New Highway Service Centre proposed

Lachlan Shire calls for expressions of interest for a new Highway Service Centre on the Gipps Way just out of Condobolin.

Media Release
Lachlan Shire Council’s announcement last week that it is calling Expressions of Interest (EOI) for a 24 hour Fuel Service Centre at Condobolin has largely been welcomed by the community.
The EOI is for the construction of a 24 hour Fuel Service Centre on The Gipps Way catering for large trucks.
The area will be known as a Tourism Precinct with a visitor information centre and cafeteria and will also be the site of the popular “Utes in the Paddock” outdoor gallery as well as the National Jockeys Memorial.
Lachlan Shire Council Mayor, John Medcalf, said while there have been some detractors the response to the precinct has been largely very positive.
“Council is working hard in its economic development efforts and it’s through projects such as these that we will be able to increase the number of people coming to Condobolin which in turn will have a flow on effect to our local businesses and our local economy,” he explained.
“It’s important also to make sure our approach roads look good and our main street looks attractive as the improvement of the main street of a country town can be a cost effective way of encouraging economic development.
“Our aim is to attract people here and provide them with a pleasant stay even if it’s only for a couple of hours or a few days. If they have a good experience they will tell others who will come here and so on.
“During the past week I’ve had some enquiries that the 24 Hour Service Centre will be bad for local businesses and why are we doing work on this and the main street instead of on our roads.
“I hope some of the queries people might have will be answered with the following questions and answers.” See below.

Answering questions on the proposed highway service station for Condobolin
How will the 24 hour Fuel Service Centre affect local businesses?
While another fuel service station and cafeteria may affect businesses already supplying these services the entire tourism precinct is expected to attract many more visitors to the Shire which will have a flow-on effect for existing businesses. The entire shire will benefit by having a dedicated visitor information centre located with the cafeteria which will provide information about other attractions in the shire.
Are local businesses invited/encouraged to apply to the EOI tender?
Yes local Fuel service stations have been provided with a copy of the EOI and are encouraged to consider applying. The cafeteria is proposed to be leased to a private operator and locals can apply to operate that part of the business.
Where can the expression of interested documents be found?
Copies can be obtained from Council or the Tenderlink website
Where is the Tourism Precinct proposed to be located?
The site is opposite the South Forbes road as it intersects with the Gipps Way and is some 25 acres in area.
Who is paying for the service centre/ tourism precinct?
The 24 hour Fuel Service Centre will be fully funded by the successful tenderer. Council will be using grant funds and ratepayers’ funds to relocate the utes and construct the new National Jockeys Memorial.
Why isn’t the money proposed for this development being used to upgrade existing roads?
Council has a dedicated roads budget along with budgets for many other services provided by Council. The tourism budget will pay for the tourist attractions. Roads leading to the Tourism Precinct are currently being assessed and estimates provided to upgrade The Gipps Way, The Murie, etc to ensure they are passable in future flood events.
What happened to the funding received for the 2016 floods and why have the roads not been fixed?
Council obtains Federal and State road grants which must be spent by June 30th otherwise Council has to give them back. The flood grants have to be spent within 18 months so Council is focusing on completing the current roads program which was delayed significantly due to the flooding. Flood money will be spent in the second half of this year and next year.
Wouldn’t the money be better spent on improving existing businesses in town?
The money for the service station will be privately funded. The tourist attractions are needed to promote Condobolin and increase economic development in the Shire. Council is fortunate to receive the Utes in the Paddock which is already an iconic attraction.
Has flooding around the area of the proposed site been considered?
Yes it will be part of a detailed development application process. The ground level for buildings will be built up above flood levels and fuel tanks will be installed above ground.
What will it do for employment in the local region?
The service station will create jobs along with the cafeteria. The Visitor Information Centre will also require staffing. The total attraction is expected to increase employment in the shire due to the benefits of increased numbers of tourists spending locally.
Why isn’t the Council trying to get a store to replace Country Target?
Council has made enquiries with a number of stores selling similar products to the former Country Target Store. Unfortunately all have minimum population catchment areas of 7,500 or greater and will not open a store here. Council is continuing its enquiries and will be calling for Expressions of Interest from interested retailers in the near future.


