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The Maids in Condobolin

Cast and crew of The Maids mingled with the audience after the performance: Actor Kylie Coolwell, LSC Mayor Des Manwaring, Bianca Levy, Marion Packham, Liz Levy, Actor Sharni McDermott, Dave Carter, Kevin Read, Actor Elaine Crombie and Zona Wilinson. DG

By Dominic Geiger

The top floor of the Condobolin Community Centre was a hive of activity last Friday evening with eager Condobolinites filling the gallery room for the Q Theatre Company Presentation of Jean Genet’s ‘The Maids’.

Designed by the renowned artist, Brook Andrews, the set for the performance transformed the usually bare gallery room into a dark, brooding scene, perfect for the 1947 French murder classic.

The music too created an incredible ambience, and the acoustics of the room allowed the haunting sounds of accordions and violins to transport the audience to a dark place of servitude and jealousy.

Loosely based on the true story of two French maids who murdered their employer, The Maids builds incredible tension between the servants and the flamboyant ‘Madam’, culminating in an explosion of jealousy, resentment and murderous desire.

The Condobolin audience seemed to enjoy the play which, although slightly confusing at times, built an incredible tension which allowed for lightning fast power shifts between the characters throughout the performance.

The three actors, Kylie Coolwell (Solange), Sharni McDermott (Claire) and Elaine Crombie (The Madam), performed brilliantly, never once losing the audience’s captivation.

C.E.O of Penrith Performing and Visual Arts, John Kirkman, said the visit to the Lachlan Shire had allowed the Penrith based performance group to expand their knowledge of their own country, while giving back to the people who live in the Lachlan.

“This is a great partnership that exists between our two councils,” he said.

“It’s given us a great opportunity to work in our own backyard with our own people.”

Condo high students learn from drama legends

Condoboiln High School Students took part in a drama workshop run by The Maids.By Dominic Geiger

Condobolin High School students had the opportunity last Thursday to learn from the cast and coordinators of The Maids theatre presentation at a drama workshop held at the Condobolin Community Centre.

Thirty two drama students took part in the workshop while approximately 120 other students were given a tour of the building and received a sneak peak of the stage and props as they were being prepared for Friday night’s performance.

Penrith based drama teacher and stand-up comedian, Brent Thorpe, said the aim of the workshop was to encourage students to express themselves in ways they usually wouldn’t be able to while in a school environment.

“It’s about letting kids know it’s ok to express themselves and that they do have a voice and it’s ok to use it,” he said.

“We do basic skills training, drama games and we give them a taste of what it is to act.

“The students also had the chance to have a Q and A with The Maids actors and learn about how they got into [National Institute of Dramatic Art].”

Actor Elaine Crombie said the workshops were designed to help children release stress they might be experiencing at home or at school.

“The issues a lot of young kids go through day to day can create something like a tension wire for them,” she said.

“If they don’t have access to ways to express themselves that wire can snap later in life and then that becomes something the rest of the community has to deal with.

“I’m not saying this is the only way, but early intervention like this can address these sorts of issues now.”

A fashionable country upbringing

Jonathan Ward at the RM Williams 2011 Winter presentation. Photo supplied by RM Williams.By Dominic Geiger

As a young boy in the 1960s Jonathan Ward would sit down at the kitchen table on his family property in Tottenham and sketch.

Unlike his peers however, whose primary concern might have been colouring between the lines, Jonathan would sit and draw elaborate clothing designs for the celebrities he found photographed in his mother’s copies of Women’s Weekly.

Even then, before he was old enough to jump on the bus and travel the twelve miles to Tottenham Central School, Jonathan knew this was what he wanted to do when he grew up.

Now recognized as one of Australia’s leading couture and fashion designers and also currently working as the Executive Designer for the iconic Australian brand R. M. Williams, the boy from Tottenham has never forgotten where he came from.

Speaking to The Argus from his Sydney office last Friday, Jonathan said that his exposure to natural fibres such as wool and cotton on the family farm had given him an incredible advantage in the fashion industry.

“I really learnt that there is no better quality cloth than that made of natural fibres, especially wool,” he said.

“Coming from the country has given me a very practical view on how to design; it’s given me a great understanding of how people from the country wear their work clothes compared to how they wear their dress clothes.

“When I began designing I had a passion to be creative however I have always believed that clothing should be designed to suit your personality and lifestyle or for a special occasion”.

