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Acca Dacca back in Condobolin

Acca Dacca came all the way from Coonabarabran late last Saturday afternoon to play at the Condobolin RSL on Saturday night.By Dominic Geiger

It’s a long way to Condobolin if you want to rock ‘n’ roll, but for the world’s premier ACDC cover band, Acca Dacca, it was well worth the journey.

Arriving from Coonabarabran late Saturday afternoon, the band showed the Condo crowd the true meaning of rock with an incredible three hour performance.

Beginning at 8:30 with ‘The Wright Stuff’, an Easy Beats cover show, the band reappeared half an hour later to bring down the house in what was an ACDC performance capable of bringing even Angus Young to his knees.

Playing an incredible set list ranging from hits from 1974’s ‘High Voltage’ to the recent ‘Black Ice’, the band got the 100+ crowd up and dancing with even the older members of the audience itching for a boogie.

Standout numbers included ‘Hells Bells’ and ‘Safe in New York City’.

Larry Attard, aka Bon Scott/Brian Johnson, said he thought the Condobolin crowd was incredible given the town’s small size.

“You never know what to expect with these sorts of shows,” he said.

“But we had a great time; you had the people who were here just for a good time and didn’t necessarily know all the songs, and you had the die-hards who sung along to every word.”

Acca Dacca’s next show will be in Brisbane before heading off to New Zealand for a round of performances.

RSL’s new Bistro opens

David and Gigi Lau are the new owners of the Condobolin RSL Bistro. DGThe Condobolin RSL bistro will reopen today under new ownership.

Featuring a Chinese variety menu, new restaurateur David Lau said he was thrilled to have the chance to supply good local service for customers.

“Today we will be featuring normal deals as well as seven dollar lunch specials which alternate throughout the week,” he said.

“Every Friday night we will feature all you can eat banquettes at $16 per adult and $12 for children under 16.”

David said he has over twenty years experience working in Chinese restaurants.

“I started in Mt Druitt where I ran a restaurant for four years,” he said.

“From there I went to Springwood in the Blue Mountains where I worked in friend’s shop for 18 years.

“Most recently I worked in Trundle for three years, so I feel as though I already know a lot of the people around here.”

Red Cross wants blood

Blood samples taken by the Red Cross Blood Service. Many patients in Australian hospitals rely on donations for survival.By Dominic Geiger

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is calling for all Condobolinites who are able to donate blood to make a visit to the Central West Donor Mobile when it visits the town on Thursday July 7.

The Donor Mobile will be based in the RSL Club’s car park from 8am to 1pm, however donor beds will be set up inside the RSL building itself.

Red Cross Blood Service Coordinator, Gemma Eames, said the Donor Mobile visit would be a chance for the Condobolin community to make a real difference in the lives of many patients in Australian hospitals who rely on blood products for survival.

“An hour of your time could mean a lifetime to someone else,” she said.

“There is no substitute for blood and we need blood of every type, every day to save the lives of thousands of Australians.

“We are asking Condobolin residents to please do something special; give blood.”

Gemma said winter was a particularly difficult time of year for the Red Cross, as with the cooler weather blood donations drop off.

“We need to ensure there is enough blood to help those who need it,” she said.

“We also want to encourage people in Condobolin to make appointments to donate blood on the day because it helps us speed up the process.”

People interested in donating blood are urged to call 13 14 95 or visit our website  to get an idea of what to expect and for further information on donor eligibility criteria and blood donation.

Those who have donated before can also call 13 14 95 to make an appointment.

Information for new donors: On the day of donation, all blood donors need to eat a substantial meal, drink 4-5 glasses of water and bring your donor card or photo IDTo donate blood you must: Be aged between 16-70, have not had a tattoo in the last six months, not be pregnant and have not given birth in the last 9 months and/or are not currently breastfeeding, be over 50kg (over 45 kg if under 18, not have low iron, and not have not lived in the UK between 1980 and 1996 for a cumulative period of 6 months or more.