Funding success

• Vad Carey (Condobolin Community Centre), Heather Blackley (WPRD), Federal Member for Parkes Mark Coulton and Anne Coffey (WPRD) were all smiles last Thursday. Mr Coulton was in town to congratulate community groups on successful funding applications for Volunteer Grants. MB

By Melissa Blewitt

The Condobolin Community Centre will benefit from a $4,200 funding boost through the Federal Government’s Volunteer Grants program.
The funding will be used to purchase a reverse cycle air conditioner for the facility, which will be installed into the Pottery Room. Western Plains Regional Development assisted the Condobolin Community Centre in writing the grant application.
Community Centre spokesperson Vad Carey said the new air conditioner would enable the potters to be comfortable in both winter and summer.
Federal Member for Parkes Mark Coulton visited Condobolin last Thursday, to congratulate the Community Centre on securing funding.
“The grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 enable organisations, like the Condobolin Community Centre, to better support their volunteers by purchasing much-needed equipment, training and transport,” he explained.
“The energy, expertise and time our volunteers give to our community supports those most in need and represents what Australian communities are all about – giving a helping hand.
“I’m glad to see that local organisations in Condobolin and around the Parkes Electorate, will have this support to continue their valuable work.”

OAM for Des Manwaring

Condobolin’s Des Manwaring was awarded a Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia on the Queen’s Birthday Honour List. KP

By Melissa Blewitt

Former long serving Councillor and Mayor of Lachlan Shire Council Des Manwaring, has been recognised with a Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia on the Queen’s Birthday Honour List. Mr Manwaring was awarded the OAM in the General Division for service to Local Government and the Lachlan Shire Community.
He still lives in the Condobolin area with his wife Jeanette, and they are both still part of a thriving family farming business, which has grown over many years.
His connection to Condobolin began in 1967, when he began share farming on 3,000 acres. He, along with wife Jeanette and his family, now own around 50,000 acres.
“You never do things for acknowledgment, but all I have ever wanted to do was to give a little something back to the community that has given my family so much,” he said in 2015, when he was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship. It was the first time a Paul Harris Fellow has not been connected to the Condobolin Rotary Club itself.
“The first years were a bit rough, but Jeanette and I knew there was no other place like Condobolin, so we knew this was going to be home for us and our family.”
Lachlan Shire Mayor, John Medcalf, said the award was “very much deserved” and was acknowledgement of Mr Manwaring’s commitment to the local community.
“I want to say a big congratulations to Des, it is very much deserved,” he stated.
“He has long served his community with dignity and respect. He spent 30 years in Local Government advancing the causes of the Lachlan Shire and was a true gentleman. He truly has made an outstanding contribution to Condobolin and the Shire.”
Mr Manwaring became a Councillor in 1984, where he remained until his retirement from Local Government in 2016. He was mayor from 2006 until 2015, and held the Deputy Mayor’s position on two occasions – From 1997 until 2005, and then again in 2015 to 2016.
His other service includes: Member, Lachlan Senior Management Team, NSW Rural Fire Service, current; Representative to the Lachlan Service Agreement Committee; Member, Mid Lachlan Valley Team Bush Fire Management Committee, since 2007; Deputy Group Captain, Lachlan District, 2000-2003; Group Captain, 1980-2000.
He was the Senior Deputy Captain of Vermont Hill South, from 2004 to 2006, and has been a member since 1958. Mr Manwaring is a Master, Masonic Lodge Condobolin, Freemasons from 1989 to 1991, and has been a member of the organisation since 1984. He is a continued supporter of the Condo 750. He is current Chairman of Western Plains Regional Development Inc in Condobolin. Mr Manwaring has received the Emeritus Mayor, Local Government NSW, 2014; 30 Years Service, Local Government NSW, 2014; Long Service Medal and Clasps, 50 Years Service, NSW Rural Fire Service, 2014; 2015; and Outstanding Service Award for 20 Years Service, Shires Association of NSW, 2005.

Anglican Street Stall serves up delicious treats

• The Anglican Street Stall has had an array of delicious homemade treats on offer recently. MB

New community bus service for Tottenham



• President of the Tottenham Welfare Council, Geoff Chase, Lachlan Shire Mayor John Medcalf, Senior Manager Community Transport Kathy Dickson, Regional Transport Co-Ordinator Megan Prouse and Flexible Transport Program Manager Transport NSW, George Pund at the Tottenham Trial Launch. Cont

