Fundraising & Charity

Golf for a good cause

Golfers unite to fight cancer: Bob McPhail, Rob Hill, Max Ferguson, Judy Price, James Dargan, Sam Dargan, Greg Moncreiff and Dennis Norris.

By Dominic Geiger

The Condobolin branch of the CanAssist Cancer Assistance Network held a successful fundraising event at the Condobolin Sports Club over the weekend.
CanAssist is a charity designed to allow people around NSW help others in their community suffering from cancer.
The event was split over two days, with people donating money to play golf on the Saturday and croquet and lawn bowls on the Sunday.
The money raised from the event will go to pay for Condobolin cancer patients’ travelling expenses, medication and other personal costs associated with treating the disease.
President of Condobolin CanAssist Judy Price said it was difficult to tell the number of people who were battling cancer in Condobolin because it was a very sensitive and private issue.
“If anyone is having problems with the disease, we need them to contact us, we can’t contact them,” she said.
“It’s also a very difficult issue because sometimes you think you’ve got it under control then its big ugly head rears again.”
Judy said she thought the event had been reasonably successful, especially considering the fact it was the first time the charity drive had been split over two days.
“People have been very enthusiastic about it,” she said.
“We also received sponsorship from Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation, Kevin Miller Real Estate and Kimberley Metals.”

Condobolin local Aboriginal Lands donation

Otis Williams, Shannon Sloane and Rebecca Shephard.The Condobolin Local Aboriginal Lands Council (CLALC) has awarded two separate donations of $500 in support of the various Condobolin rugby league teams.
The first donation has already been spent helping support a team of players who travelled to the ‘Ella Sevens’ competition in Coffs Harbour earlier this year.
The second donation will be split across the Women’s Tag League, Youth League and Open Senior’s teams.
Rebecca Shephard, C.E.O of CLALC, said it was important to make donations to the community that encouraged healthy living choices in young people.
“We’re doing it because when these teams are out on the field it really sets an example for the young fellas,” she said.
“It’s really just to support the community, as well as everyone in the team.”
Warwick Saddler, Coach of the Condobolin Rams, said the money had helped the teams achieve things they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.
“The Coffs trip was great, despite all the rain,” he said.
“The money helping to pay off the season’s expenses will go towards uniforms, rego and insurance.”
The Condobolin rugby league season begins on April 17 for the Youth League and May 1 for the open seniors.
Anyone interested in joining the Rams is encouraged to show up at the rugby field near the racetrack at 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

RSL donation to Diggers Swimming Club

By Dominic Geiger

The Condobolin RSL Club has donated ten new stopwatches to the Condobolin Digger’s Swimming Club as part of its plan to increase support for various sporting programs around the town.
Ray Holmes, Condobolin RSL Manager, said it was important to support local sporting groups because without new equipment the groups couldn’t function.
“The Digger’s Swimming Club only had three old stop watches left so we thought we’d get them ten new ones,” he said.
We’ve had a really big push to help local clubs out this year.”
President of the Digger’s Swimming Club, Brian Norris, said swimming was enjoyable because it was something everybody could do.
“It’s exercise I wouldn’t usually get,” he said.
“It’s fun, and you don’t have to be fast to enjoy it; we often come back with a trophy when we go to race meets.
“There’s no age limit either, people who are over 80 still get in the pool for a swim.”

Condobolin HS shaves for leukaemia research

By Dominic Geiger

Students and teachers at Condobolin High School dug deep last week and managed to raise over $130 in support of the Leukaemia Foundation.
Two teachers, Peter Clarke and Phill Goucher also donated a considerable amount of hair, with Mr Clarke shaving his beard and Mr Goucher shaving his head in support of the cause.
School captain Jourdaine Habel said the school community was raising money for Leukaemia because it was a way they could reach out and help people undergoing hardship.
“There have also been people here today who have in some way been affected by cancer, so it’s a way of showing them support,” she said.
Fellow Condobolin High School student Treigh Coe also shaved his hair in support of cancer research on Saturday in conjunction with his rugby team’s fundraising efforts.
This year was the 13th anniversary of the Condobolin High School’s fundraiser for Leukaemia research, with the first event occurring in 1998.
According to the Leukaemia Foundation, someone in Australia is diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma ever hour, with a death occurring every two hours from one of these illnesses.

