Popular Quality Wool ‘Wool Drive’ on again



The popular Quality Wool ‘Wool Drive’ is on again this year to raise much needed funds for Ronald McDonald House Westmead during the 2016 season and the company is calling on all woolgrowers to contribute to this great cause.

The charity wool auction has raised more than $150,000 for Ronald McDonald House Westmead over the past three years.

Ronald McDonald House Westmead provides a “home away from home’’ for families with seriously ill children who require medical attention and attend appointments at The Children’s Hospital Westmead. It relies heavily on community fundraising and volunteers to help keep it operating.

Quality Wool is encouraging all growers to donate wool oddments or any type of wool towards the ‘Wool Drive’. The company has committed to press, test and auction the wool free of charge, with all proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

Growers can deliver wool to the company’s Condobolin, Parkes, Orange and Wagga Wagga stores, or Quality Wool can visit farms to pick up wool and clean out sheds.

Quality Wool is collecting wool through until December 16, 2016, with the auction set to be held in February 2017, and 100 per cent of the proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

Shire Almalgamation – Editors Opinion

If there is one thing that the IPART assessment proved, it’s that it’s all about the numbers. We are not a community. We are 6,700 now, and by 2031 we will be just 5,500. That’s the only number the NSW State Government cares about. And because that number is not judged as high or important enough, Lachlan Shire is in danger of becoming obsolete.
Now I don’t profess to always support Lachlan Shire Council, or its decisions on a regular basis. I am not always a fan of council, but our community matters to me. And I know one thing is for sure. If we are forcibly amalgamated with Parkes, then you can say goodbye to local representation and the upkeep of roads and infrastructure. We will be forgotten as quickly as they close the Lachlan Shire office doors.
Lachlan currently looks after 4,500 kilometres of Shire roads. Who will care if they are sitting in an office in Parkes? No one, that’s who. Who will travel the distance to check on a water supply at Lake Cargelligo or Tullibigeal? That’s over two hours out of their day. Now why is Parkes the be all and end all for Lachlan? Sure it has a bigger population, but did not satisfy one crucial area of the IPART assessments – efficiency. Now how does that work?
You’re not efficient but you’re fit because of your projected population growth? Let’s get real. Parkes is riding on the back of mining right now, but when operations inevitably wind down they will be looking at more than a gigantic hole underground, they will be looking at a gigantic hole in their population and economy. IPART has not mentioned how they will handle that. However Lachlan has been judged unfit on a projected falling population.
The State Government says amalgamations will save money, but then offers incentives under the Stronger Communities Fund for up to $15 million to invest in community infrastructure. I’m going to call if for what it is – absolute bread sticks (read between the lines on that one). If they have the money to literally throw ‘incentives’ away to amalgamating councils, why can’t they put that money into local government so they can provide better services and infrastructure? That might just make too much sense.
It seems funny to me (in a humourous way) that the Local Government Minister Paul Toole (Bathurst) and National Leader Troy Grant’s (Dubbo) local council areas are deemed ‘fit’. Just make everything bigger, and let even more services and representation slide away.
That brings me to our National Party representatives. Now where are they in this argument?
Not out fighting for our local councils, simply hiding behind one line responses and generic press releases. Come on. You were elected to represent our electorate. Get out here and explain why this is so good for us. Come to a community meeting and look us all in the eye, and tell us all why we need massive, amalgamated councils. We voted for you in good conscience, so that you would stand up for us and the issues that are important to this town. If you don’t fight for us, I think you don’t deserve our vote. You certainly won’t be getting mine at the next election, if you don’t support rural communities. I think you have lost sight of what true community means. I think you need to talk to your constituents.
Love them or loathe them, Lachlan Shire Council has earned the right to represent its community at a local level. They are committed to the Shire and steering the organisation in a better direction. I implore you all, to write a letter to your state and federal member. Tell them you don’t agree. If you think nothing gets done now, wait till Lachlan is part of a 21,000 plus mega council area.
People power can change this. Write a letter or start a petition. We may have to suck it up and accept some tough decisions, if it means we get to keep Lachlan local then so be it. If you don’t care, then do nothing. But do that at your own risk.
Have the courage to tell the state government what you think. Have the courage to tell the state government this is wrong. Have the courage to say NO to forced amalgamations.
Melissa Blewitt

Danger Zone

Lachlan Shire Council is in danger of being merged with a larger entity, after it was deemed unfit to stand alone by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) Fit for the Future assessments.

