A sensational Show

• Ray Laneryrie and his first prize plum sauce with Chief Stewardess Ruth Worthington. DG

A huge crowd from across the Lachlan Shire flocked to the 117th Annual Condobolin PAH and I Association Show over the weekend, with numbers of revellers well up on previous years.

Show Secretary, Carol-Ann Malouf, said she was tremendously pleased with how successful the show had been.

“Everything went extremely well; it was a very happy show,” she said.

“All the judges were impressed with the standard of the exhibits, with many saying they were the best in NSW in both quantity and quality.

“Among the many highlights would be the extremely well patronised inaugural Boer Goat class which attracted 50 entries.

“There was also the opportunity to present the ever popular poultry class in a brand new pavilion.

“Of course, being able to conclude the show with a win for Condo rugby added to the upbeat mood in the show’s final hours.”

Carol-Ann said as usual, the fireworks were the grand finale of the show and certainly didn’t disappoint.

“This year’s fireworks were widely proclaimed to be the best ever,” she said.

“They even included new pyrotechnics and colours not seen in Australia before.”

2011 Showgirl to be announced at Show Ball this Saturday night

The 117th Annual Condobolin PAH & I Association Show Ball is on this Saturday night at the Condobolin SRA Grounds starting at 8.30 pm.

Highlight of the evening is the announcement of this year’s Showgirl. Condobolin has quite a reputation for producing very sucessful showgirls with a National Showgirl winner Lee Cobb in 1996); two becoming Royal Easter Showgirls ( Lee Cobb in 1996 and Clare McDonlad 2009); three Royal Easter Runner -ups (Diane Cooney, Carolyn Brady and Lyndsey Douglas) and six Royal Easter Showgirl finalists (Lindy Trotter, Sally Cleaver, Danielle Lorenz, Kylie Lemmon, Naomi Ridley and Krystelle Ridley).

Some comments and insights from two former Condobolin Showgirls…

Name: Georgina Sutherland

Age: 24

Occupation: Trainee solicitor

What was your favourite part of the showgirl competition?

“It gave me an opportunity to meet like minded people, to discuss rural life and problems, and it gave me a chance to meet new people and see old friends.”

What was the most challenging part of the competition for you?

“Going to zone and needing a broad knowledge on absolutely everything. You really need to be up to date with current events at a local, state, national and international level.”

What opportunities did the competition present you with?

“The competition really helped me hone in on my interviewing skills. It really helps get rid of the nerves you sometimes experience with interviews. I also had the opportunity to meet a lot of other girls from different backgrounds.”

What was the most unexpected thing about the competition?

“I didn’t think there’d be girls competing with such a broad range of professions. I thought it would be mostly agronomists, teachers and nurses, but it was much wider.”

How did competing in the showgirl competition change your perception of the event?

“You never know what to expect-it opens your eyes to what it means to be an ambassador to rural life and how broad a background other competitors can come from. You don’t necessarily have to come from a country town to be in [the competition], a lot of the other competitors came from all parts of society.”

Name: Lindsey Douglas

Age: 25

Occupation: PR Consultant for the Ray White Real Estate Group

What was the most unexpected thing about the competition for you?

“I was surprised about how much it entrenches you in the agricultural and show circuit and introduces you to other rural communities.”

What was your favourite thing?

“The amount of personal development you get from competing, the situations you’re put in that you usually wouldn’t find yourself in and the friends you make along the way.”

What was the most challenging thing about the competition?

“Making sure you have a broad understanding of rural issues in your own region is really important. I have to say though that it’s such a fantastic competition to be part of. The biggest hurdle is actually just putting your name down, but in the end the personal growth is completely worth it. A lot of my career progression came about as a result of the show competition.”

How did your understanding of the competition change between when you entered and after winning?

“I had no understanding prior to entering how crucial the show is to the Condobolin community or the level of commitment from people who organise it. It’s nothing short of fantastic. The Condobolin show is much bigger than the town itself. You’d struggle to find a town the same size as Condo that can create a show that big.”

