Council revisits Lake Cargelligo walkway

By Dominic Geiger

Lachlan Shire Council has announced it is once again ready to begin consulting with local community groups on stage two of the Lake Cargelligo walkway.
The second stage of the project suffered delays due to the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage finding the 2008 Lachlan Shire commissioned archaeological survey on the area to be inadequate.
The construction of the walkway was also delayed so council could place a higher focus on the Meri-Abba pipeline.
General Manager of the Lachlan Shire Council, George Cowan, said the initial archaeological survey on the walkway hadn’t addressed certain issues appropriately.
“So now we’ve got to review (the) survey and then go and consult with the local Aboriginal community as there are a number of artifacts such as middens in the area,” he said.
“The work has sat in abeyance for several months while we focused on (other projects) so council is now keen to get the work underway again.
“We will call a meeting with the relevant parties and (the project) may involve more study work.”
George said it would be impossible to predict a timeline for the completion of the walk way.
“The project has been going since stage one was begun back in 2005,” he said.
A spokesperson for the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage said the reason council’s 2008 application had been rejected was because it required more information.
“The reply was sent to Lachlan Shire council, however there was no further correspondence recorded,” the spokesperson said.
Stage two of the project will add an additional two kilometres to the existing walkway and extend the path to ‘Dead Man’s Point’.

New medical centre for Condobolin

By Dominic Geiger

Lachlan Shire Council has received a $500,000 federal grant to build a new medical centre in Condobolin.
Federal Member for Parkes, Mark Coulton, announced Council’s grant application had been successful last Thursday.
The funding is part of the National Rural and Remote Health Infrastructure Program (NRRHIP), which aims to improve access to health services in rural and remote areas by providing funding for existing or new health facilities and enhancing the range of health services provided in these communities.
Similar grants also went to Brewarrina Shire Council for a refurbishment of the medical centre and to the Dubbo Plains Division of General Practice to go towards the purchase of new medical equipment in Dunedoo.
Mr Coulton said he would like to congratulate Lachlan Shire Council for their hard work in securing funding for the “vital” project.
“The funding is great news for Condobolin and also for the outlying towns and communities,” he said.
“The remoteness of Condobolin means many residents have to travel huge distances to receive medical assistance.
“This funding will (now) ensure the region has adequate health care services.”
General Manager of the Lachlan Shire, George Cowan, said the success of the grant application was extremely good news.
“This will allow Council to achieve long held health objectives and should allow us to employ more doctors,” he said.
“We have a very positive relationship with Ochre Health which has given us support in the way of doctors.”
George said the new centre would be built adjacent to the existing Melrose Street Medical Centre on an area of land which had been earmarked for development several years ago.
“We hope there will eventually be just one centre with two doctors in it,” he said.
“However you never know what the doctors will want to do.
“We have members of the community sitting on a committee for this project who will be meeting in several weeks time to discuss planning further.”

Call for Long Day Care in Lake

By Dominic Geiger

Lachlan Shire Council has recently provided “In Principal” two land allotments for the future site of a Lake Cargelligo long day care facility.
The motion, which was carried at the recent Council meeting, means Council has verbally guaranteed the land will be available for the facility as soon as the committee behind the project is able to secure a grant for its funding.
The approved site is positioned on the corner of Conapaira and Lake Streets and is adjacent to the pool car park.
General Director of Lachlan Shire Council, George Cowen, said the two sites would be held by Council until the committee could provide the money for the project.
“We won’t be touching the land until (the committee) raises the money,” he said.
“The first thing we would do once the money was available would be to establish an organisation to run the facility and then we would move on with the project; Council will not be running this centre.”
Rebecca Keeley, member of the Lake Cargelligo Day Care Working Committee, said the establishment of the centre was important as there was a complete lack of childcare options for parents in the town who worked or studied long hours.
“There are a number of services providing childcare in town however they are not addressing the current demand,” she said.
“To date we have established that within our community we have 18 children requiring permanent care and a further 32 children requiring part time care, with 25 of these part time children requiring over 3 days per week.”
Rebecca said she knew of several examples where the lack of a long day care facility had made it incredibly difficult for Lake Cargelligo parents to study or work.
“One young mother… recently withdrew from TAFE due to the lack of child care in our community.
“Unfortunately she feels that she is being left with no option but to stay home and not increase her skills.”
Kristy Richards, working mum from Lake Cargelligo, said she had experienced  difficulty finding quality childcare for the past seven years.
“I have had to approach other mothers and retired women to care for my children,” she said.
“Although I am grateful to have private childcare, I would prefer to be able to rely on a constant service with qualified staff in a safe, purpose built environment.”