As the son of a sheep and cattle producer, Jonathan naturally faced some pressure during his early years to take over the family business.

Despite this, Jonathan said once people became aware of his talents, he found the local community supported his desire to follow his dreams.

“Someone once said to me that everyone is born with a gift, some people realize it while others spend their entire life unaware of it,” he said.

“In the beginning there were expectations to work on the property which I did for a couple of years.

“I loved working on the land, it gave me an appreciation of the elements and the simplicity and beauty of the bush.”

Since cutting his teeth designing for celebrities in his mother’s magazines, Jonathan has gone on to design clothing for the likes of Nicole Kidman, Elle McPherson and Kylie Minogue.

“In the beginning it was pretty daunting designing for celebrities,” he said.

“Despite this initial feeling, I was excited by the challenge of creating a piece to suit the occasion, complement the figure and encapsulate their individual style.

“And of course friendships come out of the professional relationships and that leads on to other people being referred to you.”

Dress by Jonathan Ward for Magic Millions. Photo supplied by RM Williams.Despite the list of celebrities Jonathan has professionally designed for including some of the biggest names in popular culture, Jonathan said the luminary who has given him the most satisfaction working with is one he has been designing for all his life.

“As a young kid I was very influenced by Barbie Dolls; my sister had them and it was her dolls that inspired me to create and design clothing,” he said.

“That inspiration, strangely enough, lead Barbie to follow me on throughout my career and in 1999 I was one of only six Australian Designers asked to design for Barbie’s 40th Birthday Celebrations with a Jonathan Ward Doll.

“I often joke that Barbie is the best client I ever had because she is the only one who has never talked back.”

After over 20 years in the Fashion Industry Jonathan Ward has become one of the leaders in contemporary Australian Fashion Design.

While embracing new styles and techniques throughout the years, he has maintained a quintessential bush influence in his work, especially with R.M. Williams.

“That Australian country sense of classic style fits into premium brands around the world,” he said.

“I am a strong believer in quality, longevity and simplicity and it’s those ideals that have helped me get to where I am today.”

McAlister Kemp at Condobolin RSL

McAlister Kemp will perform at Condobolin RSL Club.This year’s Golden Guitar winner for ‘Best New Talent’, McAlister Kemp, will be bringing their explosive country rock show to the Condobolin RSL on Friday August 12.

The band is currently riding high from the release of their debut album ‘All Kinds of Tough’, which reached number eight on the ARIA Country Sales Chart.

One half of the country rock duo, Drew McAlister, said he and Troy Kemp would be looking to blow the Condobolin crowd away with a high energy performance.

“I want people to bring their dancing shoes,” Drew said.

“We haven’t played in Condobolin before, so we’re really looking forward to it.

“We’ll be doing stuff off the most recent album as well as a few covers, so I think people will enjoy the show.”

Drew said he wanted to show the Condobolin audience that contemporary Australian country music is evolving and changing.

“The things that make our songs country is the stories behind them, though we maintain a contemporary sound as well,” he said.

“We’ve both got that country background and that never leaves you; I’m from Moree and Troy is from Kempsey.”

Drew said the duo usually took it easy before going on stage on the night of the performance.

“We don’t have any real ritual, we just drink a lot of water and put together the set list,” he said.

“We have a new bass player for this tour though, so that will be interesting.”

Further details of the band’s upcoming tour can be viewed on

Get on your Ghillies at this year’s September 15th Tattoo

Ghilles are worn in Irish, Scottish Country and Highland dancing. Sourced from Wikipedia.Ghillies are specially designed shoes used for several types of dance. They are soft shoes, similar to ballet shoes. They are used by women in Irish dance, by men in Scottish country dance, and by men and women in Highland dance.

Ghillies are also sometimes known by a variety of other names that include: light shoes, pomps, pumps, and soft shoes.They are almost always black, although they often feature coloured stitching and eyelets. Highland ghillies, for Highland dances, generally need to be a bit larger than the foot, due to being worn with thick socks or hose; for National dances they should fit snugly as they are worn with thin socks or stockings.