Charity bike rides rumble around Condobolin

Lucas John prepares to go for a ride. Inset: Field Jackson, Chris Simmonds, Greg Cooper and three of the ‘Big Hearted Bastards’ charity bike group. D.G.

By Dominic Geiger

Tearing down the road at 100km/hr on the back of a Harley Davidson and seeing a black snake go under your feet sure beats any car trip.
And with so many people lined up outside the Condobolin Hotel for rides last Saturday as part of the annual Condobolin Picnic Races Charity Bike Ride event, it’s easy to see it’s a sentiment shared amongst the community.
‘Split’, one of the founding members of the annual event, said the bike riders came to Condobolin every year to help out a needy local charity.
“This year we’re helping out the Fairholme Rural Fire Service,” he said.
“We started coming here on the way back to Sydney from Jingellic to visit Greg at the Condo Hotel, and thought it was such a friendly town we’d do something for the community.
“This year’s the record for the most bikes; we’ve got 57 riders altogether and 54 bikes.
“They’re mostly Harleys but there are two Triumphs and a few others.”
Chris Simmonds, Representativefor Moonbi Recreation Hall, said he felt very privileged to think the Condobolin Hotel had chosen the organisation as the recipients of this year’s charity donation.
“All small communities are battling to make ends meet at the moment around here,” he said.
“We’re out here today to offer information as well; we’re sharing knowledge about rural fire issues, and we’re talking about the situations we face on a daily basis.”

Tupperware to help those in need

By Dominic Geiger

Coordinator of the Rural Adversities Mental Health Program Di Gill is taking her care for those vulnerable to mental health disorders well beyond the Condobolin Hospital.
The committed mental health worker has recently organised a Tupperware sales drive, with at least $700 worth of Tupperware being donated to the Queensland town of Toowoomba, which is still recovering from recent floods.
She said a further 10% of money made from the sale would also be donated to the cause.
“The reason we’re doing this is because in some cases, everything’s been washed away,” she said.
“People don’t have anything to put their food in, so that’s why we’re sending Tupperware.”
She said the collection of goods being sent to the town wasn’t simply limited to containers.
“We’re also sending children’s toys,” she said.
“These gifts take the anxiety and stress off people who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances.
“It also helps the mental health of the person donating the goods, since they feel like they’re helping a worthy cause.”
Di said if sales reached $1200 Tupperware would add a further $300 worth of goods for donation.
If anyone would like to make a purchase for the flood relief, Di can be contacted on 0427460430.

Tahlia meets our Mini Vinnies

Tahlia Getheridge-Giumelli and friend Darcie Bellanto meet with Condobolin's Mini VinniesWhile on assignment as Australia Day Ambassador for the Lachlan Shire, the very busy Tahlia Giumelli took time out to compare charity experiences with a few of the members of Condobolin’s St. Joseph’s School Mini Vinnies.
Tahlia, who is very involved with St. Vincent de Paul, is a firm believer in the role young people play in helping out others and giving back to society.
“It [Charity work] also gives you something to look forward to as you grow older. It is about connecting with people and being able to make a difference in people’s lives – it is not always about raising money. ”
Tahlia certainly impresses everyone she meets with her warm personality, easy friendly manner , confidence and winning smile – she certainly follows the dictum of Gavin Dooley:”Teenagers make the Best Role Models for Teenagers, let them lead by example, let them follow their dreams and let their actions speak louder than their words”. Gavin Dooley is an Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur and Director of Miss Teen Australia and supporter of Barnardo Australia.” K.T.

Flood crisis goes to the heart of Condobolin

By Jason Thomas
Although the surreal like images that flash over television screens seem like a catastrophic event too far away to concern the Lachlan shire, that hasn’t deterred our community from helping other communities in need of assistance.
The Condobolin Sports Club is organising a string of charity events for the purpose of assisting in the Queensland flood relief effort.
The fun starts on Friday  21st January with a live, local rock band, Cherry Wood Drive playing at 9.30pm. Saturday night at the club will be a trivia night, and starts at 7.30 with teams of 6 to 8 people.
Michael from The Sports Club says that the real fun will commence on Sunday the 23rd, with the Condobolin Sports Club Charity Sports Day. Three person’s Ambrose golf will commence at 1.30pm, and bowls at 2.30pm. There is a jumping castle for the kids, an ice cream stand and then a Barbeque for the kids.
There are other ways to make a donation, and if you have been thinking about doing it, why not search for Stuart Zadel on Google. Stuart is a wealthy philanthropist who is promising to match donations made by people who can provide receipts.
Although authorities say that the floods have peaked, they also say that the worst of the crisis will be in managing the mess and compensating people for their individual problems that continue to surface, like flowers in a swamp.