Safety concerns prompt new event banner poles

By Dominic Geiger

Representatives from Lachlan Shire Council were in the main street of Condobolin last Wednesday to select a suitable place to construct new poles to hang event banners from.
The decision to create the poles as an alternative to hanging banners from opposing buildings follows safety concerns after the ‘Condo 750’ Todd Porter, Kevin Smith, Director of technical services at Lachlan Shire, George Cowan General Manager of Lachlan Shire, and Councillor Ray Shieldssign fell down and caused traffic delays two weeks ago.
The new site for the poles will be on the Western end of the shopping precinct in Bathurst Street, with one garden bed needing to be moved to provide room for the construction.
Two similar projects will also be undertaken in the towns of Lake Cargelligo and Tottenham.
Lachlan Shire General Manager, George Cowan, said all three towns had a history of supporting major local events and the construction of the banner poles would help groups promote their events more easily.
“We’ve been talking about the need for something like this for three years now,” he said.
“It’s primarily a safety thing; we’ll be keeping all the car parks and simply moving the garden bed (on the southern side of the street).”
Councillor Ray Shields said it was great to be finally getting the project completed.
“Events such as the Condo 750 are important to tourism,” he said.
“It’s essential to support them in a noticeable and safe way.”

The Condobolin Argus – 10 years old

With The Condobolin Argus’ 10th birthday nearly upon us, first week of May, it seemed appropriate for a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the issues and events that have been critical in making The Argus the influential and relevant community newspaper it is today.
With so many editions archived in the depths of the Argus library, the task of revisiting important stories and campaigns seemed daunting at first, though with much perseverance, the team at The Argus has managed to compile a fairly concise list of ten achievements it feels have been most relevant to the Lachlan Shire community.
They are (in no particular order):
Joining the battle to keep the Condobolin Agricultural Research Station up and running.
In March 2009, The Argus reported on the NSW Labor Government’s decision to close the Condobolin Agricultural Research Station (CARAS). A surge of public protest culminating in a rally in Condobolin’s main street reversed that decision.
Helping prevent the closure of Target Country in Condobolin.
In January 2003, The Argus confirmed Condobolin Target Country would remain open despite pressure to close the store. The Argus supported the store during the resulting six month trial period through a ‘shop local’ campaign.
Helping to promote the Condobolin skate park project.
The Argus has been supporting the Condobolin skate park project for a number of years. The project is finally becoming a reality with the final draft becoming available for public comment following Lachlan Shire Council Meeting on 20th April.
Supporting the RTA’s ‘Three Shires’ initiative to help reduce the region’s road toll.
This project aims to increase road safety throughout the Lachlan, Forbes and Parkes shires. Part of this project has been the wheelie bin initiative, encouraging children to decorate wheelie bins in an effort to highlight road safety. The Argus played a large role in encouraging people to take part in this project, and now also has a very happy looking bin.
Providing full yet sensitive coverage of breaking news including human tragedies.
For example on the 2nd of December 2005, a ten-seater Piper Chieftain light plane crashed on Neil Baxter’s property ‘Craig End’. Unfortunately, the incident resulted in the loss of several lives and resulted in an Australian Transport Safety Bureau inquiry. The Argus printed continuous coverage of the incident from the crash to release of the inquiry.
Coverage of natural disasters.
The Argus has been instrumental in keeping the community aware of various fires and floods which have affected the region over the past ten years. With the real time news delivery available with the internet, The Argus can now deliver information to readers as soon as natural disasters unfold. This was most recently demonstrated during the floods in Ungarie last month.
Promotion of local tourism initiatives, particularly ‘Utes in the Paddock’.
Owing to the Argus’ commitment to improving tourism in the Lachlan Shire (and perhaps due to the fact our editor is one of the artists) Utes in the Paddock has become a ‘must see’ on any visitor’s to do list. Beginning in 2007, The Utes in the Paddock Project now includes 15 ute artworks and has been nominated for a NSW Heritage and Cultural Tourism Award and People’s Choice Tourist Experience Award.
Coverage of Aboriginal issues and events in the Lachlan Shire.
The Argus has strived to help ‘close the gap’ on Indigenous inequality though a focus on providing fair and unbiased reporting on events and issues important to the Wiradjuri community. The Argus has frequently reported positively on Aboriginal tourism, educational and employment initiatives.
Promotion of major events such as the Condo 750, Tattoo,  Condo B & S and our Australian Idol Shannon Noll.
The Argus has thrown its support behind various community oriented events over its ten year history. This promotion has been in the form of editorials, advertorials and extensive advertising features before, during and after events.
Support of local Charity Organisations
When major charity events and fundraisers happen in the Lachlan Shire, The Argus is always in the thick of the action, lending its promotional power to the event. Various charities and charitable organisations.

