A lucky escape

The scene on the Kiacatoo Road after the truck lost control and over turned with a load of cotton last Sunday. MB

The drivers side of the cabin was severely damaged and the driver was lucky to escape with only minor injuries. MB & MC


By Melissa Blewitt

A 34-year-old man was lucky to escape serious injury when the road train he was driving, overturned at a railway crossing on the Kiacatoo Road near Condobolin, last Sunday afternoon.

The accident occurred at 2.30pm, when the Mack Prime Mover and two trailers, fully loaded with cotton, left the roadway.

The driver has indicated to Police, after he left a property 10 kilometres out of Condobolin on the Kiacatoo Road, as he approached the S-Bend near the Railway Crossing, he tried to apply the brakes of the prime mover, but they didn’t work.

It is believed he took the S-Bend at a speed of approximately 50 kilometres an hour, and as a result the prime mover and trailers overturned.

The driver was trapped in the truck for a short time, before being freed by Emergency Services. He was conveyed to Condobolin Hospital with minor injuries. Local Police, Emergency Services and an Ambulance attended the scene. Half of the road was closed as the clean-up commenced, with heavy lifting equipment brought in, to move the prime mover and trailers.

Investigations are continuing into the accident. If anyone witnessed the incident or has information contact Condobolin Police on 6895 2577.



Thank you will never be enough

By Melissa Blewitt


There was definitely a moment when 34-year-old truck driver Jamie Ingram, thought he might die, after the prime mover he was driving overturned and caught on fire.

He said he was conscious throughout the ordeal, and he cannot thank all those that put their lives on the line to save his, last Sunday afternoon.

“Words cannot express just how grateful I am to all those who were first on the scene,” he said.

“I was trapped in the truck. It was overturned and on fire. But they didn’t think twice about helping me. They put their lives on the line to save mine. There are no words to express how thankful I am for what they did for me.

“If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here now. I was awake the whole time, and I thought I was going to burn alive and know everything that was happening.

“They had to cut me free. But they never hesitated. I am so proud to be an Aussie. They were fearless. I will be forever grateful.”

Jamie said he was conveyed to the Condobolin Hospital, and then sent onto Orange Base Hospital for scans. He was discharged late last Sunday night, and he is now recuperating at home in Parkes.

“I just don’t know everyone that was there to help me. I want to say thank you to the Condobolin community for helping me when I needed it the most,” he said.

“I have been a truck driver for a long time. I have seen accidents, but I have never been in such a situation myself until now. Everybody worked together to save my life. They all acted swiftly and bravely.

“The SES, the ambulance, the hospital, the police. All the volunteers that ensured I got out of the truck. Thank you will never be enough. It is a debt that I can never repay.”

Despicable Destruction

Unknown person/s caused serious damage the the playground at Memorial Park last Thursday morning. These unknown vandal/s have attempted to destroy the equipment by setting it on fire. MB

Annaleigh Swanston and Jesse Pawsey are upset at the senseless destruction of the play equipment in Memorial Park. MB

















By Melissa Blewitt

Unknown vandals have caused serious damage to the playground at Memorial Park.

In the early hours of last Thursday morning, it is believed unknown person/s have attempted to destroy the equipment by setting it on fire.

An area of the playground was still smoking later that morning.

“We are quite upset at the wanton vandalism that has taken place,” Lachlan Shire Council’s Director of Infrastructure Services Phil King said. “Council staff will be looking to replace the equipment as soon as they can as this is recognised as the premier playground in Condobolin.”

Young locals Jesse Pawsey and Annaleigh Swanston could not believe that someone would do that to the playground.

“It’s just not right,” Jesse said.

“Where will all the children play now?

“The people who did this should feel bad about it.”

Concerned citizen Deb Grogan said it was  “such a shame” someone had decided to destroy such a community asset.

“What will visitors to town think? They pull up to have a break and their children can’t even use the play equipment,” she said.

“And what about the people who walk down here to spend time with their children, but don’t have a car to travel to another park? We are lucky we can go to another park, but some families might not be able to that because they don’t have a car.

“It’s just a senseless act.” Condobolin Fire Brigade attended the scene, and the area was sealed off. If anyone has information on this incident, they should contact local Police.

Robbery rates on the rise in Lachlan Shire

2014 saw violent crime decrease across the Lachlan Shire, while thefts and break and enters were on the rise.