CAHS Centre begins men’s health program

Participants attended a meeting last Wednesday at Condobolin Aboriginal Health Centre where information and healthy snacks were provided.By Dominic Geiger
Condobolin Aboriginal Health Service in partnership with NSW Dept of Communities, Sport and Recreation and Condobolin Health Service has begun an eight week Aboriginal Men’s Health activity program.
Eleven men attended an information seminar last Thursday evening that explained how the program would be run across the following weeks.
The program is designed to encourage Aboriginal men to engage themselves in physical activity and education workshops to improve their overall wellbeing.
According to Australian Indigenous Health Info Net, “Indigenous people generally experience more risk factors for ill-health than do other Australians.”
Cardiovascular disease is 1.3 times more likely to be the cause of death for an indigenous person than for a non indigenous person, while cancer death rates are around 1.5 times higher for Indigenous people than for their non-Indigenous counterparts.
Nurse at Condobolin Aboriginal Health Service, Maree Atkinson, said the program would feature an exercise workshop on Monday nights while alternating health education seminars and cooking classes would be featured on Tuesday nights.
“The cooking classes will be with a dietician who will help the men learn about food, contents, reading labels, and how to cook great meals,” she said.
“The participants are also really keen to get to the gym on Mondays.”
Maree said the first eduational session topic, which participants discussed on the info night, would focus on sexual health and immunisation.
“They will be talking about how to prevent and immunise against sexually transmitted diseases and other illnesses,” she said.
“This is a joint initiative and I would especially like to thank representatives from NSW Dept of Communities, Sport and Recreation, Condo Aboriginal Health Service, Condobolin Hospital and Willow Bend Sports Centre.

Quota International of Condobolin

L-R: Ros L’Estrange, Margaret Karsten, Sue Kendall, Elaine Lavender, Sharon Denyer, Connie Venables & Lynne Hawley. ContributedQI of Condobolin welcomed Sue Kendall as a new member of their Club at their June meeting.
26th District Governor Lynne Hawley performed the Induction Ceremony and Vice-President Ros L’Estrange (in President Sheila Brasnett’s absence) presented Sue with a small gift and a bouquet of flowers. It has been several years since QI of Condobolin have had a new member join their ranks and they look forward to having Sue as part of their small but enthusiastic group.
QI of Condobolin recently held a Biggest Morning Tea at the Pharmacy and raised over $1100. A letter of thanks was read at the meeting with the information that in recent years our Club has raised and donated $7879.48c to the New South Wales Cancer Council.
Planning is currently underway for several events both fundraising and social over the coming months, including a trip to Parkes by most of our members to attend the ‘Opera at the Dish’ in October.
Ros L’Estrange and Lynne Hawley will be attending the 26th District Conference in Wellington on 24th, 25th and 26th of June when Lynne’s term as District Governor officially comes to an end. Lt/Governor Jeanette Craddock from Bathurst will be installed as District Governor for 2011 – 2012.

For those in Condo about to rock

Acca Dacca will be playing at the Condobolin RSL.By Dominic Geiger

Acca Dacca, the next best thing to seeing ACDC live, will be playing at the Condobolin RSL on Saturday June 25.
Having just returned from a sell out tour in Indonesia, ACDC’s greatest tribute band will once again hit the road in Australia, performing hits from 1974’s ‘High Voltage’ to the recent ‘Black Ice’.
Larry Attard, aka Bon Scott/Brian Johnson, said the Condobolin crowd could expect to leave the show feeling like they’ve seen and heard the real deal.
“It’s a meat and potatoes ACDC show,” he said.
“We’ll have ‘Angus’ up there in a school boy uniform as well as a few surprises here and there.
“We were in Condobolin three to four years ago but since then ACDC have released a new album so we’ve got a lot more songs.”
Larry said two and a quarter hour Acca Dacca show would follow a 45 minute Easy Beats support show called ‘The Wright Stuff’.
“We’ll play Easy Beats songs to to warm up at 8:30, we have a half hour break, then we come back on as Acca Dacca,” he said.
“Angus Young said himself in a recent interview, if you can’t see ACDC, see Acca Dacca.”
Acca Dacca will play a free show at the Condobolin RSL Club on Saturday June 25.

