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Lachlan Shire garbage tender awarded

Compiled by Anne Coffey

Lachlan Shire Council considered tenders for waste collection services at its October 2016 meeting and have awarded the tender to JR Richards & Sons.  JR Richards & Sons is an Australian owned and operated company and offers over fifty years of experience in the waste industry.

The Mayor John Medcalf advised that the appointment of JR Richards & Sons to undertake the kerbside waste collection services will provide Lachlan Shire Council with a reliable, high quality and well-resourced service.”

A number of community residents have expressed their unhappiness with the tender going out of town and General Manager Robert Hunt responded.

“Although we are aware there has been some concern raised that we awarded the tender to someone from out of town we looked at a number of factors in awarding the successful tender. Our determination was based on, apart from price, current and previous experience, quality management and WH&S, staffing and financial capacity and response to plant breakdown. “

“In the case of price, Council has a buy local policy which allows a discount factor of 5% for locals up to a maximum of $15,000 difference in price. The panel making the selection advised that no local tender came close to this amount. In fact the closest tender was more than $50,000 per annum dearer which would make it difficult to argue value for ratepayers who have already been hit with higher rates” Mr Hunt said.

Mr Hunt continued that “under the new ‘Fit for the Future’ expectations we have to be providing an efficient and cost effective service to ratepayers – JR Richards will enable us to achieve that.  Also JR Richards has advised that they have engaged the current local driver and that they will source fuel and tyres locally, however due to the new high technology trucks they will be introducing, maintenance will be undertaken at their base in Dubbo.”

Mayor Medcalf then added “The use of local staff and businesses highlights JR Richards commitment to being part of, and supporting, the community they operate in.”

“General waste services will commence 1 December 2016 along with an introduction of a recycling service in April 2017. The introduction of recycling is an exciting addition to this service as residents will have the opportunity to recycle valuable materials and divert waste from landfill. The collection of organic material will continue in Condobolin only, with the use of existing bins. Preparations are now well underway with new waste and recycling bins to be delivered in March 2017” stated Mayor Medcalf.

JR Richards & Sons services other surrounding councils, including Dubbo, Orange, Parkes, Forbes and Griffith, their success in the industry is a reflection of their commitment.

An information pack will be delivered with your new bins containing more details about how and when to use your new service as well as information on how and when to place your old bins out to be collected and recycled.

For more information contact Lachlan Waste Services on 1800 316 598.


Innovation and Leadership

By Melissa Blewitt


Lachlan Shire Council is leading the way in environmental innovation.

They have been named as a finalist in two categories of the 2016 Excellence in the Environment Awards – firstly in the Roadside Environmental Management category, for their “Roadside corridor assessment and management guidelines” initiative; and secondly in the Waste Education and Communication section for their Waste Services Rationalisation plan.

The highly-coveted annual awards, now in their 19th year, recognise exceptional environmental achievements, and will showcase an impressive collection of projects that reinforce the leadership role of local government in tackling environmental and sustainability issues proactively.

“Lachlan Shire Council is very proud and happy to have been nominated for the 2016 Excellence in the Environment Awards,” General Manager Robert Hunt said.

“Our dedicated staff are committed to using innovative means to manage environmental issues within the Shire.”

LGNSW President Keith Rhoades said councils were at the cutting edge of managing environmental issues and continue to be a source of meaningful change.

“Innovation and commitment is a common thread, as is the appreciation of the community benefits of a well-managed and protected environment,” he stated.

This year LGNSW received 81 entries from 42 councils (or groups of councils) across 15 award categories encompassing waste management, natural resource management climate change action, local sustainability, communication, education and empowerment.

In each category, there are three prizes based on council population sizes: less than 20,000; between 20,000 and 60,000; and over 60,000. Entries are accepted from individual councils, county councils, and regional groups of councils.

The winners will be announced on 29 November.


Nominate for Local Government

Nominate for Local Government

Now is the time to start thinking about nominating for the Lachlan Shire Council election. Nomination forms are available on the website on the Candidate Information button. There is also a help desk number for candidates 1300 088 942. Nomination forms ARE NOT AVAILABLE at the Lachlan Shire Council offices. The $125 nomination deposit can be dropped off at Council. It must be in cash or bank cheque. Nominations should be made well before the deadline of 12 noon Wednesday, 10 August, as they are sent to Sydney and will be sent back if there are any errors, and cannot be re-submitted after the due date. Mayor John Medcalf and General Manager Robert Hunt are more than happy to talk to prospective candidates.

New General Manager for Lachlan

Lachlan Shire Council will soon have a permanent General Manager in place with the appointment of former Liverpool Plains Shire Council General Manager, Robert Hunt.

• The new General Manager of Lachlan Shire Council, Robert Hunt. Contributed

By Lara Pearce

Lachlan Shire Council will soon have a permanent General Manager with the appointment of former General Manager of Liverpool Plains Shire Council, Robert Hunt.

The Mayor announced the appointment today, Monday 23 March, following an interview last Friday.

Mr Hunt will commence in his new role on Friday 10 April.



More details to follow in this Wednesday’s Argus.

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