Craft and creativity combined

For a small country town, local residents, Eryn Mullins and Vikki Stuckey believe the town is big on creativity.

“We are such a clever little community, people are making and creating all types of wares from their kitchen tables, in backyard sheds or from the garden, explained Vikki.

As a result of realising just how many artists, weavers, knitters, jewellers, bakers, photographers, sculptors, gardeners and decorators call Condobolin home, Eryn and Vikki decided to provide an opportunity for these people to share their goods with the rest of the community.

On Saturday, 30 July, these “makers and creators” will be showcasing their items at the Condobolin Arts and Crafts shop.

According to Eryn, the “aim is to gather a tribe of likeminded makers and creators within the Craft Shop, to not only display their unique products, but to revitalise the Community Centre Craft Shop.”

Eryn and Vikki believe that whilst many people appreciate the Community Centre as a venue, the Craft Shop itself is underutilised. By inviting a fresh crowd of artisans on the shelves, the couple hope to not only reinvigorate the shop, but  also to encourage the community to step away from the “techno and tune into doing more of what makes them happy.”

The new stock will include hand painted cushions, chunky crocheted baskets and floor mats, bohemian jewellery, knitted baby toys, wire lamps, fresh herbs, preserves and cakes, potted plants, wall hangings and framed photographs, plus much more.

To further highlight the innovation within our local community, Warren Chad and Leonie Mcguiness will also be discussing their new App, Vita. Due to be launched in the App Store in August, Vita is designed to improve the process of collecting and recording personal information. The App is a multi–faceted tool, enabling users to recall personal information at difficult times such as writing a eulogy and/or for documenting milestones and celebrations throughout life.

For those wanting to tap into their own creativity, an applique workshop will be also be conducted by Annie Worthington from Dubbo.

“We provided the community with a small teaser of what was to come when we opened the Craft Shop doors during the Waste to Art Exhibition. The response was really positive so we can’t wait to make it bigger and better on the 30,” Eryn and Vikki concluded.

For further details contact Vikki Stuckey 0427 962 926.




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