Support for Community much more than just words in a newspaper.
Born out of a large gathering of members from right across the community forming the view more could be done to promote our region, The Condobolin Argus actively pursues promotional opportunities in may different ways.
The paper looks to attract staff with high level skills and talents that offer its community additional benefits. One staff member worked tirelessly on submissions and promotion for the Professional Bull Riders event. That event attracting large crowds enhancing business for the local community. Yet another staff member successfully competed the local Show Girl promotion being awarded State Runner Up at the Royal Easter Show, thereby doing a magnificent job of promoting our region.
Focus for The Condobolin Argus is very firmly on assisting local community to promote itself, diligently managing advertisers funds to employ high level skills providing a holistic service. One portfolio sponsored by The Condobolin Argus in this way is that of ‘Community Promotions Officer’.
All of this has only been made possible by your strong support over the past ten years. Thank you for helping us to provide this service to our community.
To help your local community newspaper celebrate its 10th birthday and plan for many more, please drop on by the office at 93 Bathurst Street Condobolin during the first week of May -We’ll have some birthday cake.

Condo 750 – roaring success

• The Condobolin contingent of bike riders - glad to have made it to the end. Overall bike winner is Rod Faggotter, second Damien Grabham and equal third Matthew Fish and Condobolin'sThomas Jacobson. KT

By Karen Tooth

This year’s wet conditions provided a change from the dry for the competitors of the 2011 Slattery Auctions Condo 750 with the resultant high grass, thistles and soft dirt making for a very demanding event.
The event received high praise from competitors for the professional running, the hard work put in by volunteers and the friendliness of the people of Condobolin.
Driver of the outright winning car – number 75 (Mitsubishi Pajero), Steve Riley (Victoria) said, “When the Condo 750 first started I twice won it [the 750] on a bike and now to have won it in a car is fantastic!”
“It’s always a great event – we make the pilgrimage to Condo with the family staying at the caravan park and have a great time.”
Steve’s navigator, John Doble (Sydney) said, “The 750 is demanding event from the navigator’s perspective and it is really easy to get lost – there are lots of instructions to follow. The driver really has to concentrate on what the navigator says!”
In second overall position, local competitors Driver Jason Pearce commented, “This is one of the hardest navigation courses we’ve had along with the long grass that was really thick. We had a good run and nothing went wrong. It was the first time we won a stage.”
Event Director (cars) Alan Wells said the event went well: “There were no real dramas; bent a few vehicles but no injuries. It was tough but they all enjoyed the course.”
Bill Logan, Chairman Condobolin Sports Promotions, was very happy with how the event went. He said, “Two bike riders were taken to hospital – Orange and Parkes but there were no major injuries.”
Bill went on to add that having St. John’s Ambulance and a helicopter in attendance were two firsts for the 750. The helicopter was multifunctional with first response medical and a photographer and video cameraman.
The helicopter was sponsored by Slattery Auctions and piloted by Paddy Slattery.                                                                    Former Condobolin resident, Luke Buckland, who gained a third in the H1 bike section, said, “It was great to get to the finish!
“I found the course very intertwined which made it too easy to make mistakes and get on the wrong course.”
“Thumbs up to the committee for all their hard work.”
“This year it was especially good for spectators which is what this sort of racing needs – especially from a sponsors point of view.”
“The Condo 750 is always good fun – I didn’t need any medical attention!”