The Condobolin Argus – 10 years old

With The Condobolin Argus’ 10th birthday nearly upon us, first week of May, it seemed appropriate for a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the issues and events that have been critical in making The Argus the influential and relevant community newspaper it is today.
With so many editions archived in the depths of the Argus library, the task of revisiting important stories and campaigns seemed daunting at first, though with much perseverance, the team at The Argus has managed to compile a fairly concise list of ten achievements it feels have been most relevant to the Lachlan Shire community.
They are (in no particular order):
Joining the battle to keep the Condobolin Agricultural Research Station up and running.
In March 2009, The Argus reported on the NSW Labor Government’s decision to close the Condobolin Agricultural Research Station (CARAS). A surge of public protest culminating in a rally in Condobolin’s main street reversed that decision.
Helping prevent the closure of Target Country in Condobolin.
In January 2003, The Argus confirmed Condobolin Target Country would remain open despite pressure to close the store. The Argus supported the store during the resulting six month trial period through a ‘shop local’ campaign.
Helping to promote the Condobolin skate park project.
The Argus has been supporting the Condobolin skate park project for a number of years. The project is finally becoming a reality with the final draft becoming available for public comment following Lachlan Shire Council Meeting on 20th April.
Supporting the RTA’s ‘Three Shires’ initiative to help reduce the region’s road toll.
This project aims to increase road safety throughout the Lachlan, Forbes and Parkes shires. Part of this project has been the wheelie bin initiative, encouraging children to decorate wheelie bins in an effort to highlight road safety. The Argus played a large role in encouraging people to take part in this project, and now also has a very happy looking bin.
Providing full yet sensitive coverage of breaking news including human tragedies.
For example on the 2nd of December 2005, a ten-seater Piper Chieftain light plane crashed on Neil Baxter’s property ‘Craig End’. Unfortunately, the incident resulted in the loss of several lives and resulted in an Australian Transport Safety Bureau inquiry. The Argus printed continuous coverage of the incident from the crash to release of the inquiry.
Coverage of natural disasters.
The Argus has been instrumental in keeping the community aware of various fires and floods which have affected the region over the past ten years. With the real time news delivery available with the internet, The Argus can now deliver information to readers as soon as natural disasters unfold. This was most recently demonstrated during the floods in Ungarie last month.
Promotion of local tourism initiatives, particularly ‘Utes in the Paddock’.
Owing to the Argus’ commitment to improving tourism in the Lachlan Shire (and perhaps due to the fact our editor is one of the artists) Utes in the Paddock has become a ‘must see’ on any visitor’s to do list. Beginning in 2007, The Utes in the Paddock Project now includes 15 ute artworks and has been nominated for a NSW Heritage and Cultural Tourism Award and People’s Choice Tourist Experience Award.
Coverage of Aboriginal issues and events in the Lachlan Shire.
The Argus has strived to help ‘close the gap’ on Indigenous inequality though a focus on providing fair and unbiased reporting on events and issues important to the Wiradjuri community. The Argus has frequently reported positively on Aboriginal tourism, educational and employment initiatives.
Promotion of major events such as the Condo 750, Tattoo,  Condo B & S and our Australian Idol Shannon Noll.
The Argus has thrown its support behind various community oriented events over its ten year history. This promotion has been in the form of editorials, advertorials and extensive advertising features before, during and after events.
Support of local Charity Organisations
When major charity events and fundraisers happen in the Lachlan Shire, The Argus is always in the thick of the action, lending its promotional power to the event. Various charities and charitable organisations.