By Melissa Blewitt

A trial service has started in the hope of providing a flexible and tailored solution to public transport needs in Tottenham.
A mini-bus took the first three passengers from the town, 140 kilometres down the road to the larger regional city of Dubbo last Wednesday.
The initial run, follows an ongoing campaign by the Tottenham Welfare Council, led by President Geoff Chase, LiveBetter was chosen due to its commitment to providing affordable services to communities in rural, regional and remote Australia.
“What began as one Tottenham resident’s idea has now come to fruition – we look forward to the local community using the LiveBetter service to its fullest,” he explained.
The six-month pilot is a joint project with Transport for NSW, Tottenham Welfare Council and LiveBetter Community Services, providing the town with a weekly pre-booked transport service linking it with the communities of Albert, Narromine and Dubbo.
The service is tailor-made for Tottenham and the pick-up and drop off points can change depending on passengers’ needs, but they must pre-book.
The type of vehicle doing the weekly run depends on demand and can range from a car to a small bus and the service also provides storage for cold products people may need to transport and space for wheelchairs and prams.
Mayor of Lachlan Shire Council, Councillor John Medcalf was extremely pleased with the announcement which followed over a year of community consultation and lobbying to have a transport service introduced for Tottenham and Albert residents.
“It is very pleasing that from tomorrow Dubbo Community Transport will be running a community bus leaving from Tottenham at 8am and Albert at 8:45am arriving in Dubbo at 10:30am and departing from Dubbo at 2pm to return to Tottenham around 4.30pm,” he stated.
“This will connect residents with health, education, transport and social services based in Dubbo.
“I would hope residents will utilise the service to ensure it remains a service for the long term.”
According to Kathy Dickson, LiveBetter Senior Manager Community Transport, Transport for NSW should be commended for being so forward thinking with their remote transport solutions and looks forward to a long and effective relationship with them.
“We are pleased to be working with Transport for NSW to lead the way in providing this innovative and on-demand transport,” she said.
Andrew Constance, NSW Minister for Transport, said while there are high hopes for the success of the trial, it is not a “one size fits all” solution to regional transport demand.
Transport will leave Tottenham at 8am Wednesdays with same day return leaving Dubbo at 2.30pm via Narromine and Albert. Return trips costs $15 adult, $7.50 child and $2.50 concession.
Transport needs covered under this service include shopping, individual social outings, visits to family and friends, and doctor’s/specialist appointments.
Community members looking to book transport or to request further information simply need to call the LiveBetter Community Transport – Dubbo office on (02) 6882 7711. There are no eligibility criteria for this service.

Condobolin Hospital wins Innovation Award

Clinical Nurse Educator and Infection Prevention and Control Co-ordinator Susannah Ford with the Western NSW Local Health District Innovation Award. Image Credit: Western NSW Local Health.

By Melissa Blewitt


Condobolin Health Service has won the Western NSW Local Health District Innovation Award.

The ‘Making antimicrobial stewardship a priority in the acute rural facility’ project was initiated and conducted under the guidance of Clinical Nurse Educator and Infection Prevention and Control Co-ordinator Susannah Ford.

“It’s a simple project really,” Mrs Ford explained.

“Basically the program is aimed at trying to reduce the amount of antibiotics being used in Condobolin.

“Along with trying to reduce the amount of antibiotics used, we wanted to ensure all patients, if they are on antibiotics, that there is a legitimate reasons for them to be on them. And if they are on antibiotics, then we also make sure it is the right one.

“I think there is huge pressure from the public in this modern day of technology. People can google their symptoms and there is an expectation that antibiotics can cure almost everything.

When penicillin was discovered, it was a miracle drug that cured things that you would die of before. Now there is a tendency for patients to believe that antibiotics is the answer.

“Lots of people present with viral infections, that antibiotics will not do anything for. The whole project is about reducing the amount of antibiotics we use and making sure there is a real reason or need to have antibiotics, and ensure we are using the right antibiotic.”

Mrs Ford added this was an “exciting” time for Condobolin Health Service, as there is potential for the project to be replicated in other sites, similar in size.