Enjoying the spectacle

By Debbie Hickson and Jessica Symonds

Residents of South Forbes Road enjoyed the roar of bikes and cars as the participants of the Condo 750 raced through their properties this weekend.
The annual Easter event was a first for newcomers to the district, Debbie and Bryan Hickson.
The Hicksons enjoyed the competitors racing through their property.
“The event was fantastic,” she said.
“We loved the Prologue on Friday. We got to see the insides of the car, and look at the bikes.”
“On Saturday and Sunday, there was probably about fifteen of us there, watching the bikes and cars.”
The Hicksons were pleased with the organisation of the event.
“It was easy for us, the organisers marked the track, and when we checked all the gates and stock, everything was in the right place.
“We wanted to let other farmers know, being a part of the event, your property being part of the track, is really no inconvenience.
“The organisers do everything, opening and closing the gates, leaving everything as they found them.
“It’s great to be a part of it, and we’d love to host it again.”

It’s a family thing

By Dominic Geiger

Family means a lot to the Railway Hotel’s new licensee Kim Jones (pictured with daughter Meagan).
“My husband Chris and I have taken over the lease for the hotel and the help we’ve had from our children has been wonderful,” she said.
“We’ll be providing great family meals for people, making conference and function rooms available and we’ll be hosting an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea event here.”
Kim officially took over operations at the hotel last week; a feat she said wouldn’t have been possible without the support of her three children.
“Chris and I have moved in to town, so (my daughter) Meagan came home for a couple of days to help pack and move everything,” she said.
“My youngest son Scotty will be moving back home with (his girlfriend) Sarah to help run the farm after he finishes his degree in Orange this year and my oldest son Dave is going to help keep me sane.”
Kim said she and Chris had been thinking about taking over the lease for a number of years, though the timing hadn’t always seemed right.
“Technically we’ve been in business in town for over thirty years with Chris’s machinery business,” she said.
“I also used to have a dress shop in town for eight years.
“So we were just looking for a change; Chris is going to stay on with his business while I’ll be running the Railway.
“It’ll also give me a chance to be more accessible to people in my role as Deputy Mayor.
“I really hope the community support us and drop in by to say hello.”

New beauty therapy store for Condobolin

Beauty Therapist Jo Skinner and Masseuse Kellie Johnson are taking their love of beauty therapy from their homes to the main street of Condobolin with their brand new beauty store, ‘Sereno Beauty’.
Jo said both her and Kellie felt as though they could bring something new to the town by opening the store.
“I’ll be doing waxing, nail enhancements, manicures and pedicures, while Kellie will be providing massages using Gumtree Oils,” she said.
“No one else in town currently does nail enhancements, so I thought there was a real need for that.
“We will also stock Inika Makeup and Mizzle Baby Accessories.
“We really want to emphasize to all our customers that we’re up to date with all the latest fads and trends.”
Jo said the store located at 115 Bathurst Street, Condobolin would be opening on April 29, in time for Mother’s Day.
“We’ll be having Mother’s Day specials all day to coincide with the opening,” she said.
“Prue Kirk will also be there to showcase Coco Milly Jewellery from three to seven pm, and we’ll have drinks and nibbles to celebrate.
“Everyone is welcome to drop by and have a look; we encourage people to make appointments but feel free to just turn up as well.”
Gift vouchers are also available from the store for Mother’s Day.
If anyone has any questions or would like to make an appointment, call Jo on 0403647491 or Kellie on 0421377504.