Support for Community much more than just words in a newspaper.
Born out of a large gathering of members from right across the community forming the view more could be done to promote our region, The Condobolin Argus actively pursues promotional opportunities in may different ways.
The paper looks to attract staff with high level skills and talents that offer its community additional benefits. One staff member worked tirelessly on submissions and promotion for the Professional Bull Riders event. That event attracting large crowds enhancing business for the local community. Yet another staff member successfully competed the local Show Girl promotion being awarded State Runner Up at the Royal Easter Show, thereby doing a magnificent job of promoting our region.
Focus for The Condobolin Argus is very firmly on assisting local community to promote itself, diligently managing advertisers funds to employ high level skills providing a holistic service. One portfolio sponsored by The Condobolin Argus in this way is that of ‘Community Promotions Officer’.
All of this has only been made possible by your strong support over the past ten years. Thank you for helping us to provide this service to our community.
To help your local community newspaper celebrate its 10th birthday and plan for many more, please drop on by the office at 93 Bathurst Street Condobolin during the first week of May -We’ll have some birthday cake.

Condo ‘Eye Popper’ takes out Royal Easter gold

By Dominic Geiger

Condobolin’s Vicki and Keith Ridley have taken out the prestigious interbreed Urquhart Perpetual Trophy for supreme beef animal at the recent Sydney Royal Easter Show with their Shorthorn bull, ‘Nero Lock Eye Popper’.
The victory follows the bull placing second in its class at the NSW Beef Spectacular in Dubbo last month.
Vicki Ridley said winning the award felt unbelievable.
“It’s incredible, it’s the first time we’ve ever won the competition,” she said.
“We’ve never had a champion Shorthorn ribbon at a show, though our son and daughter have both had champion Shorthorn females.
Vicki said she and Keith didn’t treat the bull in any different way to other bulls until they began feeding it for the show.
“We just ran it under commercial Condo conditions,” she said.
“Then when you’re preparing for the show you have to break them in so they’ll be quiet and behave.”
The Land newspaper reported last week that the show’s judge, Brett Nobbs, selected ‘Nero Lock Eye Popper’ for its youth, size and athleticism.
The two and a half year old bull weighed in at 1046kg and carried 14 millimetres of rump and 10 millimetres of rib fat.
Also, a huge result for Heather Earney, daughter of Anne and Andrew Earney of ‘Wilga Park’, who came second in the State judging competition finals. She was Runner-up in both the RAS/ASC Merino Fleece State Judging Competition Final and in the RAS/ASC Fruit and Vegetable State Judging Competition Final. There are more competitions for Heather today.
With the sheep results, the L’Estrange family of ‘Belswick’, Condobolin have also done extremely well with winning Reserve Champion Strong Wool March Shorn Merino Ewe, the Merino Grand Champions and the Reserve Grand Champion Strong Wool Merino Ewe.




Condobolin Hay Day

Condobolin Hay Day

Hay there! Chris  Hocking, Haydon Jobson, Brett Honeysett and Roger Todd show an interest in the Condo Show promotion of the upcoming Hay Day   at the Condobolin Agricultural Research and Advisory Station on September 8th.

Show office recent target of break ins

Early Tuesday morning thieves broke into the Condobolin PAH & I Show Secretary’s office. No cash or valuables are kept on the premises but what was stolen was a Barbie Doll Campervan – the first prize for Junior Showgirl; a mobile broad band box and coded Guest Tickets.
A spokesperson for the Show said, “It is a waste of time breaking in here as there is nothing of value. It has just been a major inconvenience on one of our busiest days with all the entries coming in.”
Police are conducting forensic tests on the site.