“This is a nurse-led initiative, and there are very few places in NSW doing what we are doing,” she stated.
“We are the only Hospital in the Local Health District to be undertaking something like this at the moment. There is an opportunity that this program will be implemented in other facilities.
“I am so excited that the program has worked and I know we have good reliable data that has the potential to impact change and improve how we use antibiotics.
“What is even more exciting is the conversation it has started. Clinical staff are thinking more about antimicrobial stewardship at the bedside. There is more questioning and concern about how we use antibiotics.
“When I come to work, I am often greeted with sticky notes, phone messages from clinical staff wanting to ensure we are giving the right antibiotics for the right reasons.
“Patients are receiving less unnecessary antimicrobial therapy within Condobolin and this means less medications and less associated side effects.”
According to Mrs Ford, antibiotics resistance was a global problem and that all health professionals have a responsibility to fight it.
“In Condobolin, antimicrobial stewardship is no longer just 3.14 of standard 3 of the national standards that we can tick off. It is a viable, worthwhile program improving how we use antibiotics in our facility and a demonstration of how good rounding and accountability really can make a difference in improving how we care for our patients.”
Mrs Ford said just because Condobolin is a small town, didn’t mean patient quality of care was compromised.
“I find it so encouraging for Condobolin. People can come and work here as a nurse and do some really good things,’ she said.
“It just goes to show it can be really exciting career to be a nurse in Condobolin. We live here and we care about our community. It is really empowering for women that they can have a great career in Condobolin and don’t have to go to a bigger, metropolitan hospital.
“I get to do a million things that other don’t get to do, and am challenged on a daily basis.” MB

Fun Run raises nearly $20,000

* St Joseh’s students enjoy the Colour Fun Run Day

• The St Joseph’s P and F Committee organised Colour Fun Run raised nearly $20,000. It was held at St Joseph’s Parish School Condobolin last Sunday, and the end total raised was $19,839.  ABOVE: Brooke Smith, Josie May, Rachel Bendall, Sienna Smith, Lily Ryan, Jemima Donnelly, Judith Donnelly and Briana Bishop had a fantastic time during the event. MB/KP

Medcalf is CENTROC Chair

• Former Centroc chair Bill West, newly elected chair Cr John Medcalf and parliamentary secretary for Western NSW the Honourable Rick Colless. Cont

By Melissa Blewitt


Lachlan Shire Mayor, John Medcalf, has been elected as the new Chairperson of the Central Organisation of Councils (Centroc).

The announcement was made as Centroc met in Sydney with NSW Government representatives last week.

Cr Medcalf believes he has taken on the role at an exciting time for local government.

He has been an elected member of Lachlan Shire for 26 years, has been acting in the role of Centroc chair since February and will serve as chair until the regular elections in November.

Bathurst Council general manager David Shirley continues as the organisation’s secretary.

Cr Medcalf is looking forward to the months ahead.

“It’s an exciting time,” he said.

“The State Government is telling us there’s buckets of money for regional Australia. The NSW Budget is coming up soon and they indicated to us that regional Australia would be very happy with it.”

Water and inland rail were also high on the agenda, for Mr Medcalf and Centroc.

“The inland rail announcement is a game-changer for the central west,” he explained.


Finding out about Firefighters

• Local residents were able to meet their local firefighters and learn more about fire prevention at the Condo Fire Station Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) annual Open Day at Renown Park last Saturday. A range of free activities were on offer, including firefighting trucks, a barbecue and fire safety presentations. Firefighters were also be able to provide advice on installing or replacing smoke alarms, and preparing a home fire escape plan. ABOVE: Kade Haworth (sitting) had a great time learning more about the Condo Fire Station with Mark Phillips and Michael Fyfe. MB/Photograph by Kathy Parnaby.

Converging on Condo

• Charles Gauci (Cowra High School), Neryle Smurthwaite (Canowindra High School), Michael Sloan (Kelso High School), David Lloyd (Orange High School), Melanie Meers (Anson Street School); second row: : Ann Caro (Lithgow High School), Michelle Barrett (Molong Central School), and Sandra Parker (Parkes High School); front row: Jeff Ward (Principal, Condobolin High School), Kate Wootten (Canobolas Hight School), and John Browett (Blayney High School) took part in the Central West Principal’s Council that was held in Condobolin last week. MB

Principals from across the Central West converged on Condobolin last week.

The Central West Principals’ Council met in the town last Thursday and Friday to undertake new learning opportunities and share information.

“This is an annual event which occurs early in each term where the Principals’ from the High Schools and Central Schools from Lithgow, Kandos, Grenfell, Condobolin and everywhere in between meet to discuss the latest trends and reforms in education, undertake professional learning, share best practice in leadership and management and most importantly network and showcase the excellent work schools are doing in rural and remote education and within their communities,” Condobolin High School Principal Jeff Ward explained.

“The two days were shared between the Wiradjuri Centre and the High School with a network dinner on the Thursday evening. A highlight for most Principals was the boomerang throwing led by local Aboriginal Elder Dick Richards.

“The Principals’ enjoyed his instruction and passion for throwing the boomerang with many of the Principals taking turns to throw with mixed success.”