: IPART’s map of part of the state, showing ‘fit’ councils in green and ‘unfit’ councils in orange. The blue would be considered ‘fit’ with a merger process. More on IPART’s decision plus an editorial on page 4. Cont

By Melissa Blewitt


Lachlan Shire Council is in danger of being merged with a larger entity, after it was deemed unfit to stand alone by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) Fit for the Future assessments.

The report, released by the State Government last Tuesday, found Lachlan Shire “unfit” due to a forecast declining population over the next 20 years.

Lachlan Shire Council’s Fit for the Future proposal was one of 87 out of 139 proposals assessed to be unfit, with only three of 12 councils in the central west found fit to stand alone.

IPART has suggested a merger with Parkes would be the most beneficial course of action, but Lachlan Shire Council’s preference is to remain a stand alone Council within a Joint Organisation (JO).

Parkes failed to satisfy one crucial criterion – efficiency – but was still deemed “fit” by the IPART report.

Lachlan failed to meet the scale and capacity criteria (population under 10,000), but satisfied the financial criteria overall including sustainability, infrastructure and service management.

Lachlan’s population stands at 6,700 and is predicted by the NSW Department of Planning to fall to 5,500 by 2031. If merged with Parkes, the new entity would have a projected population of 21,000 by 2031.

According to General Manager Robert Hunt, Council is committed to standing alone.

“Lachlan Shire only fails to meet one criterion and that is scale and capacity. Councils had not been told beforehand that there was a minimum population of 10,000 which had to be met and that has been very disappointing after all the work that went into the submission,” he said.

Lachlan’s TCorp Financial Sustainability Rating (FSR) was assessed as moderate and they were given a negative outlook.

“This [the FSR] was completed a few years ago and the negative outlook is based on projections – we have since made many changes and we will be sustainable after the rate increase next year and we will have a positive outlook based on this.”

Mr Hunt added that after a discussion with Parkes General Manager, Kent Boyd, both Councils preferred to stand alone however, further meetings with neighbouring councils will be held.

In the meantime an independent telephone survey of residents will also be undertaken by Micromex Pty Ltd to see if ratepayers want to take the $15m incentive on offer to the merged entity by the State Government or remain an independent Council.

Council has until 18 November to respond to the findings.



Kangaroo chaos

Kangaroos are causing chaos on local roads.

Rob Ticehurst, of Rob Ticehurst Smash Repairs Condobolin, has seen an increase in car damage across the Condobolin area as a result of collisions with kangaroos. MB


By Melissa Blewitt

Kangaroos are causing chaos on local roads.

NRMA Insurance has revealed 80 per cent of animal collisions on NSW roads involve kangaroos, with the number of animal-related crashes peaking during July and August

Condobolin has had 170 animal-related crashes in the past three calendar years, with 69 occurring in 2014.

Forbes (174) and Parkes (202) had a larger number of overall incidents, however, Condobolin had more crashes in 2014 than both of them, with the towns recording 49 and 45 in that year.

Rob Ticehurst, of Rob Ticehurst Smash Repairs Condobolin, said he has seen an increase in crashes involving kangaroos over the past six months.

“I have definately seen an increase [in kangaroo related crashes],” he said. “I am seeing at least two cars per week in my shop with damage as a result of kangaroos.

“They [kangaroos] can cause enough damage to write off a car. Their numbers have increased and with shorter daylight hours the risk of hitting a kangaroo increases.”

Smaller towns across the region fared somewhat better with Lake Cargelligo recording 69 in the past three calendar years, with Trundle (37), Ungarie (22), Tullamore (32), Bogan Gate (19), Tottenham (34), Tullibigeal (18), Albert (18), Burcher (9), Yarrabandai (9), Ootha (3), Bedgerabong (4), Warroo (1), Kiacatoo (1), Derriwong (1), and Fifield (1).