Opportunity to ‘Discover Scuba Diving’

Terry and Cathie Cummins will again bring Scuba Diving to CondobolinLocal district residents Terry and Cathie Cummins are again bringing “Scuba in the Bush” to Condobolin and this time to raise funds for the Condobolin United Hospital Auxiliary.  Terry and other scuba instructors from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) will oversee a ‘PADI Discover Scuba Diving’ experience at the Condo pool January 29, 2011 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
The action-packed day involves an introduction to the wonders of being able to scuba dive and breath underwater and is broken down into two main parts – some simple theory involving an understanding of the equipment you will use and some safety aspects.
Then there is the real fun – the underwater experience. Every diver will spend about half an hour underwater and will receive a memento of the experience for a mere $50.
“While some are in the water, the others will  be able to enjoy some scuba diving documentaries, play with an underwater scooter  or simply have a swim in the pool”, Terry said.
“This is a great opportunity for Condo people to have a go at scuba diving and also have a ‘feel-good experience’ by helping to raise money for a very worthwhile and local cause. There will be lots of prizes awarded on the day, some underwater games and plenty of additional fun activities. The experience will make a fantastic and unique Christmas present for a family member or friend” Cathie said.
“It won’t all end at the pool”, Terry said.
“I was amazed when Cathie and I first moved to the district that there were so many scuba divers already in Condo.
“In fact, from our last “Scuba in the Bush” in 2007 we know of at least 18 locals that have gone on to get their full scuba credentials – we almost have enough people to form our Condo Scuba Club”.
You need to register for this event quickly as possible as places are limited and last time we ran this event in Condo we were fully booked out weeks ahead and sadly some people missed out, so make sure you take the chance to grab a “PADI Discover Scuba Diving” experience by contacting Cathie and Terry Cummins by mail at Yellow Mountain, Bobadah Road. Condobolin NSW 2877 or by phone at 68962292 or email:
People can get more information about PADI and scuba diving from
So far the event has been generously sponsored by the Condobolin Argus, Condobolin Pool, Condobolin Shell Fuel Service Station, PADI and PADI Dive Centres.

Volunteer work gains local student regional accolade

Condobolin High School year nine student Mervyn Wighton was recognised as the recipient of the 2010 Central West Volunteer of the Year Award at Sydney last Friday 3 December.
The award recognised Mervyn’s outstanding contribution to the community and tremendous work at Condobolin High School where he is a member of the student representative council and has been involved in organising and overseeing local events for the past three years.
The annual Awards recognise the efforts and achievements of the 2.4 million volunteers who work across NSW.
Patron of the Award and Minister for Volunteering the Hon. Peter Primrose MLC said much of what NSW achieves would not be possible without the selfless work of volunteers.
“Sometimes volunteer work is as simple as sharing a cup of tea: but, without question, volunteers make a world of difference, particularly to the lives of some of our most vulnerable people.
“For that reason, it is important that we not only are aware of their work but that we also acknowledge it, recognise it, and reward it for the selfless act that it is,” Mr Primrose said.
The NSW Volunteer of the Year Award is an annual awards program launched in 2007 by The Centre for Volunteering to recognise the outstanding efforts of the 2.4 million volunteers in NSW, and to promote the importance of volunteering to the community and to companies.

Operation Santa calls for generosity this Christmas

Condobolin’s Target Country, UnitingCare and St Vincent de Paul Society are encouraging the community to join forces for their annual Christmas appeal which helps vulnerable individuals and families in the community – Operation Santa.
This Christmas season residents can spread Christmas joy through Operation Santa by donating gifts at the local Target store.
An estimated two million Australians, including more than one in ten children still live in poverty with demand for support services peaking around Christmas time.
By buying an extra gift and placing it under the red Operation Santa tree at any Target or Target Country store has seen over 1.7 million gifts in the past 18 years distributed to people in need.
All gifts will be distributed by the Condobolin St Vincent de Paul Society to local community members.

