Wyalong Pharmacy, West Wyalong Travel, White Magnolia Day Spa, Your Pathway to Health, Marjan Fashions, Within Beauty, & Wooshi.

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