Teaming up to tackle men’s mental health issues

The Richmond Fellowship of New South Wales, the Parkes Spacemen Football Club and Parkes Shire Deputy Mayor John Magill are launching ‘men only’ information evening in Parkes, enabling central western men to learn about the signs and symptoms of mental illness amongst males in rural settings.

It’s believed the evening is the first of its kind in Central Western New South Wales.

WHEN: 11.30am, Thursday 4th August, 2011

WHERE: Cooke Park, Clarinda St Parkes.

The ‘men only’ evening will be held at the Broadway Hotel, Parkes, on Thursday 18th August at 7.00pm.

Guest speakers – including sufferers of depression and alcoholism – will bravely talk about battles with mental illness and what men in rural areas can do to help themselves of family and friends who may be suffering.

The RFNSW is a not-for-profit organisation providing recovery focussed support programs, accommodation and hope for people with mental illness. Advocating community-based assistance, it is a foremost mental health support provider that has been in operation for more than 30 years.

Free Cuppa for the Driver campaign shifts up a gear

By Dominic Geiger

The success of the ‘Free Cuppa for the Driver’ campaign will see the initiative expand well beyond the borders of Forbes, Parkes and Lachlan Shires when it is reintroduced in Easter next year.

The campaign, which was first run last Christmas holidays, invites participating businesses to offer free cups of coffee or tea to drivers passing through town with the aim of combating driver fatigue in rural areas.

Speaking at the recent Lachlan Shire Council meeting, Road Safety Officer for the Forbes, Parkes and Lachlan Shires, Melanie Suitor, said businesses as far north as Moree would now be asked to participate.

“It was an interesting campaign and we learnt a lot from it,” she said.

“We had about 75 people who took part in the project fill out feedback forms and who also went into the draw to win various prizes.

“The feedback we received from businesses was that summer was too hot for people to want coffee or tea, so that’s why we’ve moved it to the Easter holidays this time.”

Melanie said the campaign also offered businesses a chance to promote themselves.

“We’ll be creating posters and stickers as well as erecting banners at the entrances to towns to help raise awareness about the scheme,” she said.

“We’ll also cross promote towns through tourism information centres and caravan parks.”

In Condobolin, approximately five businesses took part in the campaign last Christmas.

Angela Coceancic, from participating business Nolls Bakery, said she found very few people actually asked for the free cuppa, despite having promotional posters on the windows of the bakery.

“We found we offered the drinks more often than the customers asked for them,” she said.

“People were very appreciative, but it seems if people actually want coffee, they’re going to pay for it rather than be looking for something for free.”

Coulton’s Catch-Up


25th July

The presence of mining coal and coal seam gas exploration in the Parkes Electorate has increased in recent years. A large section of my electorate has been identified as containing either coal or coal seam gas resources. While the potential for these resources is enormous, it is essential that this is balanced against the ongoing ability for this area to continue as a major food producer.

The communities of Bellata, Moree, Tooraweenah and Narrabri are facing significant exploration and development in coal seam gas. Many primary producers in these areas have contacted me regarding their concerns about the mining of coal seam gas. There is a lot of uncertainty of the risks associated with mining coal seam gas, especially in terms of agricultural productivity and the potential adverse effects on underground aquifers.

There is much misinformation circulating in these communities, and that combined with a lack of reliable information is adding to growing anxiety.

The Senate Committee for Rural Affairs and Transport is conducting an inquiry into the management of the Murray-Darling Basin and in particular the impact of mining coal seam gas in the Basin.

The inquiry will investigate the economic, social and environmental impact of mining coal seam gas and will focus on the sustainability of water, property rights of landholders, prime agricultural land, associated health impacts and impacts on regional communities.

This inquiry will provide the opportunity for people to raise their concerns and issues directly with the Government through written submissions and also public hearings that will be held by the committee in areas where coal seam gas exploration is taking place.

I have made a submission to the inquiry encouraging the committee to hold public forums in the communities of Narrabri and Tooraweenah. People in these areas have been looking for factual information in order to make reasonable and educated decisions in relation to water management, agriculture and coal seam gas.