Cupcakes spread Christmas cheer

St Joseph's 'Mini Vinnies' sell cupcakes to raise funds for the Retirement VillageSt Joseph’s Primary School students were busy baking last week to raise funds for a function at Condobolin District  Retirement Village in the lead up to Christmas as part of their ‘Mini Vinnies’ initiative.
Mini Vinnies is a program for primary school students through the St Vincent de Paul Society to help reinforce the ethos of the charity and raise awareness about ways they can help their community.
The students raised $116 on the day which will go towards hosting a morning tea at Condobolin District Retirement Village planned for the last week of school before Christmas.
Students will perform skits and sing Christmas carols at the function.

Lachlan Lads take the Movember Challenge

Lachlan Lads compete for a good cause: From back left: Tim Keely, Logan Thorpe, Zac Mitchell, Nick Ridley, Mark Goodsell. Front: Jacob Smith, Allan Rice, Craig Jones, Ashley Bremner and David GeevesCondobolin Country Energy boys have been sprouting some interesting facial hair over the month of November in a bid to raise awareness and vital funds for men’s health.
Ten guys at the Condobolin depot and four from the Lake Cargelligo depot have taken part in what has become a fiercely competitive challenge to see who can grow the best mo’.
Country Energy Leading Hand at the Condobolin, depot, Ashley Bremner, initiated the challenge through the two depots saying while the competition was fierce in the office it was all in the name of raising awareness for an important and often forgotten cause.
The Movember Foundation is a charitable organisation which coordinates the Movember initiative each year and allocates funds raised to world class and innovative education, research and awareness initiatives.
Warren Brettschneider of Lake Cargelligo has also grown a moMovember Australia collaborates with two men’s health partners – the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia) and beyondblue: the national depression initiative.
The ‘Lachlan Lads’ have raised over $300 so far. If you ‘like’ what you see and would like to sponsor the boys you can log onto and search for ‘Lachlan Lads’.

Warren raises funds for men’s health awareness

Warren Brettschneider, formerly of ‘Brotherony’ Condobolin and now Lake Cargelligo Multi Purpose Centre, has also grown the mo’ for Movember to showcase awareness for prostate cancer and depression for staff and clients at the Centre.
Nurses Brenda Lightfoot and staff have assisted Warren in his bid to highlight the need for men to be aware of their health and raise funds for the Movember Foundation.
Warren has raised in excess of $300 and shaved off the mo’ at a special morning tea at the Multi-Purpose Centre yesterday (Tuesday).

Sheldon’s fight for survival

Few people have such passion and gusto for life as former resident of Condobolin and terminal cancer sufferer Sheldon Robinson.
Diagnosed with bone cancer osteoscarcoma at 13, the youngest son of former Condobolin residents Michelle and Ken Robinson, has suffered an enduring battle.
In 2002 when he was first diagnosed,  he had part of his knee and leg replaced with a steel one with doctors giving him slim chances for survival.
With the endless support of family and friends who rallied behind their loved comrade, Sheldon endured numerous treatments of chemotherapy which adversely affected and damaged multiple organs in his body including affecting his hearing and sight.
Throughout his ordeal Sheldon has constantly remained positive and strong, never complaining with his first concern always his family and how they dealt with his illness.
By 2010 Sheldon developed secondary tumours in the lungs and again underwent the mental and physical side effects of chemotherapy all the while trying to make the transition from teenager to young man and finding his own identity.
His bravery and positive attitude has always endured with his sister commenting that one Christmas Sheldon argued with his doctors until they eventually let him go home for Christmas Day to spend it with his much-loved family.
Without a word of his pain throughout the celebrations, Sheldon was rushed back to hospital on Boxing Day having suffered a collapsed lung.
During the last year Sheldon has been undergoing last resort treatment during which time he lost his father to heart disease.
On the anniversary of his father’s death Sheldon faced yet another battle with a routine scan revealing another tumour invading his chest. With only one doctor making the decision to try and remove it, his family and friends were inconsolable when the surgeon returned from the theatre and said the tumours invasion was to extreme and unable to be removed.
From a thirteen year old who defied the odds, Sheldon’s fight for survival continues even now although his time is rapidly coming to an end.
During the times he wasn’t in a hospital bed Sheldon’s life was one of simple pleasures – spending time with his family and enjoying his one love of fishing.
Cafe Romo’s are currently selling raffle tickets to raise money for Sheldon to go towards his trust fund (which will help cover funeral and associated costs) and for him to fulfil his bucket list wish of going on one last fishing trip.
Tickets are available at Cafe Romo’s at $1.00 each or 5 for $4.00. The raffle prize includes Cafe Romo food vouchers, car cleaning pack, BBQ cover, Fishing tackle box, baking pans, cake baking kit, Tupperware and more.
It will be drawn on Monday 8 November with all proceeds going towards Sheldon’s trust fund and bucket list.