Condobolin primed for biggest Show in history

Biggest Show Ever: Show Secretary Carol-Ann Malouf lets  Show President Bruce Patton know what she thinks of his idleness at a recent working bee.Condobolin Show Society is priming up for its biggest Show yet with the 116th Condobolin Annual Show hosting a multitude of exhibitions, headline acts and activities packed into this Friday and Saturday, 27 and 28 August.
As one of the pinnacle attractions at this year’s event, the Australian Wool Fashion parades will showcase the use of Merino wool by national and international fashion designers with patrons encouraged to head over to the shearing pavilion to catch a glimpse of the unique garments created by budding fashion designers.
The ever popular Bushman’s Relay is also promising to be once again well contended with this year’s challenges hot off the press and $600 awarded to the winning team.
This year the four stages will include:
Lost tyre: one team member to roll the tyre back to the four wheeler while a second team member needs to replace the six nuts and tighten with provided spanners.
Stacking Straw Bales: every team member needs to help move the stack of hay bales; bales need to be moved on to the black plastic on the other end of the run; bales need to be re-stacked in the same formation, wholly on the black plastic.
Hauling grain: two people need to fill wheelbarrow with provided shovels to designated line; no grain can be spilt on tarp – small broom will be provided for the teams cleanup; the filled wheelbarrow needs to be pushed up around black plastic at the end of the run and returned to start by a third team member.
The Wool Run: all four team members need to help roll the wool bale from one end of the run to the other; there is no hook provided; at the completion, all members need to sit/kneel/stand on the bale to show they have finished.
After a brief interim, Condobolin Auto Sports Club will again be holding motorbike demonstrations in the show ring and the Pied Piper Show will make its Condobolin debut with a swag of colourful and talented ducks modelling some innovative duck fashion.
With a multitude of other attractions including the return of Crocodile Encounters, the Country Energy Kitchen, Historic Trophy Display and the Pipe Band, the 2010 Condobolin Show is one not to be missed.


Australian Wool Fashion Awards
At shearing sheds; Saturday at 11am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm.
Pied Piper Parade
Between farmyard nursery and poultry pavilion; Saturday at 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.00pm and 4.30pm
Bushman’s Relay
In front of bar area; Saturday 6pm. Entries to be in to Secretary’s office by Friday 5pm.
Crocodile Encounters
Between farmyard nursery and shearing pavilion; Saturday at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3pm
Country Energy Kitchen
Under skillion; Saturday hourly from 10am to 2pm
Condobolin Auto Sports demonstration
Show ring; 4.30pm
Grand Parade
Saturday 3.30pm
Fireworks Finale
Saturday at 8pm
Times are subject to change.

Cornish’s Show display to feature the latest in seeding technology

Cornish's will showcase the latest in seeding technology at the Condobolin ShowShowcasing the latest technology in precision seeding equipment, Darryl Henley from Cornish’s Condobolin will take farmers and graziers through the features of the CASE STX 535 4WD tractor with 62 foot ST820 Flexi-Coil coupled to a 3850 Flexi-Coil Air Cart at the Condobolin Annual Show.
The machinery, which represents the latest in sowing and tractor technology, was recently bought by farmer Gary Wallace of ‘Avalon’ through Cornish’s and will be on display at the Show.
“The machinery is looking to increase farm efficiency by allowing farmers to cover more country in less amount of time with less labour,” said Darryl of Cornish’s Condobolin.
The ST820 Flexi-Coil has a flexible frame and floating hitch allowing it an outstanding land-following capability and high clearance frame and careful wheel placement to handle heavy residue.
The popular ST820 Flexi-Coil is also offered with a new hydraulic tyne which further enhances the flexibility of the technology which has been hailed the ideal precision tillage tool for a variety of conditions.
As a larger air cart, Darryl said the 3850 Flexi-Coil Air Cart allows a longer time between fills.
“It also allows a quick and easy calibration of sowing rates through the Flex III Controller which is also being used for auto steer guidance and allows less cab clutter,” Darryl said.
The mechanical ground drive air cart features exclusive slide adjustment which allows for infinite rate setting without having to change sprockets or chains.
For more information on this technology, contact Darryl at Cornish’s Condobolin on 0428 952 137 or come see the technology for yourself at the Condobolin Annual Show with Darryl on hand to take farmers through its many features.
Also on display will be Croplands latest release the 8000 litre 36 metre Pegasus Boomspray and Wheatheart Augers.