A feature of this year’s Condobolin RSL Tattoo will be a performance by dancers (wearing ghillies of course) of the Joy Reiher School of Scottish Dancing, based in Canberra. Joy has taught dancers who have won and been placed Australian Championships plus Champion of Champions Championships in Australia. Joy, herself won the Australian Championships three times, the Eastern Australian Championships twice, Victorian Championship, South Australian Championship. Joy won the ACT Highland Dancing championship nine times and a number of Queensland Championships. She is also a ABHD Adjudicator

Highland dancing, is a form of athletic solo dancing which developed the Gaelic Highlands of Scotland. Highland dance evolved into its current form during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the context of competitions at public events (namely Highland games), where it is often performed to the accompaniment of Highland bagpipe music.

Highland dance has been subject to many influences from outside the Highlands. For example, it has been heavily influenced by the patrons and judges of dance competitions since the nineteenth century.

Highland dance should not be confused with Scottish country dance.

According to the NSW State Committee of Highland dancing Inc website, Highland Dancing in New South Wales was being performed during the 1800’s and possibly prior to that period as our first settlers had emigrated from the United Kingdom to form a British colony. Later, Highland dancing competitions were held and were generally organised by Scottish Societies or Pipe Band Associations. Highland Games continued to flourished within the State through the period between and during World Wars One and Two.

Research and photograph from From Wikipedia.

Purchase your tickets now from the Condobolin RSL 68952113 or The White Picket Store – 68952565.

Adults – $30 and children under 16 – $10.

Shannon Noll releases new single

Shannon Noll is just about to release a brand new single titled ‘Turn Me On’.By Dominic Geiger

Condobolin’s own country rock superstar Shannon Noll is on the verge of releasing a brand new single, titled ‘Turn Me On’.

The single paves the way for a new album release and national tour, both scheduled for later this year.

The album is the first for Shannon in three years.

Shannon’s brother, Adam, said although Shannon had been out of the scene for a while, his new album was already attracting positive reviews by the select few who have had the chance to hear it.

“His new label, Universal, seem very happy with it,” Adam said.

“I’ve only heard it once but it sounds great.

“Over the next few weeks there’ll also be a music video released for the new single, which was filmed in Japan.

“Shannon’s been keeping the details of the video pretty well under wraps, though he has said it’s pretty wild.”

Adam said the new album featured a number of cameos by other well known musicians.

“Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden is [featured on the album] and some of the songs were co-written with Mark McEntee of The Devynyls,” he said.

“So the album has a fair bit of an old 80s rock vibe.”

Shannon’s new single can be listened to at for free.

Djembe jamming

Djembe teacher Mark Bennet with students Sharron Haase, Eliza Packham, Heather Blackley, Lanny MacKenzie and Bill Cunningham. DG

By Dominic Geiger

A small but enthusiastic group of rhythm aficionados gathered at the Condobolin Community Centre last Saturday for an explosive djembe drumming workshop.

Djembes are traditional African drums made from carved wood and goat skin.

Mark Bennett, of Rhythm Creature African Drumming, taught the students basic rhythms and breaks before using various recycled materials such as storm water pipes and tyre tubes to create homemade African drums or ‘Dun duns’.

Mark said the best part of drumming is that people don’t need to be particularly skilled to have a great time.

“There’s just such an amazing feeling when you’ve got everyone drumming together,” he said.

“Drumming has been such an important part of societies all around the world; I think it’s very important for people to come together and play music with each other.”

Mark said in addition to being a drumming teacher, he’d also made a number of djembes himself.

“The djembes are made from tree stumps with goat skin stretched across the top,” he said.

“There’s a rumour some people have tried to use kangaroo skin but it ends up being too bouncy.”

Project coordinator at Western Plains Regional Development (WPRD), Heather Blackley, said the plan was to set up a small drumming group involving students from the various Condobolin schools.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to get both adults and young people involved with the aim of eventually performing at functions around town,” she said.

“We may even be able to involve the djembe drummers with the RSL Pipe Band.”

The workshop was run through NSW Artstart, Lachlan Arts Council and WPRD Youth Services.


Condobolin Community Centre Cushion Concert

Condobolin's young talent was on display at the recent Cushion Concert.

An incredible selection of young musical talent was on display recently at the Condobolin Community Centre’s Cushion Concert.

With the majority of students performing with either a guitar or piano, the 50 plus audience were treated to songs ranging in classical rock numbers to lazy Louisiana blues and original compositions.

An initiative of the Lachlan Arts Council, Cushion Concerts have once again become a regular occurrence following an extended hiatus.