Rock to country music

Country music royalty: Catherine Britt will perform at the Condobolin RSL. DG By Dominic Geiger

Golden Guitar winner for Female Artist of the Year in 2009 and 2010 CMA Global Artist of the Year, Catherine Britt, is gearing up to play a stellar show at the Condobolin RSL on June 18.
Currently touring nationally in support of her new self titled album, Catherine said Condobolin could expect a highly energetic performance.
“The show’s going to be awesome,” she said.
“(The band and I) have a really good time; I’ve never played Condobolin before so we’re going to give it 100%.”
Catherine said although the focus for the performance would be on her newest album, she would also be playing a range of older songs.
“I have four albums out now so we’ll just be having a lot of fun; I’m bringing the full band and they’re my best mates,” she said.
“It’ll be a four-piece including myself; there’s a bass, electric guitar and drums.
“We’ll also have (2011 two-time Golden Guitar winner) Luke Austen coming along to open the show.
“I played a recent show in Canberra with Luke that was really awesome so I can’t wait to perform with him again.”
As for preparing for her Condobolin performance, Catherine said she planned on approaching it in the same way to any show she might play in the city.
“I’ll probably just have dinner and a glass of wine to relax (before we go on stage),” she said.
“I try to get a good vibe with the band after sound check and have a good time so I can get up and make the most of it.”
Catherine Britt will play at the Condobolin RSL on Saturday June 18 and tickets are available through the venue.

Condo RSL elects new board of directors

By Dominic Geiger

The Condobolin RSL Club held its Annual General Meeting recently, with eight club members elected to the Board of Directors.
Keith Hartin was elected to the position of president, while Garry Wallace was elected to vice president.
Other club members elected to the board include Brian Prothero, Fred Escreet, Jeff Grogan, Max Lewis and two new board members Glenn Tyack and Ian Simpson.
Despite the RSL club being made up of 1,100 members in total, a mere 196 votes were cast in nomination of the board, with six of those being counted as informal.
Newly installed president of the RSL Club, Keith Hartin, said he was disappointed in the lack of votes.
“It’s not real good, we only had 23 people turn up for the AGM,” he said.
“The club is for the members; this is their opportunity to have a say about what goes on.
“It’s disappointing to see just a few members taking interest in the club.”
Despite the low number of votes, Keith said he was optimistic about a number of projects the club planned to get underway in the coming months.
“We’ll be looking into a full renovation of the club’s downstairs air conditioning,” he said.
“We’ll also be putting a trophy cabinet in the foyer for all the trophies and memorabilia around the club.”

Ram’s Shed renovations in final stages

Publican Greg Cooper outside the Rams Shed. DGBy Dominic Geiger

The Condobolin Hotel Motel’s Ram’s Shed is nearing the final stages of completion following massive renovations and the purchase of a brand new carpet.
Hotel owner, Greg Cooper, said the primary purpose of the Ram’s Shed is to give the Condobolin rugby union team a home, though the facility would be available to anyone interested.
“We’re in the last stages of renovating the shed; all we need to do now is the carpet,” he said.
“We’ll be putting lots of rugby union paraphernalia inside; the official opening will be announced very soon.
“The cost has been just over $90,000; we’ve painted inside, put in new lighting and a smoking area and we’ve had a new outside sign painted.
“It’s all heated properly and (when events are on) we’ll have the street entrance open.”
Greg said he had already begun taking bookings for the Ram’s Shed for various upcoming functions.
“We’ve got a wedding booked in for September as well as a special party coming up,” he said.
“We’re also going to use the room for special functions, i.e. Quota and Lion’s Club meetings.
“The room will be open to everyone.”