By Lara Pearce

2014 saw violent crime decrease across the Lachlan Shire, while thefts and break and enters were on the rise.

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) has released its report on crime for 2014, which compares crime rates with previous levels.

Theft of vehicles almost doubled, with 28 robberies of vehicles recorded in 2014 compared to 15 in 2013. Other forms of theft also rose noticeably from 2013 levels except for theft from retail stores, which dropped from 14 to 7 individual recorded instances.

On a more positive note, the number of violent assaults recorded has decreased slightly from a total of 131 assaults in 2013 to 123 last year. This includes domestic assault and sexual assault.

Other areas of crime, such as fraud and malicious damage, remained relatively stable.

In contradiction to the idea that rural communities are safer places to live, some crime rates in the Lachlan Shire are as much as three and a half times higher per head of population than the state average. Theft from a dwelling is three times higher than the NSW average, while incidences of domestic violence are 2.2 times higher. However, for other violent crimes such as murder or robbery with a weapon, there are no incidents recorded.

Condobolin man behind bars after police pursuit

By Lara Pearce

A Condobolin man is behind bars after allegedly leading police on an hour-long chase through the streets of Tamworth in a stolen vehicle last Friday.

The 25-year-old has been charged under Skye’s Law for police pursuit as well as for driving with a suspended licence and taking and driving a conveyance.

At around 4:30pm on Friday, police detected a white Toyota Hilux travelling on the New England Highway, 40km south of Tamworth.

The car was allegedly going at 128km/hr in a 100km/hr zone.

Highway patrol officers initiated a pursuit when the car refused to stop when directed. As the chase continued north towards Tamworth, the officers did background checks on the vehicle. These revealed it had been reported stolen from Lithgow earlier that day.

Other police joined the pursuit, setting up road spikes just outside of Tamworth. These failed to stop the vehicle, however, which continued into the city, turning onto Bridge Street and then Werris Creek Road, heading out of town.

A second set of road spikes were deployed but again failed to stop the vehicle, which continued on to the Warral area.

At around 5:35pm, a third set of road spikes finally succeeded in stopping the vehicle on Werris Creek Road.

The driver was arrested at the scene and taken to Tamworth Police Station, where he was eventually charged with a string of traffic offences.

An out-of-sessions hearing at Tamworth Local Court was held on Sunday, due to the serious nature of the charges. At the hearing, the accused was refused bail and will reappear in Tamworth Local Court again soon.

Police raid in Condobolin ends in arrest

A 21-year-old Condobolin man is behind bars after attempting to evade a police raid on Monday evening.

•Above: A shortened .22 calibre rifle was seized during the raids. Cont

By Lara Pearce

A 21-year-old Condobolin man is behind bars after attempting to evade a police raid on Monday evening.

Lachlan Local Area Command (LAC) police searched the man’s house on Honan Street at 5:20pm on Monday 17 November. They allegedly seized a shortened .22 calibre rifle and a large amount of mixed calibre ammunition.

The young man ran from the scene and, after a struggle, was arrested by police. He has been charged with assaulting police officers, using a weapon to avoid arrest and numerous firearm offences.

He was refused bail on arrest. He appeared at Parkes Local Court yesterday, Tuesday 18 November.

“Police are committed to seizing dangerous weapons and investigating firearm related crime,” said Lachlan Local Area Commander, Superintendent Chris Taylor. “Investigations are continuing to identify the persons allegedly responsible for the supply of ammunition and firearms to unlicensed firearm holders in the area.”

Lake Cargelligo teenager refused bail for school fire

A sixteen-year-old boy charged with lighting the fire at Lake Cargelligo Central School in the early hours of Sunday morning will remain locked up until his next court appearance on Monday, 30 June.

The destroyed school building at Lake Cargelligo Central School following Sunday morning’s fire, which police say was deliberately lit. The building was used as a Year 12 common room and classroom. Contributed

By Lara Pearce

A sixteen-year-old boy charged with lighting the fire at Lake Cargelligo Central School in the early hours of Sunday morning will remain locked up until his next court appearance on Monday, 30 June.

The boy appeared in court in Wagga Wagga on Monday, where he was refused bail and the case was adjourned to Dubbo Children’s Court next week.

The fire, which police believe was lit at around 3:15am on Sunday morning, destroyed one school building and scorched another on Canada Street in Lake Cargelligo. However, the damage – estimated at $200,000 – could have been a lot worse.