A high profile at All Saints’ College

Condobolin students currently attending All Saints' College in BathurstCondobolin has a firm foothold at All Saints’ College, with 10 students from the Condobolin area attending school in Bathurst this year.
“Condobolin has always been a great area for us and some terrific local families have sent their children to All Saints – over a number of years,” said All Saints’ Head of College Dr Peter Miller.
“Of course, creating a supportive and ‘family-like’ atmosphere is a key part of the way we approach boarding  – and many of our students will tell you this is why they enjoy being at All Saints,” Dr Miller said.
Glenda Isbister, who heads the Lyon House residence for girls from Year 7 to 10, said the girls are a close knit group who support and help each other – while having a lot of fun.
“Along with school, the students love spending time together at different weekend activities, such as movies, picnics, craft, impromptu sports games and cooking sessions,” Mrs Isbister said.
“There is never a dull moment and the students really enjoy their time with us,” she said.
All Saints’ College’s Director of Boarding, Eliot Sanger, says the key ingredient is the close and supportive relationship between the students and the boarding staff who care for them.
“We work very hard to create a family-like atmosphere, to keep the students busy and to keep in close contact with the parents and families at home. We are very conscious of the trust involved in sending your child to boarding school – and we take this responsibility very seriously,” Mr Sanger said.

The secret’s out

The special publication 'The Country Show Cookbook' will be available to purchase at the Condobolin ShowThe secrets of some of the State’s champion cooks have been revealed in a special publication, recently launched as a fundraiser for the NSW country show movement.
The Country Show Cookbook: Award –winning Recipes at Country Shows is a heart-warming collection of traditional recipes, some with a twist, presented in a 256-page, hard-cover, colour-illustrated book.
It contains award-winning recipes by many NSW country shows including three by champion Condobolin Show cooks.
Of the 200 show societies in NSW, around 100 accepted the invitation of the Agricultural Societies Council of NSW (ASC) to submit recipes.  Each has won a champion prize at a show, either local or Royal, and all recipes were tested by ASC cooks.
David Moor, immediate past-president of the ASC said, “I would have thought you would have more success extracting the fangs of an irritated tiger snake than a secret recipe by a show winner,” but this proved not to be the case with the ASC being willingly inundated with 400 recipes from which the book’s selection of 180 were made.
In Condobolin we submitted 9 recipes by seven of our most consistent champion cooks of the last decade of both cookery and home-made classes and those selected by the editors for publication were the butter cake recipe of Judith Davis with chocolate, orange and marble adaptations; Kate Cunningham’s lemon butter with lime, orange and passionfruit variations; and the quince jelly of Daphne Williams.
As a number of local cooks have commented since trying out some of the recipes, one of the beauties of the book is that the ingredients are all standard pantry fare with little need to hunt for exotic additions.
Copies are available for $25 each at the Secretary’s Office at the Showground, so get in early because they are selling like …… well, like hot cakes!

Country Energy set to sizzle

Culinary delights and mouth watering teasers will be on the menu at this year’s Condobolin Show, as Country Energy features its infamous Country Energy cooking demonstrations.
For the first time, the local energy provider will showcase the Country Energy kitchen featuring cooking demonstrations and taste testing, taking place every hour on the hour from 10am to 2pm on Saturday.
Country Energy’s acting regional general manager, Ben McClements, said, “This event is a fantastic example
of how Country Energy continues to support the local organisations within the community.”
“This year, the Country Energy kitchen will feature popular local produce – lamb – with renowned Bathurst chef, Tracey Tullier, demonstrating a number of quick and easy recipes that customers can make at home,” Ben said.
Everyone who visits the Country Energy marquee on Saturday will have the opportunity to go into the draw for an energy efficiency pack valued at over $200 – there will also be some giveaways at each cooking demonstration.
Country Energy is a strong supporter of the communities in which it operates. Environmental, social, educational and cultural events and organisations benefit from our community sponsorship program.
“We are a big part of Condobolin community – our employees live and work in the area so investing in the future of the town is good business sense,” Ben said.