Zoomobile comes to Condobolin

Rod Cheal providing an up close and personal experience with a very friendly echidna for the children of St Josephs, Condobolin.A number of Condobolin children had the opportunity to learn about and experience some of Australia’s native wildlife last week with the Taronga Zoomobile making visits to Condobolin Preschool and St Joseph’s School.
The Zoomobile, which works in partnership with the NSW Department of Education and Training, is designed to give children who can’t normally access a zoo a chance to learn about Australian native animals.
Education Advisor from Taronga Zoo Education Centre, Rod Cheal, said the Zoomobile’s visit to Condobolin featured a show called ‘Animals of the Dreaming’.
“Col Hardy, who’s a Golden Guitar recipient, helped present the show which told stories about animals, the dreaming and some of Col’s own personal stories,” he said.
“The show focused on giving the kids a chance to view animals with conservation eyes.
“It allowed them to think about the conservation of an animal rather than seeing it as a threat like, for example, a brown snake at home.”
Rod said the students absolutely loved getting the chance to see an echidna up close.
“It was a real friendly echidna and the children were able to pat it, which is something they probably wouldn’t usually be able to do,” he said.
Preschool director Melissa Nesbitt said all the children were involved and found the show fascinating; especially the chance to be able to touch the animals.

Hats off to Rotary Health

Dave Carter and Uwe Kuhn at the Rotary Hat Day fundraiser last Sunday.By Dominic Geiger

The Condobolin branch of Rotary International held a successful Hat Day fundraiser at the Condobolin Sports Club last Sunday, with all proceeds raised during the event going to fund research into mental health in Australia.
The event was held in order to raise awareness about the four million Australians who will suffer from a mental disorder at some point in their lives and to remove the stigma associated with mental health disorders.
About 25 people played bowls throughout the day while wearing various hats in keeping with the theme of taking mental health issues out from ‘under their hat’.
President of the Condobolin Rotary Club, Dave Carter, said Hat Day was a new initiative for Australian Rotary Health.
“This fundraiser is different because whereas in other events you’ll have a certain amount of money going towards administration, 100% of the money raised (at Hat Day) will go to the cause,” he said.
“I’d like to thank the Condobolin Sports Club for waving the green fees; everyone has paid $15 today which includes a sausage sizzle and a game of bowls.”
Coordinator of the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program, Di Gill, was also on site at the event with other mental health professionals at the mobile Pit Stop van medical centre.
“Rotary research does a lot for Mental Health in Australia,” Di said.
“(Hat Day is) important because it not only focuses on research, but allows mental health issues to be spoken about openly so as to decrease the stigma (associated with mental health disorders).
“It also increases peoples’ understanding about how to get appropriate help and support regarding mental health.”

Call for community centre lift

Vad Carey and Alice Dunn at the Condobolin Community Centre.By Dominic Geiger

The Condobolin Arts and Crafts Society has renewed calls to the local community to support the upcoming Art and Cultural Prize Exhibition in the hope the project will attract enough funds to build the much needed lift in the community centre.
Society President, Alice Dunn, said the large amount of stairs in the centre often caused difficulty for many of the elderly visitors to the centre.
“People frequently have entertainment upstairs, and the volunteers have to carry up supplies using the stairs,” she said.
“Some of the older people find it quite hard to make it up there.
“I really think this lift is essential so we can get the full potential from this heritage building.”
Secretary of the society, Vad Carey, said many people chose not to have functions at the centre due to the lack of a lift.
“It places people in the position where they ask if it’s better to have an event at the centre or on an entirely flat surface,” she said.
“I don’t know how people did it in the old days; everything would have been very labour intensive.
“The lift will make it more accessible for everyone when events are on.”
Anyone interested in submitting a piece of work to the Art and Cultural Prize Exhibition can pick up an entry form from the Condobolin Community Centre or can call Vad on (02) 68952112 (answering machine).

Revege the sedge well underway

Senior Condo High School students are helping out with the “Revege the Sedge” project which will include constructing a path and planting grasses along the river’s edge.