Fire-fighters were rushed to the scene, where they managed to save the second building and prevent the fire from reaching a nearby LPG tank which, if ignited, would have exploded, causing a disaster of far greater proportions.

The teenager was arrested when he returned to the scene of the fire at 7am on Sunday morning. He has also been charged with five other offences, including two counts of breaking, entering and theft, after police investigating the fire were alerted to reported break-ins at a licensed club and the swimming pool.

The Department of Education refused to comment on whether the boy was a student at the school, but noted that the school was operating as normal on Monday. “Teaching and learning at the school is continuing as normal,” said Grant Hatch, a spokesperson from the Department of Education.

“The staff at the school should be commended for their exceptional efforts in limiting the impact of the fire on the students’ learning and well-being.”

The destroyed building housed the Year 12 Common Room and high school classrooms for science and technology and applied science. The Department said a demountable building will be moved to the school soon, with classes temporarily being allocated to other classrooms.

Police pursuit in Condobolin

Sergeant Peter Gibson pictured with a stolen car involved in a police pursuit in Condobolin last week. DG

By Dominic Geiger

A man and woman from Queensland have been charged with a number of offences after leading police on a high speed chase through the streets of Condobolin last Wednesday.

Highway patrol officers initiated the pursuit after coming across a stolen vehicle on the northern side of town.

The driver then lead police on a five minute chase before leaving the car on the corner of McDonnell and Cunningham Street.

Police then arrested two backseat passengers, both from Condobolin, while the female front seat passenger was arrested a short distance from the car.

Police allege the driver of the vehicle then broke into a nearby house before showering, shaving and changing his clothes in order to change his appearance and evade police.

Police were notified of the driver’s whereabouts when the owner of the house returned home to find the alleged perpetrator still inside.

Police then arrested the driver a short distance from the house.

He has since been charged with driving in a manner dangerous, Skye’s Law, break and enter and will now face Parkes Local Court on September 8.

The two Condobolin residents who were in the back seat of the vehicle have been released without charge as they aided police with their investigations and were unaware the car was stolen.

The female passenger faced court the day following the incident on charges of steal motor vehicle and knowingly being carried in a stolen vehicle.

She pleaded guilty to all charges and received a fine.

Condobolin Police Sergeant, Peter Gibson, said he wanted to thank the community for assistance with locating the driver of the vehicle.

2011 Condo Winter B&S

Party-goers dressed to the Heroes and Villains theme at the Condobolin Winter B&S. DGThe Condobolin SRA grounds were the centre of B&S universe last Saturday night with approximately 700 people boot scooting the night away at the annual event.

Featuring a Heroes and Villains theme, the Condo Winter B&S attracted caped crusaders from as far away as western Queensland and Victoria.

Entertainment for the evening included Doug Bruce and the Tailgaters, Kris Cummins and 4play.

Despite lower than average numbers, Licensee Kathy Parnaby said she’d received nothing but positive feedback from those who attended.

“It was a good ball and the majority of the crowd were well behaved,” she said.

“Three different bands played from 3pm until 1am and that’s something we’ve never done before,” she said.

“We also had a bucking bull and a lot of people were riding that.”

Kathy said the night wouldn’t have been possible without the many volunteers who helped out.

“Our volunteers were excellent,” she said.

“Without them the event simply wouldn’t run.”

A Condobolin Police spokesperson said police were generally impressed with the crowd’s behaviour.

“There was the odd fight but it was much better than previous years,” the spokesperson said.

“The whole event seemed to go successfully.”

For more photos from the night, check out our Photo Gallery. To order, simply phone us or send an email via the ‘Contact Advertising’ form.


Crime report

• Police investigate facebook harassment

Police are investigating the creation of an offensive Facebook page in Condobolin.

The page, which has been designed to impersonate a Condobolin teenager, contains “names and comments of a distressing nature.”

A Parkes Police Spokesperson said police were liaising with Facebook officials to have the site removed.

“The site was created in mid May and was reported by the victim’s parents to police on June 6,” the spokesperson said.

“Investigations are continuing, but police are encouraging anyone with information on the incident to contact the Condobolin Police Station.”

• Break and Enters in Condobolin

Police are currently investigating a number of break and enters that occurred in Condobolin over the weekend.

The offences occurred late last Friday night and early last Saturday morning.