Holiday drama classes help build youth confidence

By Dominic Geiger

Western Plains Regional Development Inc. (WPRD) helped keep kids busy over the holidays with a series of drama classes for primary school students at Tullibigeal and Condobolin.
Project Coordinator at the WPRD Heather Blackley conducted the classes with the help of Bathurst drama teacher Sarah Parsons and fourth year drama students at Charles Sturt University Tahlia Ross and Alex Dukley.
Heather said the classes were about building kids’ confidence and getting rid of the ‘shame’ element some children associate with speaking in front of an audience.
“They’re learning to put acts and plays together,” she said.
“The children are doing lots of improvisational and mime performances, and they’re also making stage masks.”
Sarah Parsons said she had been visiting Condobolin with Tahlia and Alex for the past five years as part of the project.
“Over that time we’ve managed to develop good relationships with the kids and the WPRD so we really look forward to coming back each year,” she said.
“The kids are absolutely awesome and they really seem to love the classes.
Tahlia said she thought it was great to give kids in rural areas the chance to take part in drama classes because they didn’t always have that sort of opportunity.
“There’s definitely a division between those kids who have access to these types of facilities east of Bathurst and those that really struggle out west,” she said.
“Even though we’re technically on holidays at the moment we still love coming out here to help out.”

Cabins help keep up with accommodation demand

Managers of the Condobolin Caravan Park Rob and Sheryen Hill and Deputy Mayor Kim Jones. D.G.By Dominic Geiger

Four new cabins were recently opened for business at the Condobolin Caravan Park with an additional four likely to be approved for construction this week.
The developments are part of Lachlan Shire Council’s push to meet increasing demand for short term accommodation around Condobolin.
The existing cabins were officially opened last Wednesday and were immediately booked out for the recent dog show held in Condobolin over the weekend.
Rob Hill, manager at the Condobolin Caravan Park, said he’d had an incredible amount of people trying to get accommodation.
“We’re more or less booked out till after the (Condobolin) show in August,” he said.
“We’ve got 80 people coming through for upgrades on the railway in the coming months and they’ll be using the cabins here and at Lake Cargelligo.”
General Manager at the Lachlan Shire Council George Cowan said one mining company had booked out the cabins for a period starting in the middle of May.
“Given the scarcity of accommodation in town the pressure has been on council to provide suitable accommodation for people,” he said.
“In addition to the cabins and (other new commercially operated accommodation) the council would like to encourage local residents who have a house for sale to consider renting it out to help alleviate the accommodation problem.”
Councillor Marg Weale, who attended the official opening of the cabins, said it was imperative new accommodation be made available as soon as possible.
“With new mines opening it’s absolutely crucial we have short term accommodation available,” she said.
“We had all the pipes and everything already in place at the caravan park; all we needed to do was put the buildings on the sites.”
The construction of the cabins at the Condobolin Caravan Park follows the creation of three similar cabins at Lake Cargelligo last month.

Centroc challenges national water commission’s report

By Dominic Geiger

Central NSW Councils (Centroc) has condemned a recently developed report from the National Water Commission, calling it a “diatribe against Councils providing water services in NSW.”
The report, titled ‘Urban Water In Australia: future directions’, calls for extensive reform to the way Councils manage water use in their shire.
Chair of the National Water Commission, Chloe Munro, said it was time for Australia’s governments to step back from direct intervention in urban water and give the industry incentives and freedom to innovate.
“‘There is ample scope for the industry to move away from its traditional focus on assets towards providing genuine consumer choice through more flexible, efficient and customer-driven products and services,” she said.
Chair of Centroc and Mayor of Forbes, Phyllis Miller, said the report made nonsense claims about the quality and pricing of council supplied water.
“The fact is we are delivering very well against other water service providers around the nation,” she said.
“We all know what happens when control over our utilities gets handed away from our communities; just look what happened with electricity.”
Lachlan Shire Councillor, Les Saunders, said the National Water Commission’s push to limit council’s involvement in supplying water to its residents was a step in the wrong direction.
“Council has to maintain its own water supply; it’s more practical being locally run,” he said.
“When the ability to manage water has been taken away from council, it’s not long before we have private enterprise creating a monopoly.
“Since 1990 when control of the water system was handed over to Lachlan Shire Council from Central Tablelands County Council it’s become efficient.
“Prior to 1990 no one had any say in what happened.
“Lachlan shire Council has a well organised run of all the water supplies in each of its towns.”