I believe it would be useful for this committee to fully investigate any links between mining and coal seam gas activities with any possible adverse effects on underground aquifers. I also believe that an inquiry in these areas would enable the resource companies a forum to explain the extent of their proposed activities as well as giving local farmers an opportunity to voice their concerns.

I would strongly encourage any person that is concerned with the impact of mining coal seam gas to consider preparing a submission to the inquiry. The submissions are not required to be lengthy and I would suggest referring to the terms of reference below as a guide to structuring your submission.

Terms of Reference to address in your submission:

  • The Rural Affairs and Transport References Committee will examine the economic, social and environmental impacts of mining coal seam gas on:
  • the sustainability of water aquifers and future water licensing arrangements;
  • the property rights and values of landholders;
  • the sustainability of prime agricultural land and Australia’s food task;
  • the social and economic benefits or otherwise for regional towns and the effective management of relationships between mining and other interests; and
  • other related matters including health impacts.

Karen’s room makeover: the before and after

Karen's Makeover: BeforeADVERTORIAL

A Blank Canvas….

When I was given this project it was great to have such a blank canvas from which to design this space from.

The lady that lives in this house is very elegant and stylish and loved the hints of black we used to create a real sense of style to the living and dining rooms. We also used timber to give the dining room extra warmth and character and to reflect its country location while the lounge room featured glass and chrome to add an extra bit of bling to the atmosphere. The glass coffee table also allows the area to feel larger because it is transparent.

I loved our final result and so did she!

Karen's Makeover: After

Tackling speeding issues

Essential Energy crews from across the Parkes, Forbes, Lachlan, Orange and Cabonne local government areas are the first in the region to participate in a new road safety workshop tackling speed on the Henry Parkes and Escort Ways.

The workshops are one of the key strategies of the regional ‘Like the back of your hand’ project which was launched in Manildra in June.

Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan Shire Councils’ Road Safety and Injury Prevention Officer, Melanie Suitor, says the workshops were designed to provide important information about the dangers of speeding.

“We are really pleased that Essential Energy is the first business in the region to sign up their employees for these free road safety workshops.

“Workshops will be conducted with Essential Energy employees at Orange, Canowindra, Molong, Parkes, Forbes, Condobolin, Peak Hill, Tottenham, Trundle and Lake Cargelligo depots.

“In the past five years there have been nearly 150 crashes on the road between Condobolin, Parkes and Orange. Six people have been killed and 60 have been injured. The majority of drivers who crashed were local residents or lived in a neighbouring town. All of the crashes had speed listed as a contributing factor.

“These interactive workshops outline the various issues associated with speeding which impact on all drivers who use the Henry Parkes and Escort Ways. The workshop runs for about 30 minutes and participants are encouraged to complete a quiz which enters them into the draw for a $50 fuel voucher and gives us feedback on what they learnt.

“A copy of all workshop materials will be provided to participating business for use in future staff training and staff inductions.

“We have sent invitations to the larger businesses in the local community to also take part in the workshops. If you haven’t received an invitation but would like to host a workshop at your business please contact me on 6861 2364,” Ms Suitor said.

Essential Energy’s regional general manager, Central Western, Chas MacPhail said Essential Energy is a strong supporter of the Like the back of your hand program and was happy for the regions depot crews to participate in the road safety workshops.

“Essential Energy covers 95% of New South Wales and has over 4000 employees which results in quite a large fleet that last year alone travelled approximately 7 million kilometers, some of that on the Henry Parkes and Escort ways.

“Essential Energy’s number one priority is safety – safety of the public, our employees and the network – so involving our employees in these workshops enhances our already very strong safety culture,” Mr McPhail said.

Other project strategies include; the use of courtesy speed monitor trailers, radio advertising, a radio competition, the distribution of brochures/posters to doctor’s surgeries, roadside banners and regular media coverage.

The Like the back of your hand project is a collaboration between five regional councils along or bordering the Henry Parkes and Escort Ways, including Orange City Council, Cabonne Shire Council, Parkes Shire Council, Forbes Shire Council and Lachlan Shire Council.

