Continued support boosts Condobolin PBR

Barrick Cowal Gold Mine is providing major sponsorship to Condobolin's PBR eventBarrick Cowal Gold Mine is again providing major sponsorship for improvements to infrastructure at the Condobolin Pony Club & Campdraft grounds as part of the 2010 October long weekend’s Professional Bull Riders Challenger Series.
Community Relations Manager of Barrick Cowal, Richard Savage, said that while they recognise the possibility of danger in the PBR event, the funding was designed to enhance the safety standards of the grounds and allow them to meet OH&S criteria.
“The event attracts a large number of visitors to Condobolin and we are pleased to provide support for infrastructure improvements that will contribute to holding a successful event again this year”.
“The improved infrastructure will not only benefit the PBR, but also provide long-term benefits to a number of other local community groups who utilise the grounds” said Richard.
This year’s PBR Challenger Series will be held on 2 October from 6pm in conjunction with the Country Energy Ute Show on Sunday 3 October which will offer almost $4000 in cash and prizes with $1500 up for grabs for the ‘Country Energy Ultimate Ute’. Enquiries can be made to 02 6895 2422 or email

Local Men’s Shed to foster understanding

Condobolin men work hard to complete the Condobolin Indigenous Men's ShedBy Sally Willoughby
In a project designed to foster community support and bridge the gap between the younger and older generation, members of the local community are working together to get the Condobolin Indigenous Men’s Shed completed as soon as possible.
With a band of local volunteers currently building the shed at the back of the Wiradjuri Study Centre site, the initiative is designed to give the men of Condobolin a place to congregate and cultivate mateship while also being an access point for health education and awareness and assistance with drug and alcohol issues.
“We’re looking to unite the community and bring the older and younger people together – black or white – and help them with anything they want to talk about,” said President of the Indigenous Men’s Shed Jimmy Nolan.
“We’ve opened the door to all people and hope to give them something where they don’t just get help but can also come together in a place where they know people care about them,” Jimmy said.
With plans to run health awareness talks and possibly employment strategy talks in the long-term the group, which already has over 20 members, also hope to provide services for the community including lawn maintenance for elderly people.
With a focus to bridge the gap between the older and younger generation of Condobolin, Jimmy said the Men’s Shed has members who’ve come from all walks of life and have real advice to give from their own personal experiences.
“I was in the gutter years ago but look where I am now,” said Jimmy.
“This project has been one of the things that has driven me and allowed me to put something back into the community that helped me work through my problems”.
“[The Men’s Shed] are looking to unite the community and break down barriers and once we show people, particularly the young people, that there are people out there who care for them…their entire attitude changes,” he said.
Under coordinators Brian Clemson, Kevin Read and Kevin Griffiths the group has a full executive with Jimmy Nolan (President), Stan Porter (Secretary), Bradley Bell (Treasurer) and Willy Gilbert (Publicity Officer) and hope to increase their members before the official opening of the shed.

Autism awareness

An initiative of the Condobolin CWA

Autism, or more correctly, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), is a series of inter-related neurological disorders. Asperger’s Syndrome is a ‘high-functioning’ form of Autism.
It is a developmental disorder that affects how the brain processes information. There is no obvious intellectual disability, and indeed, many people with Asperger’s are seen as being at or above that of the average/’normal’ person.
Ten positive traits of Asperger’s
1. Focus: ability to focus on one objective over long periods of time without becoming distracted allows you to accomplish large and challenging tasks.
2. Unique Global Insights: ability to use deep thought intuition to provide meaningful insight from the unknown means that you give 100% true, factual information that they dare not challenge. When you do provide people with vital information, it is either to correct a situation, or to help them on the right path of life.
3. Independent Thinking: willingness to consider unpopular or unusual possibilities generates new options and opportunities and can pave the way for others.
4. Internal Motivation: rather than being swayed by other’s opinions, social pressure or fears, you can hold firm to your own purpose. Your unique ideas can thrive, despite naysayers.
5. Attention To Detail: ability to remember and process minute details without getting lost or overwhelmed gives you a distinct advantage when solving complex problems.
6. 3 – Dimensional Thinking: ability to utilize 3-dimensional visioning gives you a unique perspective when designing and creating solutions.
7. Cutting Through The Smoke Screen
Your ability to recognize and speak the truth that is being “conveniently” ignored by others can be vital to the success of a project or endeavor.
8. Logical Decision Making: ability to make logical and rational decisions and stick to your course of action without being swayed by other people who always disagree with you, allows you to navigate successfully through difficult situations without being pulled off-course.
9. A different outlook on the world
This has been proven to be both refreshing and valuable. Honesty, reliability, dedication, determination all these are traits that are associated with the condition.
Information courtesy of