Mental health seminar: from crisis to recovery

By Dominic Geiger

An information seminar for mental health professionals was held at the Lachlan Shire Chambers last Thursday.
The event featured a video link presentation from Consultant Psychiatrist with the Adversities Mental Health Program, Josh Hoskin, as well as an in-person presentation by consultant psychiatrist Neil Phillips.
Dr Philips has been making regular visits to the Condobolin region with Greater Western Area Health Services for the past 26 years.
Di Gill, from the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMP), said the aim of the seminar was to bring various mental health services together so they could collectively focus on helping mental health patients go from “crisis to recovery”.
“We’re also helping otheMental Health Proffesionals L-R:Camille Rowston, Vicki Williams, Neil Phillips, Cherie Crothers, Rhiannon May and Katy Brown. D.G.r services in the community who deal with mentally ill people on a regular basis learn how to refer these people to the correct places,” she said.
“Services like this include educational institutions and aged care facilities.”
Di said the mental health issues affecting residents of the Lachlan Shire were reflective of the issues affecting all Australians.
“Just like everywhere else we see problems with anxiety, depression and substance abuse,” she said.
“From this meeting we’re trying to establish benefits residents of the Lachlan shire can get from improved access to mental health services that are delivered in a timely and appropriate manner.”
Camille Rowston, Provisional Psychologist from Mission Australia, said she found the conference an extremely valuable opportunity to discuss mental health treatment and support options within the Condobolin District.
“It (allowed me to) introduce both myself and the Rural Outreach for Locally Led Outcomes (ROLLO)program, gain a better understanding of other mental health services and meet other mental health professionals,” she said.
“I’d like to thank Di Gill for organising the conference.”

A new building for Lachlan Children’s Services

Lachlan Children’s Services is a not for Profit organisation that provides a variety of care to children within the Lachlan and Cobar Shires. Lachlan Children’s Services is sponsored by the Lachlan Shire Council and receives funding through Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.
Since 2003, the service in conjunction with the local preschool have been working together to achieve a co location building, this was designed to have all children’s services provided in the same vicinity for all parents. There has been a tireless effort from several preschool committees and staff at Lachlan Children’s services to secure further funding and make this dream happen. Funding was received from Department of Community Services to further support this dream to come true. In recent months the plan has evolved and further money was received from the regional and local community infrastructure Program and Department of Human Services- Network Office.
The new outlook for the building is to provide services for school aged children, Play group for Family Day Care, a Preschool service for children who do not ordinarily attend preschool, Mobile Service and an area for visiting specialists.
The proposed building to be located in Orange St, should be completed by 2012.

Election outcomes for Lachlan Shire

By Dominic Geiger

The National Party has achieved major victories in all three of the electoral districts affecting the Lachlan Shire.
In the Barwon electoral district, which stretches from the Queensland border in the north to the Yathong Nature Reserve in the south, Kevin Humphries of the National Party received 80.9% of the vote.
In the Dubbo electorate, which stretches from Eumungerie in the north to Canowindra in the south and Derriwong in the west, voters caused a massive swing with former Independent MP Dawn Fardell losing to the National’s Troy Grant who received 64% of the vote.
In the Murrumbidgee electorate, which encompasses most of the Lachlan Shire, incumbent MP Adrian Piccoli achieved 77.6% of the vote.
Adrian said his key focus for the Murrumbidgee electorate would be improving the region’s health services.
“Health care is the main issue for country NSW,” he said.
“We’ll be getting resources to the front line and getting more staff on the ground.”
Adrian also said he would focus on education and water security in the Lachlan Shire part of his electorate.
“I really want to help out schools in Condobolin and Lake Cargelligo,” he said.
“I have also made a commitment to seeing the Merri-Abba pipeline built in Lake Cargelligo.
“I don’t want to see the (drought) problems of last year.”
In all three electorates, massive swings were recorded away from the Labor party and Independents.
The Greens received an increased numbers of votes in the Barwon electorate though received swings against them in both Dubbo and Murrumbidgee electorates.

