Mary’s not wasting any time

• LEFT: Mary Brown is the new waste attendant at Condobolin Waste Facility. MB 

By Melissa Blewitt

Mary Brown is honest, hardworking and committed to doing her best for the local community.

She is the waste attendant at Condobolin Waste Facility, and is intent on being economical, viable and productive in her new role.

A Fifield girl, born and bred, Mary believes her local connections give her an ideal background for serving the residents of Condobolin.

“I was born in Tullamore, raised in Fifield went to school in Condobolin for my secondary education,” she said.

“I had all of my five children (daughters) in Condobolin Hospital and have always classified myself as local.

“Fifield and Condo are both home. I went to school here and I feel I have that connection with many residents.

“I have always felt Condo is my town. It’s where I went to school, had my kids, and did my shopping.”

Mary and her husband Michael, spent 13 years in Gunnedah before returning to the Lachlan Shire.

“My family and friends base is here, so I feel we made the right decision in coming back,” she said.

“Michael  has a sister and a brother-in-law that live on a local farm and his mum is here as well. It was easy to come back because our family is here. Family is everything to us.

“Going away gave the kids a chance to grow and learn.  A chance to broaden their horizons. Not to say Condo can’t offer what they need, it was just Michael had family up there as well and we thought we would give it a go and the kids were young enough to adapt.”

During her time at Gunnedah, Mary worked in an Aboriginal corporation, in the funeral industry for four years, and a radio station.

“I probably did more when I went away then I felt I did when I was here workwise.

“I moved back to Condo to take up a job with Felton Industries, in sales. I also worked cleaning the Railway Motel, before this job.

“I knew this job was coming up, and I thought this is it. I declined an offer of employment with NAB and accepted this position. I have always been an outdoors person, more outdoors than anything else, and this would give me the opportunity to be face to face with the community.”

Mary believes the new tip fees are reasonable when compared to other areas.

“There are standard fees everywhere. In Gunnedah they had fees when we moved there in 2001 and they are much dearer than here,” she said.

“I must congratulate the Condobolin community on their acceptance of the new fee system. The majority of people have been really good.

“I have not been abused and I did expect that, because I am in the position of enforcing the fees.  I am the face person that they see and I expected anger, but to their credit most have been understanding after I explained what fees were being applied to their situation.

“If you can take a 240 litre wheelie bin to the tip for $3, you cannot complain. You cannot buy a large coffee for that, put it in perspective I know people say well I’m getting something for that, and here I am just throwing it away.  Still getting something in return – you don’t have to keep rubbish at home and all fees are going back into improving the waste facility.”

Mary added she wanted the community to know there is no charge for metal.

“Anything with metal on it is free. Tables, windows with metal on them, fans, air conditioner heads, and white goods can be delivered free of charge to the tip. If you are not sure then just ask.

“DrumMuster still works exactly the same as it worked before. There is no charge on sump oil either. But there is a charge for cooking oil.

“Green waste is charged per cubic meter or part thereof, as are construction materials etc charged per cubic metre of part thereof. We don’t do anything less than a cubic metre.

“I also implore all tip users to obey the 10 kilometre per hour speed limit.”

No vehicle will be received between 11.50am and 1pm; and after 4.50pm. This will enable the efficient closing of the facility for lunch breaks and closing time.

“If we want the Condobolin Waste Facility to work we have to accept some things like the introduction of fees as they also help to maintain local facilities. We fought to keep Lachlan Local so let’s keep working towards this,” Mary concluded.

Things to know at the tip

•Metal is FREE.
•No charge for sump oil
•DrumMuster has not changed.
•There is a fee for cooking oil.
•Green waste is charged per cubic metre.
•Obey the 10/kph speed limit
•No vehicle will be received between 11.50am and 1pm; and after 4.50pm.



Cycling for cancer support

Cyclists of all ages and abilities hopped on their bikes for a good cause on the weekend.

• Above: The cyclists getting ready for the 53 kilometre ride in Fifield on Saturday. Contributed

Cyclists of all ages and abilities hopped on their bikes for a good cause on the weekend.

• Above: Ellie Tomlinson, Sarah Meacham, Brittany Manwaring and Renee Meacham at the starting line for the Tour de Condo in Fifield. Contributed

By Lara Pearce

Cyclists of all ages and abilities hopped on their bikes for a good cause on the weekend.

The annual bike ride, the Tour de Condo (previously the Tour de Fifield), saw over fifty riders from Condobolin, Lake Cargelligo, Forbes and Canberra cycle 53 kilometres from the small town of Fifield to Condobolin on Saturday.

Each rider raised sponsorship for the ride, which will be divided equally between CanAssist Condobolin and the David Donnelly Fund for local police officer and cancer sufferer.

With the slower group of riders starting out at 9am followed by the faster group at 9:30am, cyclists peddled into Condobolin from around 11:15am onwards.

The Railway Hotel made a rewarding finish line for the epic journey. Riders, organisers, support vehicle drivers, friends and community members celebrated over a cold beer and a barbeque put on by the Men of League.