Mr Ward added the two days was a major success with many of the Principals enjoying the town’s hospitality.

“For those Principals who had been to the Wiradjuri Centre they were amazed at its beauty and grandeur, they also passed comment on how good the High School is looking,” he said.

Mr Ward wanted to thank the Year 11 hospitality class for providing the excellent lunches and morning/afternoon tea’s and the staff for assisting in getting the school ready for the event. 

The Principals also discussed the upcoming State Conference to be held in Sydney where over 500 Principals from NSW Department of Education schools will be in attendance.

The next Central West meeting will be hosted by Parkes High School.

Condobolin Drivers get positive results

The Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan Shire area has recorded a combined 99.1 per cent seatbelt wearing rate and a 0.8 per cent mobile phone usage rate according to the latest observation survey results.
The surveys conducted bi-annually in Parkes, Forbes and Condobolin, aim to measure, monitor and improve local seatbelt wearing rates and the number of drivers complying with mobile phone legislation.
The Councils’ Road Safety and injury Prevention Officer, Melanie Suitor, said that there is an urban and highway location in each town.
“Our survey staff conduct the observations for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon at both locations,” she explained.
“The results show that our combined seatbelt wearing rate is quite good at 99.1 per cent, which is higher than the state average of 98 per cent. The best location was the Parkes Highway (in the afternoon) which recorded 100 per cent compliance. The worst location was the Forbes Urban (in the morning) with a 96 per cent wearing rate and 14 people observed unrestrained.
“Although it has been compulsory to wear seatbelts in New South Wales since 1971, each year on average there are more than 30 people killed and 270 injured who were not wearing seatbelts. Many of these deaths and injuries could have been prevented if seatbelts had been used.
“So whilst our seatbelt wearing rate is better than the state average, it is disappointing to report that 59 people were observed not wearing a seatbelt.”
The results of the mobile phone observation surveys were also good.
“The combined mobile phone usage rate was just 0.8 per cent, with three survey locations recording 0 per cent – Condobolin Highway (in the morning), Parkes Urban (in the morning) and Parkes Highway (in the afternoon). The worst location was Forbes Urban (in the morning) with a 4.2 per cent usage rate and 13 people observed using a mobile phone whilst driving,” Ms Suitor stated.
“Driving is a complex task. Anything that takes your mind or eyes off the road, or your hands off the wheel, not only compromises your safety, but that of everyone else on the road. Being distracted increases your chances of having a crash. It slows down your reaction times and puts you in danger of failing to see hazards such as stop signs or other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.
“So again whilst the survey results were quite good, there were 42 drivers observed using a mobile phone while driving.
“We will continue conducting these observation surveys as they give us a really good insight into current local driver and passenger behaviour. We will also be developing, implementing and evaluating a low cost education campaign aimed at improving the usage rates.”

Our own great hunter and tracker

Dear Madam,
When I was a lad of eight to 10-years-old, I was known as a brilliant tracker. I would spend most of my free time tracking the insects and animals. Yep. I could even track birds – on the wing of course!
Why!! I even tracked a tadpole through a swamp for five days … but that’s another truthful story yet to come. Well my tracking skills were… believe it or not in Africa.
It seems that a big fierce wild lion was on the rampage in a village away out in the bush. Dad took the phone call and gave me general information on what needs to be done to hunt a big, fierce wild lion … in Africa.
So I packed my overcoat, footy socks and beanie, just in case it gets cold in Africa.
I picked up my old .22 rifle with no sights and headed for the train station. Africa! Here comes that big, fierce, wild lion’s worst nightmare. Oh yeah … we couldn’t take the old truck because Dad ran over the huge 10-foot tadpole and busted up all the steering etc. Another true story?
When we got to Africa, we were given the general directions of the village – 333 miles due west. Off we went walking.
We walked to the village because I wanted to hone my “tracking skills”.
The villagers told us that Kimba Sai (that’s the word for lion) was eating all the chooks and pinching the kids Easter eggs … I realised that the big fierce lion had to go.
They showed me his tracks … wow, they were the size of a 44 gallon drum. He’s a biggin’ alright. Whew!
I came across the beast about midday … I was in awe as I loaded up my .22 rifle with no sights and took pointed (no sights) … I couldn’t bring myself to kill this magnificent beast, so aimed to just crease him, so we could relocate him.
Bang and down went the lion … I hope you tune in to read the second part of this true story next issue!
Brolga (Max