Condobolin celebrates Major Mitchell’s third expedition

The 175th anniversary of Major Thomas Mitchell's third expedition was recognised with the unveiling of a plaque.By Dominic Geiger

A plaque was recently unveiled at the Lachlan Shire Chambers to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Major Thomas Mitchell’s third expedition to the Murray River.
John Read, Coordinator of the Major Mitchell Commemorative Project said it was important to celebrate Major Mitchell’s third expedition because it proved the Murray and Darling Rivers were connected.
“It also allowed him to find what he called ‘Australia Felix’ or ‘fortunate Australia’, which refers to the fertile pastures of South Eastern Victoria,” he said.
“He followed the Lachlan through what is now Condobolin to the Murrumbidgee and then on to the Murray.”
Despite Major Mitchell’s reputation as a heroic explorer, John said many aspects of Mitchell’s life were also controversial.
“He was pursued by local Aboriginals on the third voyage, so he conducted an ambush in order to save his party,” he said.
“Encountering violence from local people was a hazard of local explorers.
“He was also the last man in Australia to officially challenge another man to a duel.
“He challenged the then Premier of New South Wales due to a dispute over the amount of money being spent in Mitchell’s department.
“Both men survived, though the story goes that Mitchell put a bullet through the other man’s hat.”
Mayor Des Manwaring and the four school captains from Condobolin Public School unveiled the memorial plaque which will eventually be placed in Major Mitchell Park on the corner of Station Road and Molong Street.

Four potential sites chosen for Condobolin skatepark

By Dominic Geiger

A shining light at the end of the tunnel has appeared for the Condobolin skatepark project.
Four potential sites have been drafted for public consultation following the recent Lachlan Shire Council meeting.
The proposed sites include:
Wellington Park, Bill Hurley Park, Smyth Park, or at the Showgrounds.
Marg Weale, member of the Condobolin Skatepark Committee, said her preferred place for the skatepark was Smyth Park as it was removed from residential and business areas.
“Of course it’s now up to the public to decide where they want it,” she said.
“This is a community project so the community need to be considered.”
Though there is now the necessary funding for the park, Marg said she was still unable to suggest any sort of timeline for when the project would be completed.
“The idea for a skatepark in Condobolin has been around for over 12 years,” she said.
“After the public have had a chance to make submissions, it will go back to council.”

Landholders encouraged to help native fish

The Lachlan Catchment Management Authority (CMA) in conjunction with Industry and Investment NSW (I&I NSW) are encouraging landholders in the Lachlan Shire with creeks on their property to make all weirs and road-crossing fish friendly.
A recent audit on the Mid-Lachlan creeks near Condobolin found 42 weirs and road-crossings in the region were having a severe impact on fish movement.
I&I NSW Senior Conservation Manager, Sam Davis, said native fish populations in the Murray-Darling Basin have declined by 90% over the past 200 years.
“What we’re now doing is encouraging landholders who might have a structure on their property that’s inhibiting fish movement to apply for grant money which is available to make the structure fish friendly,” she said.
“Even things like fences going through creeks can have an adverse effect on fish that need to travel up and down stream to feed and breed.”
Ms Davis said although there were other factors contributing to a decline in native fish numbers, such as competition from introduced species, it was important to first fix habitats to give native species a chance to increase their numbers.
“It’s all about putting together the pieces in the puzzle,” she said.
“Once the habitats improve, native species will be able to compete against introduced species.”
For more information about a weir or crossing on your property, contact Michelle Crossley at Lachlan Catchment Management Authority on 6967 2897.

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