News in Brief


Women are invited to a free online health information seminar on the evening of September 1 in the RSL Dining room from 7p.m. -9 p.m.
Titled Making your 40s fabulous: your hormones, your libido, your health, the evening  will feature a Webcast from the Jean Hailes Foundation for Women’s Health. Speakers include Jean Hailes gynaecologist; Dr Elizabeth Farrell, Sexual Health Physician; Dr Rosie King and Dr John D’Arcy and will provide women with the latest evidence-based information on some of the health issues that face women in their 40s.
Contact Leonie Parker 68901500 for info and RSVP for numbers.


History week, from 4 to 12 September,  will be recognised in Condobolin next month with the theme ‘Discovering the Faces of the Past’.
Condobolin Historical Society will put the Mary Doyle Wedding albums on display at the Community Centre from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 4 and 10am to 1pm on Sunday 5 September.
There will also be a cemetery walk led by members of the Historical Society on Sunday 12 September from 10.30 to 12.30pm.


Why not just roll out of bed this Sunday morning (29th August) to check out the dog show competitors who have been invited to dress in their pyjamas for this fancy dress and fun competition day. Starts at 9 am at the Gordon McCarron Kennel Club Arena at the Condobolin Caravan Park.


On Wednesday 8th September, Country Women’s Association members in Condobolin and around the state will celebrate the inaugural CWA Awareness Day.  Local branches across the state will hold their own form of celebration including open days and community celebrations to bring attention to the roles played by this community conscious organisation. For more information on your local CWA of NSW branch, go to or call (02) 9358 2923 for local contacts.


Barellan will host their ‘Good Old Days Weekend’ over 25 and 26 September with visitors encouraged to come along and see the working Clydesdales and heavy horses of yesteryear.
The weekend will begin at 9am at Barellan Showgrounds with two days of displays and working Clydesdale and heavy horse teams.
The grand parade will begin at 1pm on Saturday with an array of entertainment including a cow milking competition, butter churning, damper cooking competition, whip making demo and hay rides. There will also be a country barbecue offering breakfast and lunches and a camp oven dinner.
Gate entry is $5 per adult and $20 for the family. Dinner plate and enteretainment on Saturday night is $20 per head. For a programme of events or enquiries, call Paul Bandy on 0428 631 673 or Bruce Bandy on 6963 9178.


World Suicide Prevention Day – Friday September 10th, aims to reduce the stigma of suicide and promote help seeking behaviour.

Condobolin primed for biggest Show in history

Biggest Show Ever: Show Secretary Carol-Ann Malouf lets  Show President Bruce Patton know what she thinks of his idleness at a recent working bee.Condobolin Show Society is priming up for its biggest Show yet with the 116th Condobolin Annual Show hosting a multitude of exhibitions, headline acts and activities packed into this Friday and Saturday, 27 and 28 August.
As one of the pinnacle attractions at this year’s event, the Australian Wool Fashion parades will showcase the use of Merino wool by national and international fashion designers with patrons encouraged to head over to the shearing pavilion to catch a glimpse of the unique garments created by budding fashion designers.
The ever popular Bushman’s Relay is also promising to be once again well contended with this year’s challenges hot off the press and $600 awarded to the winning team.
This year the four stages will include:
Lost tyre: one team member to roll the tyre back to the four wheeler while a second team member needs to replace the six nuts and tighten with provided spanners.
Stacking Straw Bales: every team member needs to help move the stack of hay bales; bales need to be moved on to the black plastic on the other end of the run; bales need to be re-stacked in the same formation, wholly on the black plastic.
Hauling grain: two people need to fill wheelbarrow with provided shovels to designated line; no grain can be spilt on tarp – small broom will be provided for the teams cleanup; the filled wheelbarrow needs to be pushed up around black plastic at the end of the run and returned to start by a third team member.
The Wool Run: all four team members need to help roll the wool bale from one end of the run to the other; there is no hook provided; at the completion, all members need to sit/kneel/stand on the bale to show they have finished.
After a brief interim, Condobolin Auto Sports Club will again be holding motorbike demonstrations in the show ring and the Pied Piper Show will make its Condobolin debut with a swag of colourful and talented ducks modelling some innovative duck fashion.
With a multitude of other attractions including the return of Crocodile Encounters, the Country Energy Kitchen, Historic Trophy Display and the Pipe Band, the 2010 Condobolin Show is one not to be missed.