Forensic evidence relevant to the crimes is currently being assessed.

Police are urging all residents to be vigilant in ensuring security of their premises each night by locking all doors and windows.

• Vehicle Theft in Condobolin

Police are currently investigating the theft of two vehicles in Condobolin early last Saturday morning.

The vehicles, which were later recovered, were stolen from Orange and Bathurst Street.

Forensic evidence relating to these crimes is currently being assessed.

Police are urging all residents to be diligent in reporting suspicious behaviour or crime.

Reports can be made either in person or over the phone.

As many crimes are solved with community assistance, any information you may think is minor or irrelevant, may prove useful in convicting offenders. Reports of suspicious or criminal behaviour can be made to Condobolin Police on 02 68952577 or anyone may contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.

Accidents and incidents

Man charged with break and enter in Condobolin

By Dominic Geiger

Police have charged a 21 year old male with four counts of break and enter in Condobolin over the weekend.
The alleged offender was apprehended on Saturday morning at approximately seven am after smashing a number of windows on the southern side of Bathurst Street.
A spokesperson from Condobolin police said alcohol was being considered a factor in the incident.
“A small amount of property was also stolen,” the spokesperson said.
“That property has since been recovered.”
The alleged offender will appear before the Condobolin Local Court on Tuesday July 5.
The police spokesperson said the offender had been apprehended thanks to a witness report.
“Because of the good work of a community member who alerted police and provided a good description of the alleged offender, police were able to make an arrest.”

Car Accident

Police were called to the scene of a car accident approximately seven kilometres from Condobolin on the Gum Bend Road last Saturday at 3am.
A spokesperson for Parkes police said it appeared the car had rolled after leaving the road and was found on its roof.
“No one was found inside the vehicle upon police attendance,” the spokesperson said.
“Police are now making inquiries in to who the possible driver and owner of the vehicle could be.
“Any members of the public with information about the incident are encouraged to call Condobolin police.”

Car Fire

Condobolin police, fire brigade and an ambulance were called to a vehicle fire in the car park behind the Imperial Hotel on the corner of Bathurst and McDonnell Streets last Saturday night.
A police spokesperson said at the time of police arrival, the red Ford Falcon was well alight and was eventually completely destroyed in the blaze.
“It appears the owner started the vehicle and a short time later the fire started for an unknown reason,” the spokesperson said.
“The owner of the vehicle escaped uninjured.
“There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the blaze.”

Vandals attack family and community services

Happy Daze coffee lounge discovered the damage to their front window on Sunday morning.By Dominic Geiger

Yet another spate of senseless vandalism has struck Condobolin over the weekend with local police receiving reports of smashed windows, scratched cars and damaged council facilities.
At least six businesses on Bathurst Street had their windows smashed or cracked, with owners discovering the damage on both Sunday and Monday morning.
One of the luckier businesses was left with only a footprint on their front door, suggesting the perpetrator was kicking the shop fronts as he or she travelled down Bathurst Street.
Owner of Happy Daze, Shirley Bell, said she was appalled someone would attack her store for no reason.
“What can you do about it?” she said.
“Until something serious is done, this [vandalism] isn’t going to stop.
“They should catch [whoever] did this, make them serve time or make them pay for the repairs.
“If it’s a juvenile, the parents should be made to pay the bill.”
A spokesperson for Condobolin Police called on any members of the community with information about the incident to contact the Condobolin Police Station.
The vandalism on the main street coincided with a malicious attack on a car belonging to the owner of Condobolin Newsagency, Lorraine L’Estrange.
Lorraine’s car was vandalised multiple times, leaving deep scratches across the rear of the vehicle.
“The perpetrator has entered private property to wantonly damage the car,” Lorraine said.
“It was clearly someone who was very angry.”
Loraine has offered a reward of $500 for anyone who can provide information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for the damage.
Lachlan Shire Council announced earlier this year that funding had been allocated to install three surveillance cameras in the main street of Condobolin.
General Manager of Lachlan Shire Council, George Cowan, said at this stage it was likely the cameras would be installed by the end of the year.
“We still need to meet with shopkeepers and police to discuss actual sightings for the cameras,” he said.
“We will be calling for tenders for the cameras in the coming weeks.”
George said a cubicle door in the public toilets on Bathurst Street had also been ripped off its hinges over the weekend.
“There are elements in our community that are destructive,” he said.
“We have a certain amount of money available to install surveillance cameras and we encourage shopkeepers to take advantage of this and to possibly make contributions [for the project].”