Students set to benefit from CHS upgrades

A $1.19 million dollar project at Condobolin High School (CHS) will this term give students access to state of the art equipment in both metal works and horticulture.

The project is part of an initiative which, in conjunction with similar developments at Parkes and Forbes high schools, aims to give students throughout the region the opportunity to take part in various traineeships.

CHS principal, Bob Carline, said students from all three schools could travel to whichever campus offered the traineeship they happened to be interested in.

“Both Forbes and Parkes will also offer food tech,” he said.

“The metal works room has new lathes and welding equipment and for horticulture we have a shed which will be used as a tutorial room and a place for plant propagation.

“[The rooms and equipment] raise the standard of the school so we are now able to offer traineeships and expand the range of courses available to students.

“Part of this project was used in the F1 competition, with $100,000 worth of CAD software now being used in graphics classes.”

Metal works teacher, Darryl Porter, said the new trade centre would benefit the whole Condobolin community.

“Having a trade centre in the school will give students access to industry standard equipment,” he said.

Parkes electorate amongst worst for illegal tobacco

Compiled by Dominic Geiger

The Federal seat of Parkes has recently been ranked twelfth in terms of illegal tobacco sold in Australia following a British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) commissioned Deloitte report.

The report showed that over 26,000 kilograms of illegal tobacco was sold in the Parkes electorate last year which in turn cost taxpayers over $10 million in lost tobacco excise.

Mark Coulton, who currently holds the seat of Parkes, said although he doesn’t dispute the findings, they do surprise him.

“[Prior to seeing this report], I had no knowledge this was occurring,” he said.

“26,000 kilograms is a lot of cigarettes.

“No members of the community or police have ever mentioned anything about any illegal tobacco in Parkes.”

A spokesperson for BATA said in addition to the Deloitte report, BATA worked closely with state and federal police to verify the figures.

Parkes was one of the few rural electorates ranked in the top twenty for illegal tobacco in the country, with the majority of high ranking electorates being in metropolitan areas.

British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) CEO, David Crow is concerned that illegal tobacco sales will only get worse in the Parkes electorate under the unprecedented plain packaging legislation.

“The illegal tobacco black market has grown 150% over the last three years and plain packaging will only fan the flames and allow criminals to profit further,” Mr Crow said.

“The Government needs to do more to stop organised crime gangs dealing in black market tobacco across our suburbs.”

BATA has developed a website which outlines the size and scope of illegal tobacco in each Australian electorate.

The website, www.illegaltobacco.com.au, ranks all electorates in the country, shows the excise lost and the amount of illegal tobacco sold in each area as well as further information on the issue.


Opera at ‘The Dish’ is launched

By Dominic Geiger

Tickets are now on sale for Opera At The Dish, the musical extravaganza set to be the operatic highlight of the year in the Central West.

An official launch for the event accompanied the release of the first round of tickets last Thursday, with renowned soprano Helen Barnett treating an exclusive audience to a short but sensational performance beneath the dish.

Mayor of the Lachlan Shire, Des Manwaring, attended the event.

“Helen sung quite nicely, and with the dish in the background the sound is really reflected onto the audience,” he said.

“It’ll be a great evening; people will be able to bring a rug and their own chair if they want.

“There will also be an opportunity for people to go on a tour through the [inner workings] of the telescope.”

Proceeds from Opera At The Dish will be donated to the McGrath Breast Cancer Foundation in order to secure breast care nurses for regional centres throughout Australia.

In addition to Helen Barnett, the performance will also include soprano Julie O’Connor accompanied by the Macquarie Philharmonia 50 piece symphony orchestra.

The opera will be held under the CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope on the evening of Saturday October 8.

Lunar eclipse excites stargazers

The lunar eclipse at the Parkes Dish. Photographed by Operation Scientist of the CSIRO Parkes Observatory, John Sarkissian.By Dominic Geiger

Extraordinarily clear conditions gave astronomers and stargazers of the central west the opportunity to marvel at a blood red lunar eclipse early last Thursday morning.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth, sun and moon perfectly align, with the earth’s atmosphere reflecting the sun’s light to create a deep red shadow on the moon.

Condobolin stargazers were able to view the eclipse between 4:22am and 7:14am.