Australian Wool Fashion Awards
At shearing sheds; Saturday at 11am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm.
Pied Piper Parade
Between farmyard nursery and poultry pavilion; Saturday at 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.00pm and 4.30pm
Bushman’s Relay
In front of bar area; Saturday 6pm. Entries to be in to Secretary’s office by Friday 5pm.
Crocodile Encounters
Between farmyard nursery and shearing pavilion; Saturday at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3pm
Country Energy Kitchen
Under skillion; Saturday hourly from 10am to 2pm
Condobolin Auto Sports demonstration
Show ring; 4.30pm
Grand Parade
Saturday 3.30pm
Fireworks Finale
Saturday at 8pm
Times are subject to change.

Legend of the Lachlan Les Jarick

Les Jarick and Keith Politch at 'Booligar', on the border of QLD and NSWFormer shearer and renowned local identity Les Jarick reckons he must be at least 90.
With so many life experiences, shearing endeavours and country yarns it’s hard to believe he’s packed so much life into only 76 years.
Named as the 2009 Legend of the Lachlan at last year’s Condobolin Show which recognised his contribution to the pastoral industry in being a shearer for over 49 years until his retirement at 64.
Born on 5 October 1933 in Condobolin with two broken arms after a difficult birth, he moved to Sydney and lived with his father until the age of nine.
His father who worked for Fords Motor Company during the war then took him to Queensland where he was reared by his grandmother and at 13 he left school and worked in a butcher’s shop for a year.
As a jack of many hands Les spent his earlier years and the shearing off-season fencing and cutting fire wood and was a professional roo shooter for some time at Kings Plains Station before commencing his shearing career on the same property at 15.
Having never shore a full sheep before his first day at Kings Plain Station, Les says he has clear memories of the pain he was in after shearing 45 sheep that first day.
“I was so stiff and just sore all over and told the bloke flat out I wasn’t coming back,” Les said.
But with some wise words from his mother he returned the next day and shore at Kings Plain for another three weeks finishing up shearing a total of 68 sheep a day.
He shore two more sheds in New England that year and went to Cunnamulla early the next year shearing for a contactor in mainly large, eight to twelve stand sheds. The largest shed he ever shore at was a forty stand shed in 1950 at ‘Woolerina’ with over 100 people in the mess.
In 1953 at 20 years old, Les married and bought a caravan which they travelled around in. In 1956 after dropping the price of shearing work the union called the shearers strike which lasted for 18 months in Queensland. Lasting only six weeks in New South Wales, Les packed his family up and went over the border to find employment.
Moving back to Condobolin in 1957 Les got a job for the biggest contractor in town who he stayed with for ten years shearing at many of the same properties throughout the rest of his career.
After building a house on Whiley Street in 1960, Les and his second wife Gloria bought the property ‘Inala’ six miles out on the West Wyalong road in 1971 where they raised their three daughters Carole, Lorraine and Jennie and son Allan. With a strong work ethic Les purchased four other properties over the years of which his son now manages two of.
Les worked in multiple sheds throughout the Lachlan area including his cousin Eddie Larkins of ‘Rosewood’, well-known identity Athol Clempson and on Dick Gavel’s ‘Gulgo’ property.
“I shore at ‘Gulgo’ for forty years – it was only six miles out of town and good people and I really enjoyed it there,” he said.
es Jarick is the 2010 Legend of the LachlanOver the years Les sheared across Queensland, New South Wales, one shed across the border in South Australia and spent many years shearing right to the sea of Victoria.
Shearing until he was 64 years old, Les said it was the camaraderie and competition of the shearing shed that he enjoyed so much.
“I just really liked shearing. I didn’t mind the work and always enjoyed the company – I worked with some terrific people over the years many of whom are still great friends,” he said.
“You didn’t have to be the fastest shearer in the shed but there was always someone there who was about on par with your speed that you could put yourself up against.
“There was always someone to try and beat which made it a sports day everyday really,” Les said.
In his later years Les became a successful shearing contractor in town with a team of dedicated shearers who looked up to the shearing veteran as a mentor whom they never ceased to work hard for.
“I had a rule that it didn’t matter how much we’d all drank the night before, we all had to get up and work the next morning or else they’d be put off,” Les said.
“And I never once had to fire anybody,” he said.
At 64 Les entered the local shearing competition taking out the Seniors title which he says he felt pretty guilty about.
“I was still shearing 150 to 160 sheep a day and was so far ahead after a while I tried to slow down a bit and the sheep almost got up on me,” he recalls modestly.
“One guy was younger and one older but I still felt it was a bit unfair that I took out the title and hadn’t actually retired,” he said.
With an infinite number of shearing yarns and memories to share, the champion shearer says he’s had a very full and auspicious life and shearing career.
“I’ve got a good farm, some great shearing tales and a wonderful family with eight grandkids and eight great-grandchildren. I’ve led a very fortunate life,” he said.
By Sally Willoughby