Five unrestrained children in car after crash

The discovery of five children not wearing seatbelts in a car crash in Condobolin on Thursday night has shocked police.
Police were called to the scene of a crash at Condobolin last Thursday night and found five unrestrained children in one of the vehicles.
About 5pm, a Toyota Lexcen was travelling west on Mahonga Street when the driver lost control and crashed through a steel fence on Condon Street.
The Lexcen then crashed into a Toyota Hilux utility occupied by a 70-year-old woman and her 46-year-old female passenger. The two women were not injured during the crash.
Police and Paramedics attended the scene where they found seven people in the Toyota Lexcen with five of those being unrestrained children.
It will be alleged an 18-month-old boy was on the lap of a 26-year-old woman, who was sitting in the front passenger seat.
Four other children including; a two-year-old girl, four-year-old girl, four-year-old boy and a seven-year-old boy were all allegedly in the rear passenger seats and not wearing seatbelts.
A check of the vehicle revealed it was not fitted with any child or booster seats.
The driver, a 25-year-old woman, was treated at the scene for shock and taken to Condobolin Hospital where she underwent blood and urine tests.
The five children were also taken to Condobolin Hospital as a precaution.
Superintendent Robert Ryan, Lachlan Local Area Commander, said he was shocked to learn there were seven people travelling in one of the vehicles.
“Seven people crammed into one car is down right dangerous and I shudder to think that five of those were children who were not restrained.
“It’s a miracle no one was seriously injured or killed in this crash and the reality is we could have seen nine lives lost in a split second.
“Just this week, NSW Police conducted a state-wide operation targeting people not wearing seatbelts and within days police have again witnessed an irresponsible driver putting the lives of children at risk.
“I urge every driver and their passengers to wear their seatbelts and make sure children are correctly restrained.
“Our investigations are continuing, however, it will be alleged the 25-year-old woman was unlicensed and has never held a licence,” said Superintendent Ryan.
Media release Police Media Unit.

Break and Enters rife in Condobolin

By Dominic Geiger

A series of break and enters have plagued Condobolin over the past two weekends, with at least three businesses, the Aboriginal Health Services Centre and the high school falling victim to the attacks.
Sue Healey, owner of the Condobolin Shell Service Station, which was broken into on the second of this month, said the attack had prompted her to upgrade the store’s security system.
“I’ve only been here four months, and nothing like this has happened before,” she said.
“But now it’s in the back of your mind; you can’t really forget about it.”
Sue said she arrived at work on the morning following the burglary  to discover around $4000 worth of cigarettes missing and a broken window on the side of the store.
“They certainly knew what they were after,” she said.
“They only took the brands they knew would sell.”
Kathy Parnaby, co-owner of the Gum Bend Lake Kiosk which also suffered a break in, said she was disappointed such a thing had happened.
“You try and you have a go at something and people just take it from you,” she said.
Sergeant Peter Gibson at the Condobolin Police Station said police had attended all the crime scenes and had taken finger prints and DNA where possible.
He also said at this stage police were unsure if the various break and enters were related.
“We believe there are probably a few people who are common denominators in all these recent break ins, though there are probably a few others who were only there for one,” he said.
“We encourage anyone in the community who has information about these incidents to come forth and make a statement which will be held in strict confidence.”

Police issue warning to local car owners

Lachlan Local Area Command are warning car owners not to leave valuable items in their vehicles, especially those parked in car parks, driveways, open carports and on the roadway during the hours of darkness.
The warning follows a rise in the number of vehicle break-ins recently in the Lachlan Local Area Command area.
Sergeant Ben Dawson from the Lachlan Local Area Command, said people should remove all valuables from their car, and be aware of any suspicious activity.
“What is disappointing is that over recent months, a high percentage of the reported stealing’s from motor vehicles occur when the vehicles are left unlocked or with unsecured property on the back of utilities. In most of these cases, they are crimes of opportunity, thieves walk along checking vehicles and when they find one that is unlocked, they search through it taking whatever property they can find. It may sound obvious, but always remember to lock your car, ensure all the windows are fully closed and remove all valuables,” Sergeant Dawson said.
Anyone noticing suspicious activity around parked cars is asked to report it to Condobolin Police 6895-2577 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Police warning to secure properties

Condobolin Police Force are warning residents to secure their properties after a string of break and enters in the past month.
Houses with rear entrances onto lanes have been broken into with equipment taken from backyards and sheds.
Local police are advising residents to ensure their back gates are locked and secure, sheds are secure and not to leave out any items of value.
Police are encouraging residents who see suspicious behaviour or anyone wandering around to call them on 6895 2577. If the call is re-routed to Parkes, leave a message and they will inform the local officer on duty.