By Dominic Geiger

The ‘Revege the Sedge’ community project is well underway on the southern banks of the Lachlan River in Condobolin.
The project, which is an initiative of various different groups within the Lachlan Shire, aims to revitalise the riverbank and construct a path between the old woolshed in the sports grounds and the Lachlan River Bridge.
Project Officer at Western Plains Regional Development Inc (WPRD,) Heather Blackley, said a group of senior high school students would be doing the majority of the work constructing the path and planting grasses along the river’s edge.
“Spiny Sedge Grass will be planted so the basket weaving ladies will be able to use it,” she said.
“We are also removing rubbish and noxious weeds from the area.
“We’re trying to develop a sense of community with this project; the school children and other community (organisations) will be invited to design the tiles that will cover the pathway.
“We are also involving the Condobolin Historical Society and will be putting up signs which will (explain to visitors) various historical events and places in the area, including photos of when the old bridge across the Lachlan River collapsed.”
High school teacher, Lynn Vanderdonk said the school students involved in the project were learning new skills to help them for when they eventually finish school.
“It’s part of the Star Program which involves TAFE lessons and (helps the students) to attain driver’s license qualifications and pre-employment skills,” she said.
Project facilitator, Steve Karaitiana will be helping to guide the students while they work on the project.
Organisations involved in the project include: WPRD, Condobolin Youth Services, Condobolin High School, TAFE, The Condobolin Historical Society, West Women Weaving, Centacare, Yawarra Aboriginal Corporation and Lachlan Shire Council.

Lachlan Shire National Servicemen 60th Anniversary

Lachlan Shire National Servicemen will join in Australia-wide celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of National Service in coming months.
A total of 287,000 young Australian men were called up for service in the Navy, Army and Air Force between 1951 and 1972.
Of them, 212 died on active service in Borneo and Vietnam.
The Nashos, meeting at Condoblin on May 15, discussed the celebrations on the Shire, State and national level.
They also considered other major issues including the proposed national Five Year Plan to ensure the continuation of the National Servicemen’s Association of Australia; the future of the Heritage Precinct commemorating National Service at the former Ingleburn Army Camp near Sydney; recruiting for the Australian Cadet Force and the importance of the Reserves to Australia’s defence effort.
The first National Serviceman marched into camp on 29 June 1951 and the last completed his obligation in the Army on 14 February 1974.
Lachlan Shire Nashos will join in special parades and services marking the 60th anniversary. These include a national reunion at Townsville in north Queensland and a service at the National Service Memorial which was unveiled by the Governor-General, Ms Quentin Bryce AC, at the Australian War Memorial on 8 September last year.
The Five Year Plan aims at recruiting 1960s National Servicemen to join the NSAA.  Of the 65,000 young men called up in the 1960s, just over 15,000 served in Borneo and Vietnam.
The remainder served in support units in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Australia but received no recognition such as veterans’ pensions, medals or home loans.
They have been termed the Lost Legion because until recently they have tended not to join in any ex-service organisations.
The recruiting campaign aims to encourage them to take over from the 1950s National Servicemen who have directed the Association since its foundation in 1987.
The Lachlan Shire National Servicemen have also expressed concern at proposed sell-offs of land around the former Ingleburn Army camp which houses the National Service museum containing photos, relics and memorabilia from the National Service era.
The NSAA helps maintain the Museum and Precinct but it is becoming an increasing financial burden and the Association is discussing ways to ensure that the Museum continues.
The strain on Australia’s Reserve Forces and the difficulties in recruiting Reservists and Cadets was another area of concern at the Condobolin meeting.

Tottenham Men’s Shed receives Veteran funding

The Tottenham Men’s Shed Incorporated will receive a $7,305.00 grant through the Veteran and Community Grants program, Federal Member for Parkes Mark Coulton announced.
Administered through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Veteran and Community Grants program offers grants to a range of community activities that encourage and promote healthy and social lifestyles for veterans, and to programs that assist veterans in living independently at home.
Mr Coulton said “I congratulate the Tottenham Men’s Shed on their success in receiving this grant. I have always been a huge supporter of Men’s Sheds and the important and practical role they play in connecting men with their communities.
There are many on-going costs that are associated with the running of these sheds and I am sure this grant will go a long way in ensuring the members of the Tottenham Men’s Shed can continue their successful operation and also attract new members.
There are Men’s Sheds right across the Parkes Electorate who are bringing together veterans and I would encourage other Men’s Sheds committees to contact my office if they would like to source the possibility of any available funding” he said.