Lake Building Supplies grows awareness for men’s health

Lake Building Supplies’s staff have thrown away their razors and trimmers to help raise money and awareness of men’s health issues for Movember, an annual charity event held during November.
Starting on 1st November, Lake Building Supplies is one of more than 220 Home Timber and Hardware stores across Australia who will host a month-long fundraising celebration, all to build awareness of the important issues that affect men’s health and raise funds via the Movember Foundation and its men’s health partners,  beyondblue: the national depression initiative, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.
And the most brilliant thing of all is they’re making it easier than ever for the whole community to get involved and support the worthy cause, with heaps of activities and promotions in-store and online.
For the first time, with every donation made in-store, customers will receive an exclusive tattoo featuring everyone’s favourite Mo Bros – Rusty and Sandy! So be sure to drop your change in the donation box at the check-out to make your mark on men’s health.
In a grand competition, Home Timber and Hardware is inviting everyone to show off their true pride and joy – their Mo’s and their DIY projects. Simply visit during Movember to upload shots of your Mo (or the Mo of a loved one) and your latest DIY project for a chance to win one of five $1,000 Home gift cards. Participants must have donated to or registered with Movember to enter – easy!
And this year, Home Timber and Hardware has teamed up with the fine folk at Wattyl to donate even more to the cause. The sales of Wattyl products will help generate a grand total of $5,000 for the cause. Just look out for the Wattyl paint products with a Mo!
For more details on Home Timber and Hardware’s support for Movember and to make a donation, see in store or visit

News In Brief


AWomen’s Professional Development and Fashion Gala night is to be held in West Wyalong on Wednesday, 22nd September @ 7:00pm. Speakers include; Chris and Anne Mathews, The Colour and Style Boutique, Carol Mitchell, CK Image Consultancy, and with Jacqui Greig of style Magazine  opening the event.
Light supper provided with the $10 ticket.
Topics include: First impressions and what makes an Impact and how to work your wardrobe for all occasions—using only 10 items
Public Speaking Boosting confidence, leadership, communication and relationship building skills. Also runway fashion from 10 local West Wyalong businesses.
Please book tickets at the West Wyalong Photo Centre.


The annual Police Golf Day which raises money for charity will be held on Sunday 24 October with a special Melbourne Cup display up for auction.
The limited edition display shows Makbe Diva and Phar Lap and was donated by Senior Sergeant Neville Glover. Tickets are available at the station.


Independent Member for Dubbo, Dawn Fardell, announced that 30 schools across the Dubbo electorate would benefit from $98,636 of funding, through a Premier’s Sporting Challenge Equipment to School grant, to purchase new sporting equipment.
The following local schools are some of the many that will benefit through this year’s round: Bedgerebong Public School  $1343; Bogan Gate Public School $1251 ; Corinella Public School $1198;  Trundle Central School $1678; Tullamore Central School $1678;


A single car accident involving a dual cab utility occurred in Condobolin near the Parkes Road and Maitland Street intersections last weekend. Police found the vehicle at around 1 a.m. on Sunday morning and the driver had left the scene. The vehicle was severely damaged and the investigation is continuing.


The Far West Academy of Sport (FWAS) is currently taking nominations for its 2010/11 Golf Program.
The program which is run in partnership with Jack Newton Junior Golf (JNJG) is open to all junior golfers in the Far West area who turn 13 – 18 years of age in 2010.
Sharon Nott, FWAS Golf Program Coordinator, is currently conducting remote tours in the Far West looking to identify talented golfers. More information please contact the Academy on (02) 6847 3638.