Project coordinator at Western Plains Regional Development, Heather Blackley, said the concerts were stopped due to a lack young people interested in learning about music.

“Children just weren’t picking up musical interests for some reason so we stopped the concerts for a few years,” she said.

“Now we’ve seen a resurgence with lots of children wanting to learn music so we decided to start the concerts up again.

“I think this is due to the increased popularity of new music technology like Youtube and iPhones.

Heather said most of the students who performed on Saturday had been learning for approximately twelve months prior to the concert. D. Geiger


Condo students selected for NAISDA

CHS students Dylan Brandy, Shannon King and  Shirley King  with  dance teacher Jo Clancy.By Dominic Geiger

Three Condobolin High School students have been selected for a week long NAISDA dance scholarship at the Redfern National Centre for Indigenous Excellence.

Students Dylan Brandy, Shannon King and Shirley King were selected out of workshops leading up to ‘Marramarra’, a separate dance event which will take place in Bathurst on July 12.

The students will now travel to Sydney in August to participate in the project.

Dylan said he was surprised when he was selected.

“We all had to dance and the best dancers would get picked,” he said.

“I must have just been lucky.”

While taking part in the scholarship, the Condobolin students will be able to experience what life as a professional dancer might be like.

“When we’re at NAISDA, we’ll get to watch and meet the dancers of Bangarra Dance Theatre,” Dylan said.

“It’ll be good; I’m really excited about it.”


Condo music students learn from music legends

Condobolin High School music students with teacher Cathy Saxby and country music star Katrina Burgoyne.By Dominic Geiger

Year eleven Condobolin High School music students recently had the chance to gain a valuable insight into the world of the music industry at the ‘Talent Development Project’ (TDP) in Coonabarabran.

The project is part of a series of workshops held in regional areas designed to give country students the chance to learn from a variety of skilled music professionals.

While in Coonabarabran, the students met with world renowned Australian country singer Katrina Burgoyne.

Katrina has had two top ten singles on the country music channel and her debut album has recently ranked ninth in the ARIA charts.

Condobolin High music teacher, Cathy Saxby, said Katrina provided the students with valuable tips on how to be a successful singer/songwriter and how to follow their dreams.

“Talent consultant and CEO of the TDP, Mary Lopez, who has run major events such as school spectacular, was also there to give her words of wisdom,” she said.

“Mary took a shining to (student) Jackson Anderson who she believes with some singing lessons and professional development could be a successful rockstar in years to come.”

The TDP has already seen many of its protégés go on to achieve success in the world of music, with the popular television show ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ recently featuring former TDP participant Jack Vidgen.


Snap Shot 2011

On 23 August 2006, Penrith City Council and Lachlan Shire Council signed a Friendship Agreement between the two local government areas – one that has the capacity to generate significant ongoing benefits for both communities.

As a result of the relationship, the Penrith Performing & Visual Arts (PP&VA), Lachlan Shire Council and Penrith City Council proposes to establish a three-year cultural partnership to develop and deliver an integrated performing and visual arts cultural and education program for communities and schools in Lachlan Shire.

Under the cultural partnership, the Penrith Regional Gallery and the Lewers Bequest is holding its annual Snap Shot 2011 Teenagers Photographic Prize.

This is an annual, open photographic competition for teenagers (13yrs – 19yrs). Entry is FREE and there is prize pool of $1200 between two age brackets 13 -15 and 16 -19 years.

Digital entries will be accepted online at between 1 July – 8 August with winners announced at the opening on Saturday 17 September 5pm – 7pm.

The exhibition will  show from 10 September to 30 October.  Snap Shot commenced in 2007, and attracted 23 entrants. The exhibition has grown exponentially since inception, and in 2010 presented the work of 147 teenage photographers and exhibited 379 photographs.

Acca Dacca back in Condobolin

Acca Dacca came all the way from Coonabarabran late last Saturday afternoon to play at the Condobolin RSL on Saturday night.By Dominic Geiger

It’s a long way to Condobolin if you want to rock ‘n’ roll, but for the world’s premier ACDC cover band, Acca Dacca, it was well worth the journey.

Arriving from Coonabarabran late Saturday afternoon, the band showed the Condo crowd the true meaning of rock with an incredible three hour performance.

Beginning at 8:30 with ‘The Wright Stuff’, an Easy Beats cover show, the band reappeared half an hour later to bring down the house in what was an ACDC performance capable of bringing even Angus Young to his knees.