Operations Scientist at the CSIRO Parkes Observatory, John Sarkissian, said “glorious” weather conditions had allowed many people in the central west to see the eclipse from the moment it began to just before the moon finally set.

“There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and no breeze; it was perfect eclipse weather,” he said.

“[The moon] was a deep red colour; I was surprised how dark it appeared.”

John said he had positioned himself to capture the eclipsed moon setting behind the Parkes Dish, but as the sky brightened, it became increasingly hard to see the moon at all.

“About 25 minutes before it was due to set, I lost it altogether,” he said.

John said people who missed this eclipse shouldn’t worry, as there will be another one in December.

“The next one will also be at a much more reasonable hour and will be higher in the sky,” he said.

“People in the central west should be able to see the entire show as the earth’s shadow passes over the moon.”

Parkes Councillors wage increase

Parkes Shire Councillors have chosen the maximum allowable annual wage increase of 4.2% for the 2011-2012 financial year.

This means councillors will see an increase of $400 while the Mayor, Ken Keith, will receive an extra $1,280.

This brings the total income for councillors and the mayor to $9,970 and $31,740 respectively.

General Manager at Parkes Shire, Kent Boyd, said the 4.2% raise was in line with normal wage increases.

“The allowable wage increase is set by the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal and it’s up to councillors to decide [whether they will take it].”

A new road safety project launched

Kevin Smith (LSC), Andrea Hamilton-Vaughan (Orange City and Cabonne Shire), Cr. Ian Gosper (Cabonne), Jenny Short ( RTA), Karen Boyde (Orange CC), Maureen Horth (Orange CC), Melanie Suitor (Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan Shire Councils), Superintendent Bob Ryan (LAC - NSW Police) and Cr. George Pratt (Parkes SC).

Like the back of your hand…

There’s an old saying ‘I know this road like the back of my hand.’  For many of us who travel to Orange regularly – it’s true.  But that’s where the problems can begin; it’s easy to go over the speed limit, easy to get distracted & easy to make mistakes.
In the past five years there have been nearly 150 crashes on the road between Condobolin, Parkes and Orange.  Six people have been killed and 60 have been injured.  The majority of drivers who crashed were local residents or lived in a neighbouring town.
These statistics have prompted a new $20,000 road safety campaign, called ‘Like the back of your hand’, which targets local drivers on the Henry Parkes and Escort Ways, and will be launched in Manildra this week.
The project is a collaboration between five regional councils along or bordering the Henry Parkes and Escort Ways, including Orange City Council, Cabonne Shire Council, Parkes Shire Council, Forbes Shire Council and Lachlan Shire Council.
Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan Shire Councils’ Road Safety and Injury Prevention Officer Melanie Suitor said speed was identified as the major contributing factor in all of the crashes.
“We recently conducted speed surveys at five locations along the Henry Parkes and Escort Ways.  The results of the surveys showed that 79% of motorists were travelling faster than the posted 100km/h speed limit.
“This project aims to decrease travel speeds along the road from Condobolin to Orange and also increase awareness about the dangers and consequences of speeding,”
“Crash data identified two particular groups who travelled the road at different times of the day.”
“We identified people who travel during work hours as part of their job or daily commute and people accessing medical services in Orange as groups at risk.” she said.
“In order to target these road users we will be working with employers and medical practitioners.
“A radio campaign featuring local surgeon Dr Henry Hook will spearhead the campaign targeted at people accessing medical services in Orange.
“Medical appointment checklists and further information will be distributed through doctor’s surgeries, community health centres, dentists, hospitals and the like throughout the five council areas.”
There will also be a period of Police enforcement.
“There will be extra Police patrols along the road between Orange and Condobolin targeting speeding drivers.
“We are asking local drivers to please slow down and concentrate,” Ms Suitor said.
The project will run until the end of August and is an initiative of the Local Government Road Safety Program.