A total of $7,000 was raised on the day. Adding to the sponsorship tally, two 30 minute joy flights over the Condobolin district were auctioned off, selling for $300 each to Anthony Toohey and Kim and Don Lark.

A complete bike outfit was also auctioned, while two bicycles were raffled off. Darryl and Melissa Nesbitt claimed the cycling outfit and also won one of the bicycles. They plan to re-donate both bike and clothes to the raffle at the Family Fun Day being held for local toddler Coby Davies, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

The other bike was won by Kenny Andrews. The bicycles were donated by Steve and Simone Beattie from Leading Appliances and the cycling outfit was donated by Don Lark Motorcycles.

Mixed response to budget in LSC towns

By Dominic Geiger

The smallest towns of the Lachlan Shire have been the most vocal in their response to council’s budget in a series of public Draft Management Plan meetings over the past week.
Not breaking with tradition, Condobolin recorded the lowest attendees at its public meeting last Wednesday evening with a total of zero non councillors appearing at the council chambers to discuss the budget.
Leading the shire with the highest number of public attendees were Fifield and Tottenham, with 15 people each.
Tullibigeal was close behind, with 14 members of the public attending its Draft Management Plan meeting.
Lake Cargelligo and Burcher were at the lower end of the list, with ten and four attendees respectively.
Mayor of the Lachlan Shire, Des Manwaring, said he wasn’t surprised the meetings in the smaller towns had attracted more visitors than in Condobolin.
“It’s just always been the case,” he said.
“The smaller towns suffer from a few road problems and that brought people out, whereas in Condobolin (the roads aren’t) such an issue unless you go to the outskirts.
“In Lake Cargelligo the Merri Abba pipeline brought a few people out, as did the airport project in Tottenham.
“But roads were definitely the major issue in Fifield and Tullibigeal.”

Volunteers vanquish raging fire

Aerial photograph of the fire north west of Fifield that spread from grasses on the property to a nearby forest.  Photo contributedBy Dominic Geiger

A fire covering almost 600 hectares of land and lasting two days tore through Merndale, a property thirty kilometers north-west of Fifield, over the weekend.
At the peak of the blaze seventy volunteer fire fighters from local and surrounding brigades were required to stop the flames spreading further.
Four fixed wing bomber aircraft and two helicopters were also used in the operation, due to the fire spreading to inaccessible terrain.
Stacy Jarvis, owner of Merndale, said the fire was ironic because workers on the property were in the process of creating fire breaks for controlled burning when the first flames appeared.
“They were slashing prior to ploughing when it started,” she said.
“We’re still unsure about why it started but most likely it was a machinery fault or a spark caused by the slasher hitting a rock.”
Though the fire was quite significant, the efforts of the volunteers ensured that damage was kept to a minimum with only a few fence posts on the property being lost to the blaze.
Stacy said considering the lack of damage the fire was a good training run for the volunteers.
“The support from everyone was wonderful; the only damage was to grass and scrub,” she said.
Ken Neville, Team Manager for the Mid Lachlan Valley Rural Fire Service Team, said he wanted to thank both the volunteer fire fighters and the Lachlan Shire Council for helping to bring the fire under control.
“The brigade was on the scene very quickly,” he said.
“The Lachlan Shire Council was also helpful as it provided graders and bulk water tanks.”

Call for nominations for Local Citizen of the Year

Lachlan Shire Council is searching for the NSW Local Citizen of the Year for Australia Day 2011.
Do you know someone who has done countless volunteer hours for a service organisation, a local sporting or community group or an educational facility? Do you know someone who has an outstanding achievement in their work or studies?
Lachlan Shire Council and the Australia Day Council of NSW invites you to nominate this individual for the 2011 NSW Local Citizen of the Year Awards.
The Awards are presented at official ceremonies throughout Lachlan Shire on Australia Day, 26 January 2011.
“The Awards allow us to recognise the contributions that many individuals make to their local community each year”. The Mayor, Councillor Manwaring said.  Council is proud to recognise these individuals whose contributions and achievements illustrate our Australian culture and what it means to be Australian.
The people of Burcher, Condobolin, Lake Cargelligo, Fifield, Tullibigeal and Tottenham are invited to nominate fellow citizens for awards in the following categories:
•    Citizen of the Year
•    Young Citizen of the Year; and
•    Community Event of the Year.
Nominations for the 2010 Local Citizen of the Year Awards close Wednesday 12 January, 2011.   Nomination forms for the appropriate area can be obtained on the Lachlan Shire Council website or from the following locations:
Burcher    Burcher Hotel, Bena Street, Burcher
Condobolin    Lachlan Shire Council Office – 58 Molong Street,   Condobolin
Lake Cargelligo    Lachlan Shire Council Office – Foster Street, Lake Cargelligo
Tullibigeal      Tullibigeal Co-op – Wattle Street, Tullibigeal
Tottenham    Tottenham Post Office – 69 Umang Street, Tottenham
Fifield    Fifield Hotel – Slee Street, Fifield
For more information on the NSW Local Citizen of the Year Awards program please contact Renea Meacham on 6895 1900, or your local Councillor.

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