Playing an incredible set list ranging from hits from 1974’s ‘High Voltage’ to the recent ‘Black Ice’, the band got the 100+ crowd up and dancing with even the older members of the audience itching for a boogie.

Standout numbers included ‘Hells Bells’ and ‘Safe in New York City’.

Larry Attard, aka Bon Scott/Brian Johnson, said he thought the Condobolin crowd was incredible given the town’s small size.

“You never know what to expect with these sorts of shows,” he said.

“But we had a great time; you had the people who were here just for a good time and didn’t necessarily know all the songs, and you had the die-hards who sung along to every word.”

Acca Dacca’s next show will be in Brisbane before heading off to New Zealand for a round of performances.

Theatre under construction at WPRD

Condobolin will soon have access to a brand new community theatre.

To be built in the Western Plains Regional Development building, the theatre will show recent release films and will have matinees for school holidays.

The theatre room will also double as a display for art and Aboriginal Family History and Conference Centre.

Anne Coffey, Acting Executive Officer of Western Plains Regional Development, said the theatre would be operational in a number of months.

“We have to do a number of fire safety upgrades to the building  before we can operate the theatre,” she said.

“The Lachlan Shire and the Community Building Partnerships have put money into the upgrades and we are just waiting to get these completed.

“The Theatre has been a wonderful example of everyone working together to get a job done.

“Community Building Partnerships, The Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal, Barrick Gold and Lachlan Shire have all contributed so far.

“It’s been a great community project.”


Attention happy snappers

Lachlan Catchment Management Authority’s (CMA), Photographic Competition has just opened so why not take a snapshot or look at one you have taken recently and be part of the fun – you may even become a prize winner!

This is the sixth year of the annual competition for the Lachlan CMA. This year the theme is “Gotta love the Lachlan” with an additional category “Schools”. The theme was chosen to encourage people to capture the beauty and diversity of the Lachlan Catchment in a photograph and to share their vision of what living in the Lachlan means to them. We are looking for entries that reflect our theme.

So have you captured any photographs reflecting the area of the Lachlan you live in? Then we’d love to see your images. Lachlan CMA is a locally driven organisation that coordinates management of the Catchment’s land, water and other natural assets and helps the community to identify and address issues facing the Catchment. The photographic competition has provided a great opportunity for the Lachlan CMA to reach the broader community.

Lachlan CMA Chairman, Mr Rob Gledhill recently launched the competition, “It is great to open the 2011 Photographic Competition and more importantly it is great to be able to offer  free entry so all our Lachlan Catchment community members can participate”, Mr Gledhill said.

The competition encourages all ages to get involved and will accept black and white and colour entries, entries must be received in digital format as per the competition rules. A separate entry form must accompany each photograph – these are available at all Lachlan CMA Offices or via the website.

It is hoped the competition will highlight the diversity of the catchment and the people who live in it. There is some great prize money up for grabs and entry is FREE! So if you are a keen photographer or just want to be part of the fun grab a copy of the competition rules and entry form and submit your photograph at any Lachlan CMA Office.

“We have allowed competitors unlimited entries” Mr Gledhill said, “and everyone is eligible to enter except the Judges and professional photographers”. Entrants are reminded that they do need to limit their subject matter to within the Lachlan Catchment.

Further information on the photographic competition can be obtained from any Lachlan CMA office. For more information on the Lachlan CMA and our office locations please contact 1800 885 747 or visit our Website – Happy snapping!

Opera at ‘The Dish’ is launched

By Dominic Geiger

Tickets are now on sale for Opera At The Dish, the musical extravaganza set to be the operatic highlight of the year in the Central West.

An official launch for the event accompanied the release of the first round of tickets last Thursday, with renowned soprano Helen Barnett treating an exclusive audience to a short but sensational performance beneath the dish.

Mayor of the Lachlan Shire, Des Manwaring, attended the event.

“Helen sung quite nicely, and with the dish in the background the sound is really reflected onto the audience,” he said.

“It’ll be a great evening; people will be able to bring a rug and their own chair if they want.

“There will also be an opportunity for people to go on a tour through the [inner workings] of the telescope.”

Proceeds from Opera At The Dish will be donated to the McGrath Breast Cancer Foundation in order to secure breast care nurses for regional centres throughout Australia.