Carbon Expos Coming to the Condobolin Show

“Want to know more about climate change and what you can do to make a difference? If the answer is yes, then come along to the Condobolin show and check out the Carbon Expo being put on by Centroc and Lachlan Catchment Management Authority on both days of the show.” said Cr Manwaring, Mayor of Lachlan.
“There will be composting, permaculture, alternative technologies, The Weather Report – a great quarterly climate change newsletter produced by Centroc. Carbon Farmers Australia will be there to talk about their different approach to agriculture, local nurseries who are a great source of water wise plants and many others will be there.” said Cr Manwaring.
“What is really exciting is that the TAFE Western Green Skills on the Road mobile learning resource will be there. The facility, which travels across the region, is used to raise industry and community awareness of environmentally sustainable technologies. Green Skills on the Road contains and provides the following resources:
•Displays of sustainable building materials
•Displays of water efficient products
•Displays of renewable energy products
•Information pamphlets
•Interactive computer activities
•DVD presentations
So don’t forget to come to the show next week and see what is on offer in our region” said Cr Manwaring.
“The Green Skills on the Road will only be at the show on Friday so don’t miss out.  There is also a lucky door prize of a solar mobile phone and iPod charger.
There is also children’s colouring in competition.  There are great prizes and it will be drawn on Saturday afternoon at 2.30 at the Carbon Expo site.
Copies of the colouring in competition are available from Council, the Lachlan CMA office in Condobolin and inside The Condobolin Argus.