Artistic auction

Students from St. Joseph's display their personal work and auction item for Stage 3. The Indigenous Art items have used traditional techniques of dotting and hatching with acrylic paint.By Sally Willoughby
St Joseph’s Catholic School students will showcase artwork they have worked on throughout the year at the Parents and Friends Art Auction and Art Exhibition to be held on Friday 17 September at the school.
The evening will also feature works from local artists that will be placed at auction.
With each student working on individual pieces around a theme that will be professionally mounted and displayed on the night, they have also been working on collective artworks to be placed at auction during the night said Art teacher Bev Taylor.
“This is an ideal chance for kids to display the artwork they have been working on throughout the year and showcase the different mediums, styles and techniques they have learnt in class,” Bev said.
With each stage working with different themes and a variety of different mediums including graphite lead, water colour, photography, etching, oil pastels, printing and silk.
Artworks for the auction have also been donated by local artists in the area to help boost the P&F fundraising initiative as well as a donated gourmet hamper from Urban Graze Cooking Schoool at Milthorpe to be raffled on the night.
St Joseph’s P&F Art Auction and Exhibition will be held on Friday 17 September in the school hall from 7.30pm. There will be a beer and wine bar with nibbles and wine tasting available from Orange Mountain Winery. Tickets are $15 each available from St Joseph’s School office, Shortis and Timmins Pharmacy, Romos and White Picket Store.

News in Brief


Former Condobolin resident Merryn Spencer was recently awarded the Women out West (WoW)award for Outstanding Young Entrepreneur which recognizes a young woman entrepreneur whose innovative spirit inspires youth with her vision, leadership and achievement.


Condobolin RSL currently have some great prizes up for grabs as part of their Father’s Day Raffle. 1st prize is a BBQ, 2nd a lawn mower and 3rd an outdoor setting. Tickets are $1 available from the bar.


Attention all artists! Parkes Shire Library invites you to lend your creativity and talent to the theme of “Elvis”.
The Parkes Elvis Art Exhibition held in conjunction with the 2011 CountryLink Parkes Elvis Festival challenges artists to capture the essence of Elvis, or one of his movies or song titles.
Paintings, drawings, collage, mosaics, sculptures and leadlight are all eligible for entry.
The exhibition will be officially opened on Wednesday 5th January 2011 and will be open every day of the Festival. The exhibition will be held in the Coventry Room next to Parkes Library. Entry is free and all artworks will be for sale.
Entries close on 21st December 2010. Visit or or contact Shellie Buckle at Parkes Library on (02) 6861 2039.


style magazine is giving you the opportunity to provide much needed support to those suffering from severe flood damage in Pakistan.
From the 30th of August to the 1st of September, with every subscription of style magazine purchased, style will donate $6.55 to Unicef.
This provides 3 water containers for transporting and storing fresh water. For $35 you will receive a 12 month subscription to style magazine and help provide clean water to those suffering.


A free field day is being held at the Condobolin Agricultural Research and Science station on Wednesday 22nd September from 9 am – 4 pm.
The program includes: Animal Health and NLIS changes for sheep and goats; crop challenges such as rust, mice and locusts; storing water, enrich trial, wheat and barley variety testing, phosphorus fertiliser, mustard, canola, pulses and much more. A BBQ lunch will be provided for $5 per person and includes free publications and information from extension staff.
For more information call Joy on 02 68951025.


Greater Western Area Health Service will sign a significant partnership agreement with the Condobolin Aboriginal Health Service (CAHS) on Wednesday 8th September 2010
Signatories to the partnership will be Greater Western AHS Condobolin Health Service Manager, Mr Kevin Ryan and Chief Executive Officer Condobolin Aboriginal Health Service, Mr Cecil Lester. Also attending will be Greater Western AHS Area Manager Aboriginal Health, Ms Linda Williams and the Chair person of the Condobolin Aboriginal Health Service Sheree Brandy.
Ms Linda Williams, said the Condobolin Local Aboriginal Health Partnership is based on a historic partnership formed in 1995 between the NSW Department of Health and the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW.
As part of the partnership arrangement, local service agreements will be entered into which will assist in providing culturally appropriate and quality health services to the Aboriginal community of Condobolin, through joint planning, community development and clinical service delivery.
The agreement will be signed at 11 am at the Condobolin Aboriginal Health Service premises.

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