Cornish’s Show display to feature the latest in seeding technology

Cornish's will showcase the latest in seeding technology at the Condobolin ShowShowcasing the latest technology in precision seeding equipment, Darryl Henley from Cornish’s Condobolin will take farmers and graziers through the features of the CASE STX 535 4WD tractor with 62 foot ST820 Flexi-Coil coupled to a 3850 Flexi-Coil Air Cart at the Condobolin Annual Show.
The machinery, which represents the latest in sowing and tractor technology, was recently bought by farmer Gary Wallace of ‘Avalon’ through Cornish’s and will be on display at the Show.
“The machinery is looking to increase farm efficiency by allowing farmers to cover more country in less amount of time with less labour,” said Darryl of Cornish’s Condobolin.
The ST820 Flexi-Coil has a flexible frame and floating hitch allowing it an outstanding land-following capability and high clearance frame and careful wheel placement to handle heavy residue.
The popular ST820 Flexi-Coil is also offered with a new hydraulic tyne which further enhances the flexibility of the technology which has been hailed the ideal precision tillage tool for a variety of conditions.
As a larger air cart, Darryl said the 3850 Flexi-Coil Air Cart allows a longer time between fills.
“It also allows a quick and easy calibration of sowing rates through the Flex III Controller which is also being used for auto steer guidance and allows less cab clutter,” Darryl said.
The mechanical ground drive air cart features exclusive slide adjustment which allows for infinite rate setting without having to change sprockets or chains.
For more information on this technology, contact Darryl at Cornish’s Condobolin on 0428 952 137 or come see the technology for yourself at the Condobolin Annual Show with Darryl on hand to take farmers through its many features.
Also on display will be Croplands latest release the 8000 litre 36 metre Pegasus Boomspray and Wheatheart Augers.

A high profile at All Saints’ College

Condobolin students currently attending All Saints' College in BathurstCondobolin has a firm foothold at All Saints’ College, with 10 students from the Condobolin area attending school in Bathurst this year.
“Condobolin has always been a great area for us and some terrific local families have sent their children to All Saints – over a number of years,” said All Saints’ Head of College Dr Peter Miller.
“Of course, creating a supportive and ‘family-like’ atmosphere is a key part of the way we approach boarding  – and many of our students will tell you this is why they enjoy being at All Saints,” Dr Miller said.
Glenda Isbister, who heads the Lyon House residence for girls from Year 7 to 10, said the girls are a close knit group who support and help each other – while having a lot of fun.
“Along with school, the students love spending time together at different weekend activities, such as movies, picnics, craft, impromptu sports games and cooking sessions,” Mrs Isbister said.
“There is never a dull moment and the students really enjoy their time with us,” she said.
All Saints’ College’s Director of Boarding, Eliot Sanger, says the key ingredient is the close and supportive relationship between the students and the boarding staff who care for them.
“We work very hard to create a family-like atmosphere, to keep the students busy and to keep in close contact with the parents and families at home. We are very conscious of the trust involved in sending your child to boarding school – and we take this responsibility very seriously,” Mr Sanger said.