The biggest Show ever for Condobolin

In the 125th year of Condobolin PAH & I Association (Show Society), there will indeed be something for everyone at this  year’s Condobolin Show to be held on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 August.
Show secretary, Carol-Ann Malouf said, “We have probably never crammed so many wonderful attractions into one show, nor had so many celebratory highlights in the same year.
“For a start, the committee obviously did not have to look far for the person they would like to open this year’s Show.
The 116th Annual Condobolin Show will be officially opened by the 2010 The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl, Clare McDonald, who was also the 2009 Condobolin Showgirl.
At the opening ceremony you will be introduced to your 2010 Condobolin Showgirl, Georgina Sutherland and runner-up Amy Watt, who were announced at last Saturday’s Show Ball, and joining them will be the 2010 Young Achievers, a fantastic band of Condobolin youth who involve themselves in various stewarding roles at the Show after facing interviews the previous week.
It won’t be all sashing and speeches for Clare who, as a member of the Condobolin Show committee for the last couple of years, has stewarding duties which include organisation of the Sureway Employment & Training-sponsored Bushman’s Relay with $500 cash for the winning team.
To be staged in front of the bar area on the Show’s second night the challenge of the relay’s various stages causes great entertainment both for competitors and spectators. Entries should be made at the Secretary’s Office at the SRA Ground by 5 p.m. on the first night of the Show.
A major coup for this year’s show will be the staging of The Australian Wool Fashion Awards (TAWFA) parades. Now a major wool industry event the awards are designed to showcase the use of Merino wool by national and international fashion designers and students and TAWFA parades are a major feature of the Sydney Royal Easter Show with the national awards taking place at that venue.
All garments are “one-offs”, both young and innovative, with many created by young designers, secondary school or tertiary college students, all promoting wool to the consumer in a creative way.
“With TAWFA managing director, Liz Foster, a bus-load of models of the New England region and some 75 woollen garments heading for Condobolin, the parades should attract spectators from throughout the Central West,” said show president, Bruce Patton.
A Pied Piper's duck models a pink outfitTHE PIED PIPER SHOW
Fashion parades with a difference will be part of another major attraction, that of the Pied Piper Show.
Based on a reputation of some 25 years of delighting crowds throughout Australia at local and Royal shows, Brian Harrington’s feathered friends will waddle down another catwalk at this year’s Condobolin Show, parading the latest in designer and duck fashion.
Along the way colourful and talented ducks (yes, ducks) play musical chairs with their racing pig friends and when not parading will be wandering around the showground showing off the latest fashion trends. Visits will also be paid to local schools on the day prior to the Show.
Returning to Condobolin due to popular demand is Crocodile Encounters, sponsored by Country Energy, a mobile reptile display presented by recognised reptile expert, Mark Richmond who said, “This is a totally hands-on experience with members of the audience encouraged to handle the animals.
“All animals have been specially conditioned to take part in this kind of performance and will be selected from a range which includes a variety of lizards, pythons, turtles and fresh and saltwater crocodiles.”
The Show Society is also delighted to announce that our own acclaimed Condobolin Auto Sports Club members will be staging a performance following Saturday’s Grand Parade and Presentations. A great crowd favourite, this display will captivate everyone.
Another 2010 Condobolin Show highlight will be the Country Energy Kitchen providing cooking demonstrations throughout the second day, showcasing lamb recipes along with other quick and easy family favourites such as Chocolate Rocky Road and, demonstration chef, Tracey Tullier, will showcase her Chocolate Shots recipe of her well-known former Bathurst restaurant.
Regional general manager, Chas McPhail, said “Country Energy is proud to continue its long standing support of the Condobolin Show.
“We are a big part of the Condobolin community – our employees live and work in the area so investing in the future of the town is good business sense.”
Demonstrations will take place under the Country Energy marquee in the Ray Davis Memorial Skillion hourly during 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
With information available on energy efficiency, Show patrons can enter a draw at the kitchen site to win Energy Efficiency Packs valued at $250, $100 and $50.
Also playing “Pied Piper”, as they have done for over 50 years, Condobolin’s RSL Club Pipe Band supplemented by visiting band members of other centres will start their march in town through to the showground on the second day leading the procession of Show patrons to the ground.
New to the region – Carbon Expo
This year’s Show has been selected to host the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority and Centroc Carbon Expo – an exciting new venture that will deliver climate adaptation advice into the communities of the Lachlan River catchment – to be found to the south of the pavilion along ringside.
As this year we celebrate 125 years since the formation of the Condobolin PAH & I Association, the display of trophies that was mounted for the Celebration of Condobolin last November will be on show in the main Pavilion and anyone who has a treasured trophy in the past is invited to contact the Show Secretary within the next few days if they would like this trophy displayed along with its background.
And there’s still more!
There is just too much happening at this year’s Condobolin Show to go into further detail – you really just have to be there!
However a suggestion is that you visit on Friday to cover the Pavilion and the large range of trade, machinery, agriculture displays and exhibitions, thus allowing time on Saturday to take in the various scheduled performances of our feature attractions as well as visiting those competitions that are only held on the Saturday, such as the Cattle and Poultry classes.
Don’t forget you can dine throughout the day at Bill and Colleen Doyle’s Restaurant off the main pavilion, savouring morning and afternoon tea, lunch and barbecue and wash it all down with a cleansing ale at the Show Bar.
Lachlan Shire Council has been busy for weeks preparing the showground and the Show Society is indebted to them for the genuine care and attention given by administrative and outdoor staff to presenting a spectacular backdrop for the greatest Show in the State.
As well, Heather Blackley and her Work for the Dole participants have again had great input in complementing the work of Council and the Show Committee in preparing the grounds for the many activities that will take place.
Help wanted!!
While the Show Society not only has a small band of willing Committee members and a band of wonderful volunteers (e.g. the stewards of the various classes in the Pavilion) as well as a number of enthusiastic and greatly appreciated High School students, and of course the dedicated Young Achiever entrants, numbers are increasingly lighter to cover all areas required to present your Condobolin Show, such a large and multi-faceted event.
Therefore, further volunteers are sought to help in such areas as showjumping rail-lifting and ground parking stewards. If you think you could spare a few hours to become actively involved, please call at the Showground Office or phone 6895 4025.

