Memorial Park

Condobolin Aboriginal Health Service celebrate NAIDOC


Marching with Pride down William Street.

Tanya and Emma lead the way.

  • Condobolin Aboriginal Health Service (CAHS) held a March and Community Event at Memorial Park to celebrate NAIDOC last Thursday. CAHS Aboriginal Health Workers Emma Dargin and Tanya Sloane said the event was a great success. “We want to thank all of those who took part in the March,” they said. “It was great to see such communuty spirit. The March has not been part of our celebrations for some time, but was embraced with such enthusiasm by everyone.” Emma and Tanya said they wanted to thank Central West Community Support, Liz from Centacare, Steve Karatiarna (jumping castle), Lachlan Shire Council, Mayor John Medcalf, Yawarra, Currajong, Condobolin HIgh School, Condobolin Public School, Lachlan River Community Fellowship, Googars Dancers, all of the volunteers, CAHS staff, Board and CEO Cecil Lester for making the event the success it was. Photographs by MB and Dakotah Haworth

Celebrations and Competitions

Condobolin celebrtes Australia Day

Ella Baxter and Nellie Jolliffe are looking forward to Lachlan Shire Australia Day celebrations. MB





• Connor Thompson and Warrick Parker get into the Australia Day spirit early at the Condobolin Pool. MB

By Melissa Blewitt

The Lachlan Shire will abound with celebrations and competitions this Australia Day.

Mayor of Lachlan Shire John Medcalf is encouraging residents to participate in events being staged across the Shire.

“Australia Day is an opportunity for communities to reflect on what we have achieved and what we can be proud of in our great nation. There are numerous events taking place around the shire where residents can get involved and have lots of fun,” he said.

“Australia Day is important to our community so come and join us on the day to reflect how lucky we are to live in this wonderful country.”

Events on in Condobolin include: 7:30am Free Breakfast at Memorial Park, Citizenship Ceremony, Australia Day Awards presentation and address; 5:30pm at the pool – lucky door prizes, slip n slide, jumping castle, FREE BBQ from 6pm and Deputy Mayor’s Relay.

Despicable Destruction

Unknown person/s caused serious damage the the playground at Memorial Park last Thursday morning. These unknown vandal/s have attempted to destroy the equipment by setting it on fire. MB

Annaleigh Swanston and Jesse Pawsey are upset at the senseless destruction of the play equipment in Memorial Park. MB

















By Melissa Blewitt

Unknown vandals have caused serious damage to the playground at Memorial Park.

In the early hours of last Thursday morning, it is believed unknown person/s have attempted to destroy the equipment by setting it on fire.

An area of the playground was still smoking later that morning.

“We are quite upset at the wanton vandalism that has taken place,” Lachlan Shire Council’s Director of Infrastructure Services Phil King said. “Council staff will be looking to replace the equipment as soon as they can as this is recognised as the premier playground in Condobolin.”

Young locals Jesse Pawsey and Annaleigh Swanston could not believe that someone would do that to the playground.

“It’s just not right,” Jesse said.

“Where will all the children play now?

“The people who did this should feel bad about it.”

Concerned citizen Deb Grogan said it was  “such a shame” someone had decided to destroy such a community asset.

“What will visitors to town think? They pull up to have a break and their children can’t even use the play equipment,” she said.

“And what about the people who walk down here to spend time with their children, but don’t have a car to travel to another park? We are lucky we can go to another park, but some families might not be able to that because they don’t have a car.

“It’s just a senseless act.” Condobolin Fire Brigade attended the scene, and the area was sealed off. If anyone has information on this incident, they should contact local Police.

A march to remember

Few events in Condobolin see the influx of locals and visitors crowding the streets as turned out for the centenary ANZAC Day March on Saturday.

• Current National Servicemen and women from Condobolin, (L-R) Stephanie Norris, Robert Nurthen, Luke Grimmond and Katie Norris, marching proudly in the ANZAC Day march down Bathurst Street. KP


Few events in Condobolin see the influx of locals and visitors crowding the streets as turned out for the centenary ANZAC Day March on Saturday.