The secret’s out

The special publication 'The Country Show Cookbook' will be available to purchase at the Condobolin ShowThe secrets of some of the State’s champion cooks have been revealed in a special publication, recently launched as a fundraiser for the NSW country show movement.
The Country Show Cookbook: Award –winning Recipes at Country Shows is a heart-warming collection of traditional recipes, some with a twist, presented in a 256-page, hard-cover, colour-illustrated book.
It contains award-winning recipes by many NSW country shows including three by champion Condobolin Show cooks.
Of the 200 show societies in NSW, around 100 accepted the invitation of the Agricultural Societies Council of NSW (ASC) to submit recipes.  Each has won a champion prize at a show, either local or Royal, and all recipes were tested by ASC cooks.
David Moor, immediate past-president of the ASC said, “I would have thought you would have more success extracting the fangs of an irritated tiger snake than a secret recipe by a show winner,” but this proved not to be the case with the ASC being willingly inundated with 400 recipes from which the book’s selection of 180 were made.
In Condobolin we submitted 9 recipes by seven of our most consistent champion cooks of the last decade of both cookery and home-made classes and those selected by the editors for publication were the butter cake recipe of Judith Davis with chocolate, orange and marble adaptations; Kate Cunningham’s lemon butter with lime, orange and passionfruit variations; and the quince jelly of Daphne Williams.
As a number of local cooks have commented since trying out some of the recipes, one of the beauties of the book is that the ingredients are all standard pantry fare with little need to hunt for exotic additions.
Copies are available for $25 each at the Secretary’s Office at the Showground, so get in early because they are selling like …… well, like hot cakes!

Country Energy set to sizzle

Culinary delights and mouth watering teasers will be on the menu at this year’s Condobolin Show, as Country Energy features its infamous Country Energy cooking demonstrations.
For the first time, the local energy provider will showcase the Country Energy kitchen featuring cooking demonstrations and taste testing, taking place every hour on the hour from 10am to 2pm on Saturday.
Country Energy’s acting regional general manager, Ben McClements, said, “This event is a fantastic example
of how Country Energy continues to support the local organisations within the community.”
“This year, the Country Energy kitchen will feature popular local produce – lamb – with renowned Bathurst chef, Tracey Tullier, demonstrating a number of quick and easy recipes that customers can make at home,” Ben said.
Everyone who visits the Country Energy marquee on Saturday will have the opportunity to go into the draw for an energy efficiency pack valued at over $200 – there will also be some giveaways at each cooking demonstration.
Country Energy is a strong supporter of the communities in which it operates. Environmental, social, educational and cultural events and organisations benefit from our community sponsorship program.
“We are a big part of Condobolin community – our employees live and work in the area so investing in the future of the town is good business sense,” Ben said.

Carbon Expos Coming to the Condobolin Show

“Want to know more about climate change and what you can do to make a difference? If the answer is yes, then come along to the Condobolin show and check out the Carbon Expo being put on by Centroc and Lachlan Catchment Management Authority on both days of the show.” said Cr Manwaring, Mayor of Lachlan.
“There will be composting, permaculture, alternative technologies, The Weather Report – a great quarterly climate change newsletter produced by Centroc. Carbon Farmers Australia will be there to talk about their different approach to agriculture, local nurseries who are a great source of water wise plants and many others will be there.” said Cr Manwaring.
“What is really exciting is that the TAFE Western Green Skills on the Road mobile learning resource will be there. The facility, which travels across the region, is used to raise industry and community awareness of environmentally sustainable technologies. Green Skills on the Road contains and provides the following resources:
•Displays of sustainable building materials
•Displays of water efficient products
•Displays of renewable energy products
•Information pamphlets
•Interactive computer activities
•DVD presentations
So don’t forget to come to the show next week and see what is on offer in our region” said Cr Manwaring.
“The Green Skills on the Road will only be at the show on Friday so don’t miss out.  There is also a lucky door prize of a solar mobile phone and iPod charger.
There is also children’s colouring in competition.  There are great prizes and it will be drawn on Saturday afternoon at 2.30 at the Carbon Expo site.
Copies of the colouring in competition are available from Council, the Lachlan CMA office in Condobolin and inside The Condobolin Argus.