Album review

The Dusty Yellow Sunbeams latest album 'The Present Day Blues'By Dominic Geiger

Parkes band, ‘Dusty Yellow Sunbeams’, has released a brand spanking new album called ‘The Present Day Blues’.
Featuring relaxed acoustic guitars and smooth melancholy vocals, the band has managed to create an easy listening album perfect for any lazy Sunday afternoon.
With an incredibly clean, crisp sound, the album features a number of standout tracks including ‘Home is the falling leaves’, ‘Captain on the bottom of the ocean floor’ and a djembe laden final track, ‘Little Red Leaf’.
Relatively new to the Central West music scene, singer Tom Orr said he and his brother Chris formed the band after Chris took a twelve month break from university studies.
“Chris is a music student at Lismore University,” Tom said.
“He came back home [for a while] and we’ve just been jamming and writing.”
Tom said the entire album was recorded in the brothers’ makeshift home studio.
“We called a few people [in the lead up to making the album] including a friend who studied sound engineering in Lismore,” Tom said.
“Then we recorded everything, with me and Chris swapping instruments.
“We both write songs, play guitar and sing and Tom plays a bit of bass as well.”
Tom said he and Chris had been playing music together for a while but had only recently moved from covers to composing their own original music.
“We’re always jamming together,” he said.
“The album came out officially three weeks ago and we’re really happy with it.”
To check out the band’s album for free, log on to www.myspace.com/dustyyellowsunbeams.
To order an album copy, send an e-mail to sunfielfrecords@gmail.com.

Parkes Airport survey

Parkes Shire Council and REX would like to thank all the people who participated in the airport survey conducted between 11 April – 6 May 2011. It was certainly an outstanding response with 264 surveys being returned compared with a total of 53 returns from the last 3 surveys conducted.
Thank you to all the people who took the time to fill out the survey, your input will assist Council in developing a future plan for the Parkes Regional Airport terminal. These surveys have given Council and REX a wide range of responses, both good and bad and all these will be taken into consideration.
A grant application has been submitted for funding which will cover automatic doors (entrance doors and departure/arrival door) and disabled toilets. These being two of the most common responses from the survey.
The Parkes Shire Council General Manager, Mr Kent Boyd and Mr Maurice Gahan, Sales Manager REX drew the two winners of the return airfares from Parkes to Sydney who were: Joe Peden of Parkes and Melodina  Quin of Condobolin.
10 consolation prizes were won by: Sue Henley- Condobolin, Jessica Chapman- Carlingford, Therese Toohey- Parkes, Tara Hosler- Forbes, Patricia Stokes- West Wyalong, Steve Lee- Parkes, Nicola Jelbart- Sydney, Tom Quade- Trundle, A Ling- Warriewood, W Ling- Warriewood.

Be a part of the Parkes Picnic Races

The Parkes Picnic Races is a highlight of the social calendar in the Central West, and is held on the June long weekend annually.
This year’s event is promising to be bigger and better than ever, with hospitality sites booked out and entertainment galore.
Along with the racing program that includes the prestigious Coradgery Cup, the Parkes races includes one of the Central West’s best fashions events. This year there is over $8000 in cash and prizes to reward the best dressed punters on the field.
Parkes boutique 141 on Main has returned as the major sponsor for the event.
Categories include most elegant lady, cutting edge, millinery, best dressed gent, most stylish couple, best dressed teenager and best dressed junior racegoer, and the ‘just for fun’ category that always draws some interesting looks.
The judging panel for judges includes last year’s most elegant lady, Michelle Morgan, and accomplished milliner Fiona Schofield from Orange.
Entry forms for Fashions on the Field are available at 141 on Main in Parkes.
Gates open at 12pm and the cost for entry is $15.
You can also buy your race book for an extra $5, and it comes with a free stubby holder from Totally Workwear.
Many pubs and clubs in Parkes are offering hospitality tents where you can get your meals, drinks and a warm spot to hang out.
There is also great food on offer from the Quota Club of Parkes in the kitchen under the grandstand, as well as full bar facilities for those who aren’t in a hospitality tent.
Full betting facilities are also available, so be sure to put aside a few dollars for a punt on your favourite.
Entertainment on the day includes music by duo Luke Wheeldon and Dave Bishop, and kids activities include Carpe de Circus and Sand Art.
For further information please contact Parkes Visitors Centre on 02 6862 6000.

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