Spit roast BBQ tested

Students from Condobolin High School hosted a barbecue at the Condobolin Men's ShedBy Dominic Geiger

Metals and engineering students from Condobolin High School hosted a barbecue lunch at the Condobolin Men’s Shed recently to celebrate the completion of a spit roast barbecue project.
The students have been constructing the barbecue over the past six weeks with the help of Barrick Gold Corporation sponsored project facilitator, Steve Karaitiana.
Steve said he’d learnt a lot from the students and he hoped they’d learnt a lot from him as well.
“It was a pleasure to work with these young men,” he said.
“The community is now able to hire the spit for functions and in doing so they’ll support the Men’s Shed.
“You can really cook for a big crowd with this barbecue; it’s hard to beat the old spit for cooking a good feed.”
Careers advisor at Condobolin Highschool, Tim Lukins, said the project had helped give the students a much bigger picture about what life after school was like.
“It’s exposed them to the wider community,” he said.
“While they’ve been doing this project one day a week they’ve managed to build sheds at the Murie as well.
“They’ve been taking one day off school a week to work on these projects.
“The barbecue was finished today so now this lunch is a bit of a test run.”
Approximately twenty people enjoyed a succulent meal of spit roasted lamb and potatoes at the lunch.

Gambling with local jobs

The Federal Government’s licence to gamble for poker machines will cost the Central West at least 485 jobs.
ClubsNSW met with local clubs at Gilgandra Services Club to discuss the impact of poker machine technology the Federal Government has agreed to introduce in return for the support of the Tasmanian Independent MP Andrew Wilkie.
The licence to punt technology will cost clubs in the Central West $42 million to install. Local club revenues are expected to fall by a further $41 million annually as a result of the plan which includes forcing people to register for a license to gamble before they can play a poker machine.
ClubsNSW Chairman Peter Newell said a KPMG report shows mandatory pre-commitment will cost NSW at least 11,500 jobs and reduce the NSW budget by more than $1 billion over the next 4 years.
He said clubs in the Central West will not stand by and watch the destruction of 485 local jobs.
‘Local clubs employ over 2000 people. Almost a quarter of positions will go if the Government gives into the demands of a Tasmanian politician who received fewer votes than there are members of Dubbo RSL.
‘Problem gambling academics have warned the Federal Government that mandatory pre-commitment will not help problem gamblers. This technology is a complete waste of money that will put clubs on the scrap heap and more than 485 locals out of a job.
‘A far better solution would be to introduce a voluntary pre-commitment system that could help recreational gamblers set limits without needing to register for a licence.
‘One thing is for sure. You don’t help a problem gambler by giving them a gambling card. That’s just madness,’’ he said.

A mental night out

Mental As Anything appeared at the RSL last Friday evening. DGBy Dominic Geiger

An incredibly energetic Mental As Anything exploded onto the stage of the Condobolin RSL last Friday evening with a series of famous hits as well as a few lesser known numbers.
Although weary from the six hour drive from Sydney, the band coerced the crowd onto the dance floor in a show of youthful exuberance which defied the Mental’s many years of touring both locally and overseas.
Keyboardist, Greedy Smith, was particularly energetic, displaying incredible dance moves not seen since shoulder pads and mullets became popular.
Noteworthy songs included favourites such as ‘The Nips Are Getting Bigger’, ‘If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?’ and a sleazy, bass driven rendition of ‘Mr Natural’.
Despite a few hiccups with the sound, the majority of the band’s songs sounded crisp and clear, with perfect timing and sound levels throughout the performance.
The lighting also proved quite interesting and featured a rather strange and unexpected strobe interlude.
Greedy said he enjoyed the vibe of the Condobolin audience.
“We played here five years ago and we received pretty much the same vibe from the crowd,” he said.
“People here are always very respectful and attentive, with plenty of giggling and mirth making amongst those who really recognise a lot of our songs.
“You see that people have a real identification with our more popular songs, but they’re also very respectful of our newer stuff as well.”
Mental As Anything will continue on to Coonabarabran this week as part of their tour to support their latest album, ‘Tents Up’, which was released in 2009.

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