• 94-year-old World War Two veteran, Ron L’Estrange, joined the march in an open-topped car. Mr L’Estrange served for five years as a Commando Warrant Officer in Malaya and Papua New Guinea. MB

By Lara Pearce

Few events in Condobolin see the influx of locals and visitors crowding the streets as turned out for the centenary ANZAC Day March on Saturday.

As children waved Australian flags and hundreds marched to the beat of the Condobolin RSL Pipe Band drums, a spirit of respect and commemoration was on display.

Veterans from World War Two, the Vietnam War and more recent conflicts joined the parade, while other veterans were represented by family members.

It was a day not only to commemorate veterans, but also to recognise the sacrifices of the current generation of young service people.

A number of locals currently serving in the Armed Forces joined the march. Among them were the Norris sisters, Stephanie, Katie and Sarah, as well as Sarah’s husband, Robert Nurthen. The siblings are all in the Royal Australian Navy.

“This is the first time that they have been together and marched together, which they are very, very happy about,” said Condobolin RSL Sub-branch President, Keith Hartin.

Former local Luke Grimmond also marched and manned the New Zealand flag during the laying of the wreaths.

Contingents from the Condobolin Police, Ambulance, State Emergency Services, the Condobolin Hospital, the local schools and many others joined the parade, which started at the RSL Club before proceeding down Bathurst Street and then to Memorial Park.

The laying of the wreaths followed, which soon saw the cenotaph become a mass of colour, as beautiful wreath after wreath was laid in honour of Condobolin’s fallen.

World War Two Commando, Ron L’Estrange, laid a wreath in honour of the World War One diggers. The 94-year-old spent five years fighting alongside his late brother, Bruce, in Malaya and Papua New Guinea and is one of Condobolin’s oldest veterans.

The crowd then moved into the park for the Commemoration Service, where Condobolin High School student Tessa Noll and ex-Navy man Jeff Ward presented the ANZAC Day addresses.

“It is with great sadness that much of the Australian character has been forged through the tragedy of war,” Tessa said.

“If any good can ever come from that tragedy, it is the stories of mateship, the stories of heroism and the fact that a mate will never abandon a mate.

“That Australian characteristic, forged in blood spilt on the sands of Gallipoli, to me is one of the greatest legacies the war has given us.”


Condobolin remembers

One hundred years on from the start of the First World War, the Condobolin community continues to recognise the sacrifices of its servicemen and women on Remembrance Day.

• Remembering the sacrifice: Jim Stewart, Conway Seymour, John Costello, Vice-President of the Condobolin RSL Sub-branch Michael Wighton, President of the National Servicemen’s Association Condobolin Unit Brian Prothero, Len Krebs, Graeme Yetman, Clarrie Williams and Warren Maybury. LP

By Lara Pearce

One hundred years on from the start of the First World War, the Condobolin community continues to recognise the sacrifices of its servicemen and women on Remembrance Day.

Services were held at Memorial Park, the Whiddon Group Retirement Village and at the local high school and primary schools, where a minute’s silence was observed in homage to all those lost in war.

The Memorial Park service was run by the Condobolin RSL Sub-branch. The Australian flag flew at half mast over the memorial site as Vice-President of the Sub-branch Michael Wighton led the proceedings.

“We are here 96 years later to pay our respects and honour the memory of those men and women who fought and the 100,000 who died in the great conflict so that we who live may be free and to live in peace,” he said. “We also remember all those men and women who served in the armed forces in the last 75 years in conflicts all over the world and those who died in so doing.”

Father Don Gunn then gave the Remembrance Day address, encouraging the community to continue to uphold the principles which were forged by the ANZACs. “Those we honour have left to Australia a tradition of courage, selflessness and a fine reputation to follow for the future,” he said.

“By your presence here today I know there is no doubt in your hearts and minds that today is especially significant. In cities and towns all throughout Australia ceremonies just like this are a permanent reminder to our youth of today that our forefathers thought our wonderful country was worth fighting for.”

He then concluded by leading the gathering in the Lord’s Prayer.

A minute’s silence was then observed and the Last Post was played before Michael Wighton concluded the ceremony.

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