Condobolin & District Kennel Club 41st All Breeds Championship Dog Show

Condobolin Dog Show's Commonwealth Bank DayThe 41st All Breeds Championship Dog Show is currently being held at the Gordon McCarron Kennel Club Arena at the Condobolin Caravan Park and is part of a circuit of PA&H and Kennel Club Dog Shows that occur over the next few weeks in Tullamore, Trundle, Bedgerebong, Peak Hill, Parkes, and Grenfell.
Julie Norris, President of the CDKC said, “There has been a good level of entries with 360 dogs covering 81 different breeds from the biggest- Irish Wolf Hounds to the smallest – Chihuahuas.”
Due to the excellent and well maintained facilities at the Condobolin Caravan Park, most competitors are based in Condobolin and opt to travel to the other events. Competitors travel to the region from all over Australia with the judges coming from South Australia and Queensland.
A good crowd turned up last Sunday which included a Market Day with a variety of stalls.
Monday’s competition was also successful with the Condobolin RSL sponsoring all the prizes for ‘Best in Show’.
With more competition next weekend why not take a stroll around the dog show. Sunday is fancy dress- in pyjamas – starting at 9 am.

Fresh new flair at Florist La Fleur

Brenda Haworth of Condobolin's new Florist la FleurFloristry to many people is a learned art, but the consensus around town on new florist owner Brenda Haworth is she possesses a rare gift for the business.
With the grand opening of Florist La Fleur tomorrow (Thursday 26 August), Brenda has been busy giving the new premises at 90B Bathurst Street (the old Country Kids building) an elegant revamp into a stylish florist and gift shop.
With extensive experience in the floral industry having owned a florist in Milton for seven years before marrying, and more recently working alongside Betty Smith in Condobolin, Brenda said she’s looking forward to the new venture.
“I’ve always loved flowers and arranging them and with the other florist closing down the opportunity just sort of arose and I thought we’d see how we go,” Brenda said.
With fresh, seasonal flowers available every day, the business will cater for all occasions including weddings, debutante balls, birthdays and funerals.
Residents are encouraged to drop into Florist La Fleur on Thursday (26 August) for the grand opening and browse through the extensive giftware.
The business will offer delivery of fresh flowers and can be contacted on 02 6895 4231.

Nasho notes

On the 15th of August the golden west sub-branch held its quartly meeting.
We had a great turn up for the meeting with all towns being represented. At the start of the meeting a few minutes silence was held for a few reasons,1- the death of a couple of members, 2- the death or our soldiers that have fallen resonantly and remembrance for V-J day 65 years ago and finally remembering the 2.5 thousand Australian, British and islander’s who died in the biggest death march the Japanese committed.
The main talk for the meeting was the upcoming ceremony being held in Canberra. A dedication to all the national servicemen and in memory of those who died, will be held in September. A great march with former Nasho’s will take place and the fallen and surviving service personnel will be recognized.
At the start of the meeting I informed the members that I will be standing down as secretary and publicity officer as of our last meeting to be held in November at West Wyalong. I have held the position’s for close to 6 years now so I feel that I need to stand down and hand the reigns over to some body else.
During the meeting President Bruce Howard had a few small gifts to hand out to a couple of our members just to show some appreciation, so congratulations to Frank Stott, Kevin Nixon, Bill Richards.
Following the meeting we had a BBQ with a few drinks and it was great to get around the members and have a good chat along with some laughs. I must thank Fay Krebs and Sally Jones for their delicious snacks and salads.Also a thanks goes to Len Krebs for doing the cooking.
The next meeting and the last for 2010 will be held on the 21st of November held at the Wyalong Services Club. I really look forward to seeing you all there for my last meeting in these positions.
Entered by Secretary and Publicity Officer, Trevor Whitney.