In addition to Helen Barnett, the performance will also include soprano Julie O’Connor accompanied by the Macquarie Philharmonia 50 piece symphony orchestra.

The opera will be held under the CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope on the evening of Saturday October 8.

Young dancers get their groove on

Young Aboriginal dancers from Condobolin and Lake Cargelligo at a recent workshop in Condobolin preparing to travel to Bathurst to perform at "Marramarra" which will be held on Tuesday July 12. DG

By Dominic Geiger

Young Aboriginal dancers from Condobolin and Lake Cargelligo will soon be travelling to Bathurst to perform at a major Aboriginal Arts event.

The event, known as ‘Marramarra’, will be held on Tuesday July 12 at the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre and will also feature school aged dancers from Cowra, the Blue Mountains, Wellington and Bathurst.

Contemporary Aboriginal choreographer and dancer, Jo Clancy, said she has been travelling to various schools in the Central West over the past few months, helping students prepare for the big event.

“[The workshops] are about developing dances for young people to keep and perform themselves, but it’s also about the exciting thing of going to Bathurst and having a professional experience under lights with costumes,” she said.

“It’s also a great opportunity for the [various] communities to come together.”

Jo said the project was interesting for Condobolin because the town already has a small boy’s dance group.

“Those dancers are now able to experience contemporary movement,” she said.

“Four Condobolin girls also have the chance to learn some of the dances and potentially join up with the boys.”

Jo also said two Condobolin students in years nine to twelve would be offered the chance to go to a dance camp at the Redfern National Centre for Indigenous Excellence run by NAISDA Dance College in August.


Blue Waters art exhibition

Visitors view the artwork entries at Blue Water Art & Craft Exhibition in Lake Cargelligo.Lake Cargelligo’s Arts & Crafts Society is very happy with the quality of works entered in the Blue Waters Exhibition despite numbers  being down slightly on last year.  The cold weather seemed to keep people away from viewing the excellent exhibits that were on display, but all in all the Exhibition was successful.

Pam Brewer from Weja won the most popular vote for her Patchwork & Appliqué Quilt, the most popular vote for the challenge was won by Jeanette Manwaring of Condobolin. The Patchwork Quilt Section was won by Patti Cassidy of Harden

The Acquisitive Penrith Shire Prize was won by Cathy Hutton of Lake Cargelligo. Cathy had a very successful time also winning the Miniature and Open Drawing sections.Painting by Novice was won by Mavis Charters of Condobolin and the Lake Cargelligo Arts & Crafts Members prize was won by Wayne Mills of Condobolin. Gus Blacker of Lake Cargelligo won the Black and White Photography prize with Chris Chambers winning the Enlargement section.

The raffle, which proved to be very popular with people buying lots of tickets, was won by Sky Vagg of Griffith.

We keep trying to improve the Exhibition so if anyone has any suggestions for different sections  or something different that they are interested in they are more than welcome to contact the Society with their suggestions.

We wish to thank all who helped in any way at all and most of all we thank our sponsors without whom the exhibition would not be possible.

Contributed by Lyn Golding

For those in Condo about to rock

Acca Dacca will be playing at the Condobolin RSL.By Dominic Geiger

Acca Dacca, the next best thing to seeing ACDC live, will be playing at the Condobolin RSL on Saturday June 25.
Having just returned from a sell out tour in Indonesia, ACDC’s greatest tribute band will once again hit the road in Australia, performing hits from 1974’s ‘High Voltage’ to the recent ‘Black Ice’.
Larry Attard, aka Bon Scott/Brian Johnson, said the Condobolin crowd could expect to leave the show feeling like they’ve seen and heard the real deal.
“It’s a meat and potatoes ACDC show,” he said.
“We’ll have ‘Angus’ up there in a school boy uniform as well as a few surprises here and there.
“We were in Condobolin three to four years ago but since then ACDC have released a new album so we’ve got a lot more songs.”
Larry said two and a quarter hour Acca Dacca show would follow a 45 minute Easy Beats support show called ‘The Wright Stuff’.
“We’ll play Easy Beats songs to to warm up at 8:30, we have a half hour break, then we come back on as Acca Dacca,” he said.
“Angus Young said himself in a recent interview, if you can’t see ACDC, see Acca Dacca.”
Acca Dacca will play a free show at the Condobolin RSL Club on Saturday June 25.

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