Pets on Parade

In an exciting move, one of the most popular competitions at Condobolin Show, the Foodworks Pet Parade, has been revamped since publication of this year’s Show Schedule.
Held adjacent to the Farmyard Nursery, the parade is judged at 2 p.m. on the first afternoon of the show, this year Friday August 27.
Drawing a large spectator crowd as well as many eager young participants with their favourite pets, the animals are judged on such criteria as obvious signs of bonding with their owner, on a healthy and shiny coat, clear eyes and good mouth.
The enthusiastic chief steward of the Farmyard Nursery and of the Foodworks Pet Parade, Jessie Parker, has this year introduced additional criteria that will add a further element of fun and excitement to each section.
The 16 sections will cover most obedient dog; cutest puppy; fastest eating dog; dog with waggiest tail; cat with fluffiest tail; best dressed dog; cutest kitten; prettiest bird; best kept guinea pig; sweetest mouse; largest pet; cutest rabbit; smallest pet; most unusual pet; cutest lamb; and most lovable pet.
The Wheeler family of Foodworks Condobolin generously sponsor the Pet Parade with a cash prize of $10 for the winner of each section along with a ribbon. There is also a trophy and ribbon for the champion pet.
Posters outlining these newly worded sections will be on display at schools and around town and flyers to replace page 43 in your show schedule are also available.
All pets must be owned by and paraded by a child between 5 and 16 years old and the pets must be caged or on a leash at all times.
As with all shows these days, there are additional new regulations to be observed. The Pet Parade is open to farm or domestic pets only – native animals are not permitted – and any sheep or cattle must be NLIS tagged and accompanied by appropriate TSS (or NVD) and animal health declarations.
These conditions regarding sheep, goats and cattle also apply to exhibits in the Farmyard Nursery. Exhibitors of ponies in either the nursery or parade must complete a Record of Horse Attendance form available from the showground office and the parent or guardian of all exhibitors and entrants must also complete a waiver form.
Entries in this year’s Pet Parade are to be made with the show secretary’s office on 6895 4025 (b.h. only) by 5 p.m. on Wednesday August 24.
Those wishing to supply exhibits for the Farmyard Nursery should contact Jessie Parker on 0432 610 137.

Parking ringside at the show

With the ever-popular ringside parking tickets for this year’s Condobolin Show to go on sale on Monday 16 August (see ad this issue), purchasers are reminded that the person who will be driving the vehicle is now required to sign a waiver.
Waiver forms are now available for collection at the showground office and the person for whom the ticket is being purchased, that is the driver of the vehicle, is required to sign the waiver.
“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause some of our Show patrons, but we have no choice other than to instigate this ruling,” said show secretary, Carol-Ann Malouf.
“We are only too happy to email, fax or post waivers to anyone who is not able to collect them.”
Ticket-holders are also reminded that cars must be reversed from ringside under the direction of another person who is placed to observe any pedestrian or vehicular traffic and there is absolutely no parking permitted behind cars already on ringside.

Picture perfect

By Melissa Blewitt
Have you taken a beautiful photograph?
Then why not enter it in the Class R Amateur Photography section of the Condobolin Show.
There are sections for primary school, high school, open black and white, and open colour prints, with a first and second prize awarded in each category.
Most Successful Exhibitor will also be awarded in each category.
The entry fee is 50 cents, however, all school sections are free to enter.
Entries previously entered at Condobolin Show and hand coloured prints are not eligible, and photographs can be no more than two years old.
Prints are to be individually mounted on white cardboard only with a two centimeter border (no framed photographs are permitted).
Name and address are to be put on the back of the photograph and mount, as well as number of section in which entry in being made. There is a limit of four entries per person.
Entries close with the Secretary at 5pm on Tuesday, 24th August and all exhibits must be in the hands of the Secretary at that time. No late entries will be accepted.
Photography entries can be made at the Secretary’s Office, Showground, Condobolin during Fridays in July (12noon to 5pm), and Monday to Friday during August (9am to 5pm).
All participants in the photography class must sign a waiver, as it is a requirement of the Condobolin PAH and I Association. These will be available from the Show office.
No photograph can exceed 20.5 centimetres by 30 centimetres (8” by 12”).
For further information contact (02) 6895 4025 or chief stewardess Mrs J Tyack on 0421 756 698.

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