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Patrick, Libby and Nadia excell at Nationals

Patrick, Libby and Nadia excel at Nationals. MB


On Saturday and Sunday the 3rd and 4th of December, 2016, three members of the Condobolin RSL Freestyle Karate Club competed at the National Australian Martial Arts Championships (AMAC) at Homebush in Sydney.  

Nadia Hopkins (RIGHT) obtained a third in points sparring, Patrick Hourigan (LEFT) got a 5th in points sparring and Sensei Libby Roesner (CENTRE) achieved a 1st in freestyle (continuous) and a 2nd in Points sparring.

The Club is very proud of everyone’s efforts at the tournament, especially as Nadia was chosen to carry the NSW representative banner at the opening of the tournament.  Next week will be the end of Karate classes for this year and we will be having our end of year grading.   If anyone is interested in doing Karate we will take new students at the beginning of next year – there will be a registration day on Monday 6th February.  Osu!!  If you have any questions please contact Sensei Libby Roesner at

Contributed by Libby Roesner/Photo by MB

Community fruit and veg garden for Condobolin



Condobolin has formed its very own Community Fruit & Vege Growing Group. They will meet weekly at 3.30pm on Wednesdays at St Joseph’s Parish Condobolin. MB

Community Garden for Condobolin

Last Wednesday a group of 10 locals keen and excited to help the community and learn all about producing food in their own garden met at St Joseph’s Primary School.

Condobolin & Districts Landcare Coordinator Libby Roesner organised the meeting to bring together like-minded individuals to learn, work and produce fruit and vegies in the Condo community.

“At this stage, we’ve made a commitment to meet weekly at 3:30pm on Wednesdays at the Catholic primary school to work on establishing a spring vegetable garden there.

This is a great starting point for the group who are a mixture of keen experienced gardeners and those who just want to help and learn so they can try and produce their own food at home.

Teacher Mrs Jennifer Brady at the catholic school is eager to invigorate the vege gardens that she has established at the school with the help of the community group.

Understanding how to grow food is such a fundamental skill and it is dying-out with so much of the food-chain now being industrialised.

Growing food organically and eating it directly from the garden is such a wholesome experience. It’s great for children to learn where food comes from and experience cooking and eating what they’ve produced.

Any community members who are interested are welcome to come along and share or help-out.

Bring your gardening clothes, gloves and tools and a keen sense of learning /sharing.  Anyone who has any seeds/seedlings/mulch or equipment they’d like to donate or share we would appreciate your support as we have no budget at this stage.

We have established strong connections with the Council and High School who are also keen to contribute and see this project succeed.  There is so much potential for sharing of knowledge and skills.

After the school gardens are well established we are keen to move-on to other gardens in the community.

If you have any suggestions, questions or would like to help or donate, either turn-up on Wednesdays or contact Libby Roesner on 0499 199 018 or at


Masses of medals at karate

Seven of Condobolin’s karate students competed at the AMAC Australian Martial Arts Championships in Dubbo on Sunday.

• Jemima Donnelly, Sensei Libby Roesner, Amelia Dowling, Nadia Hopkins and (front) Sasha Hopkins with their medals and trophies from the Australians Martial Arts Championships in Dubbo. LP

By Lara Pearce

Seven of Condobolin’s karate students competed at the AMAC Australian Martial Arts Championships in Dubbo on Sunday.

Sensei Libby Roesner, Hayley Hourigan, Nadia Hopkins, Sasha Hopkins, Amelia Dowling, Jemima Donnelly and Kaitlyn Maloney competed in hard form (kata), sparring points, sparring freestyle, sumo and sword combat.

Each competed in their own age group, with entrants in the Pee Wees for 7 years and under, 8 to 10 year olds, 11 to 12 year olds and black veterans.

Proving that they can be competitive against many larger regional clubs, five of the team placed in their division.

Karate teacher and blackbelt, Libby Roesner, came first in sparring and third in hard form (kata). Hayley Hourigan placed third in sword combat, Nadia came second in point sparring, Sasha was fourth for her age group in sumo and Amelia came second in both sumo and sword combat.

These competitors will now go on to compete in the State Martial Arts Championships Finals in Sydney on 27 September.

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