Knowing the signs of domestic violence

Condobolin High Sschool held Domestic Violence WorkshopsIn an initiative to curb the prevalence of domestic violence against young people, Condobolin High School students spent last week attending information workshops educating the kids against abusive relationships.
In a program organised by the Lachlan Local Area Command, Sergeant Peter Gibson said the importance of information given at these sessions ensured children had the education to make healthy decisions to stop them from becoming victims of domestic violence early in their life and ongoing throughout it.
“This course gives every student at the school the knowledge of who they can call, where they can get more information from and who they can go to for advice.
“It’s also a way for the students to learn the warning signs and cycles of domestic violence so they can take themselves out of such a situation where they think it might occur,” Sergeant Gibson said.
The students were addressed by Police Liaison Officers, CHS teacher representatives, local police and court representatives.
Cathy Schatz from the Forbes Women’s Refuge who also addressed the sessions said the aim of the program was to educate the students as to what domestic violence is and the choices they have in relationships.
“Our role here is to talk to the kids about what domestic violence is, talk to them about what being in an abusive relationship is like and teach them about healthy relationships and positive choices,” Cathy said.

Mock car crash demonstration

Mock Car Crash demonstration in ParkesYear 10 students from eight high schools across the Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan Shire Council areas will converge on Parkes PCYC today Wednesday June 30th to see a mock car crash demonstration as part of the new look NOT A STATISTIC! Youth Driver Education Program.
Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan Shire Councils’ Road Safety and Injury Prevention Officer, Melanie Suitor, says the new look program was piloted with students from Parkes High School last year with much success.
“We decided to expand the program this year and offer it to students across the Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan Shire Council areas.  A big thankyou to Barrick Cowal and NorthParkes Mines who have come onboard to assist with funding for the buses so students outside of Parkes can attend the mock car crash demonstration at Parkes PCYC for free.
“Students are in for a very realistic show.  We are hoping it will make an impact on the audience and potentially save a life.  Hence the program’s name is NOT A STATISTIC!” Ms Suitor said.
The program has been developed in response to crash data that shows young drivers are over-represented in road crashes across the state.  In NSW people under the age of 25 hold around 16% of licenses but are involved in around 32% of crashes.
The purpose of the program is to try to turn the figures around by educating young drivers about the causes of crashes and what really happens at crash scenes, with the intention of changing the driving attitudes and behaviours of participants.
The demonstration commences with a short film that sets the scene prior to the crash occurring.  Then the mock car crash demonstration will begin.  There will be a full emergency response involving NSW Police, NSW Ambulance and Parkes SES.
Over the past few weeks, Ms Suitor and Lachlan Crime Prevention Officer Senior Constable James Dolbel, have been conducting the pre classroom lessons with students at the participating high schools.  The lesson involves a short road safety presentation, an interactive team road safety game and the opportunity to try out some beer goggles to see how alcohol affects the body and why it is so dangerous when mixed with driving.
For further information please contact Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan Shire Councils’ Road Safety and Injury Prevention Officer, Melanie Suitor, on (02) 6861 2364.
• Pictured: At the dress rehearsal for the upcoming mock car crash demonstration are (left to right): Senior Constable Maureen Leonard (NSW Police), Angie Fanello (playing the role of Amanda), Nigel Thomas (Lachlan District Zone Manager – NSW Ambulance) and Tayla Smith (playing the role of Stacey).

Fire in Bathurst Street

The Condobolin Fire Brigade and Police were called to a ceiling fire at 92 Bathurst Street, Condobolin at 7.22 Sunday morning. It took the brigade ½ hour to extinguish the blaze which may have been started in a pile of rubbish by persons unknown. Not much damage was done to the unsecured building as it has been previously burnt out.
Over the past two weeks there have been 2 reported break ins: one at Condobolin High School – Police are currently questioning some young people in relation to the matter. The other occurred over last weekend at the CO2 Aust. Ltd office – SOCO are investigating.

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