Pooginook Merinos

Pooginook offers fertility, wool cut and support


Pooginook ram sale Top of the Drop Auction  is at 12.30pm Tuesday the 27th September at Pooginok Jerilderie. 1200 flock rams available from mid September.

By Anne Coffey

When Wade Death wanted to lift the fertility and wool cut on his 3,000 breeding ewes four years ago, he shopped around and selected Pooginook Merino Stud to buy his rams from.

Wade, along with his semi-retired Dad, runs 3,000 acres of mixed farming at Caragabal 45kms southeast of Forbes. He was keen to maximise the potential of his sheep production and improve the percentage of lambs weaned, which was at 85% to ewes joined. Four years on, his lambing percentage has increased to between 103 and 105%. He is aiming for an average of 110% and hopes to be there within a few years.

“Not only did we want to lift fertility, but we wanted to grow more wool. I knew there was more potential so decided ‘Why not go to the best’?” Wade said. “We are really happy with the improvement so far and we are only into the first cross. We have already lifted our kilograms per head yield by 1 to 1.5 kg. I am confident that by the second cross we will see bigger gains to 7.5 to 8 kg. This has been achieved with no increase in micron and we are fairly fine, around 17 to 18 micron.” he said.

Wade is also keen to learn all that Pooginook experience and education can offer. “I’ve been farming for 20 years and thought I knew it all, but I didn’t. One of the best things I have done through Pooginook is the “Bred Well Fed Well” workshop.” he said. “They give great support. I get their flock classer, Pat Brown, to class my ewes. Low grade merino ewes are then taken out of the main ewe flock and joined to a dorset ram. The service from Pooginook is the thing. They are always there with helpful advice.” Wade commented.

“The other thing I have noticed is the ewes are great mothers. Their mothering and protection of their lambs is really good. I am happy I have made the change to Pooginook blood” he continued.

Pooginook is part of the Paraway Pastoral group. The stud is based in Jerilderie, and one of their properties, “Borambil”, is based at Condobolin.

Borambil is now managed by Matt Browning, who has managed to achieve 110% lambs weaned from ewes joined for the last 10 years. He runs 11,000 ewes with 1.5 labour units.

This year Matt was invited to speak at the prestigious bi-annual Lambex conference to share his management techniques and successes. Matt scans and separates his ewes into twin bearing and single management groups and supplements them differently to maintain appropriate condition score throughout their pregnancy. At lamb marking, the ewes are recorded as wet or dry – no ewes are culled until they do not raise a lamb a second time. He separates the lambs into weight ranges at 12 weeks and improves the trajectory of the lightest lambs by targeted feeding of pasture or supplementation.

These techniques, combined with choosing the appropriate rams for his ewe flock, serve to produce sought after top quality merinos.

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