Grant helps Rotary up-skill

Condobolin Rotary Club President, Dave Carter recently applied for and was successful in securing a grant of five thousand dollars from the Department of Families Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, (FaHCSIA).
Rotarians give freely of their time and money in their quest to raise funds for “local” and world humanitarian causes.
With compliance issues and the ever increasing risk of litigation, Dave believed the club really needed to ensure all members are trained in first aid, and that the club is able to better collate and store relevant club information.
Funds we raise go to others and not our club, which realistically means, if members can’t provide, we go with out!
This grant will allow all of our members to do that first aid training, the computer will allow Club Secretary Bob Gill to do away with the antiquated and very bulky paper trail, the camera and video means we can capture events on film to perhaps better promote our intent to community as well as being a modern means of communication., and the filing cabinet is self explanatory.
I would encourage all volunteer service clubs to apply for funds in the next round.

Condo hosts cereal rust workshop

On Thursday August 19 a Cereal Rust Workshop was held at the Condobolin Research and Advisory Station for Advisors and Growers. The meeting was well attended with around 35 growers and advisors from across the Condobolin and Forbes district in attendance.
The guest speakers for the morning session was Associate Professor Colin Wellings, Sydney University, Plant Breeding Institute, Cobbitty, Peter Matthews, acting Technical Specialist (Cereal Farming Systems), Temora and Ian Menz, District Agronomist at Condobolin.
The session covered the history of cereal rust within Australia and how the disease has developed since being detected in Australia and the origins of different pathogens within Australia at the present time. Colin presented the findings from last seasons rust survey and the likely risks to cereal crops in 2010.
Concurrent sessions were conducted, providing information on rust reaction and variety selection. Colin displayed the disease reaction to different stains or pathogens of rust on many of the current wheat varieties, as well as identification of rust on plants. In this session, the take home message was variety selection as it is important to select a variety with a high resistance level.
Peter and Ian of Industry and Investment NSW conducted an information session on the disease effects and condition required for the disease to develop as well as providing information on current fungicide treatments. In this session the timing of fungicide application was noted as the take home message.
It is very important to carry out regular crop monitoring to achieve early detection of disease. It may be necessary to apply one, two or even three application of fungicide to maintain the protection of the flag, minus one and two leaves, which are the “money leaves” of the plant. The use of seed dressing was also discussed as this provides early seedling and plant protection to delay foliar fungicides application.

CHS students to embark on discovery of China

Condobolin High School students will soon embark on a trip to ChinaBy Sally Willoughby
A select group of year 10 and 11 Condobolin High School students will make the pilgrimage to China in six weeks to explore the rich culture, discover the ancient traditions and experience some of the best shopping across its most famous cities.
Coordinated by CHS teacher, Bev Small, the thirteen day tour will give the students the full China experience taking them to see the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai, the Terracotta Armies in Xian and Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.
“We put the idea forward in July 2008 and the students have been saving and getting organised since then,” Bev said.
“This is a way for them to learn about another culture – they’re all getting pretty excited and it will be a great experience for them all,” she said.
The students who are all in year ten and eleven will leave for the trip on 26 September and return on 8 October during their school holidays.
The school is looking to implement a permanent program to take students overseas every two years with CHS teacher Mel Rees to organise the next adventure.

Commitment to community

Barrick Gold have relaunched their Community Partnering ProgramBy Sally Willoughby
The Lake Cowal arm of the world’s largest gold mine Barrick Gold relaunched their innovative Community Partnering Program last week in an initiative designed to support sustainable economic development and encouraging positive outcomes in the communities they work.
Since the establishment of the program in 2000, $650000 has been committed to the local communities to build community capacity and establish projects aimed at improving the socio-economics of the region.
Community Relations Manager at Lake Cowal, Richard Savage, said the program was aimed at developing and maintaining a positive relationship with the local communities.
“We are committed to making a difference for the people in the communities where we work and this allows the community to capitalise on a range of initiatives,” Richard said.
The program revolves around the four key areas of health, environment, regional economic development, community development and community events.
Richard explained that preference would be given to projects that delivered long-term, sustainable benefits to the community and could demonstrate broad support from the community.
Last year, Barrick Gold donated $1000 to the Lachlan Shire Youth Services which enabled sporting equipment to be bought for Condobolin and Lake Cargelligo.
Heather Blackley said the initial funding has continued to expand with country rugby league competitions and netball gala days evolving from the original donation.
The project exemplifies the focus of the Cowal Community Partnering Program which is to support sustainable initiatives that continue to grow.

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