Hostpital works underway

By Melissa Blewitt

Works at Condobolin Health Service, which includes the removal of asbestos, is now underway.
Work commenced late last month, and the replacement of the old vinyl will be completed by mid-June 2017.
Entry to the Ward will be temporarily closed, and the community will have to enter via the Emergency Department verandah entrance.
“After many years of wear and tear, the vinyl on the floors and walls near the dental unit and in the entry/exit areas to the Health Service needs to be replaced. We’re doing this work to help keep our facility neat and clean for our staff and the community,” a frequently asked questions fact sheet provided by Western NSW Local Health District said.
“To replace the vinyl we firstly need to safely remove the lining behind the vinyl, which contains asbestos.”
Experts and specialists will be on site to safely remove the asbestos.
“We are bringing in experts in asbestos removal who are very experienced in safe removal practices. We are also bringing in independent specialists to monitor air quality and to work with the removal team. Staff and management at the Health Service will work with both teams of experts to ensure everything is being done to keep staff, patients and visitors safe,” the fact sheet explained.
“Some of the safety measures include making sure the asbestos removal area is segregated from the remainder of the hospital by the use of temporary walls and plastic sheeting. This area is under constant negative air pressure, which means air from the removal area cannot escape into the hospital and if any dust is generated within the removal area it will be safely filtered by negative air pressure exhaust fans fitted with high efficiency filters; constant air monitoring around the work site will also be in place.”
There will be minimal disruption to services, according to Western NSW Local Health District.
Most services, including the Emergency Department will not be affected.
“People with planned dental services have been contacted and, where appropriate, will be treated in neighbouring dental clinics. For any patients concerned about their dental appointment, or for any queries about dental services at Condobolin, please call 1300 552 626,” the facts sheet stated.
“The entry to the ward will be temporarily closed and you will need to enter via the Emergency Department verandah entrance. “Clear signage will be put in place to tell patients and visitors what has changed and alert people to the temporary arrangements.”
If the community has any questions they can contact Health Service Manager at Condobolin Health Service, Kate Power on (02) 6890 1500.

Thrilled at Library extenstions- Letter to Editor

Dear Madam,

I was thrilled, like many other Condobolin residents, to learn that our local Library is to be extended and modernised through the getting of a grant and the co-operation of the Lachlan Shire Council. What a wonderful thing this will be for our town.

I wonder how many residents feel that our new Library is a direct flow on from the wonderful new Librarian we have in Theresa Jude.

Never have I seen so many people using the Library. Not only our avid readers, but I note Theresa has encouraged many of our younger people off the streets into the Library where they are using the computers to fill in their time. She encourages and helps them, and I have in fact seen her feed them the odd packet of chips and lollies.

She has begun a Library Book Club and managed to get people like me, who swore they would never join a Book Club to join and enjoy the experience of reading books, which I previously considered out of my comfort zone.

She has made the Library available to the residents of the Retirement Village and provides them with morning or afternoon tea, and organises an activity for them on a regular basis. How they must enjoy this outing. She has Murray on hand a couple of days a week to help any Library members out with their computer problems, which is such a wonderful thing. Murray has a lovely way with people and the patience of a Saint being that the older generation and computers can be quite frustrating I am sure.

The Knitting Group meet there and the Children’s Session on Friday mornings are a great success.

Theresa also organises activities for children during the School Holidays.

She has an infectious enthusiasm and makes time to speak to everyone who enters the Library doors, has an amazing ability to remember what people like to read and have a book waiting for them when they return their current one, and the ability to relate to all types of people and make them feel special.

I think we are indeed fortunate to have Theresa as a member of our community, and I for one, hope she stays for a long time.

Judy Patton.

West ‘N’ Owens sowing deals



Owens Petroleum was started 30 years ago back in 1983. It traded under the banner of N.M Owen PTY LTD and started out as a small garage in Albert doing mechanical repairs for local farmers.

30 years on and Owens Petroleum is now, in terms of litres and area covered, one of  the largest independent fuel distributors in N.S.W with sales of up to 2 million litres delivered a week. From Bourke in the north of the state to Wyalong in the south and Cobar to the west, Owens Petroleum covers about a third of N.S.W.

Our main depot is in Albert but recently built a new depot in Warren with further expansion with plans for 24 hour fuel on site.

Even if you are not in our area Owens Petroleum can arrange bulk deliveries direct from Melbourne or Sydney with one of our preffered carriers.

West ‘N’ Owens  know that fuel can affect your efficiency at sowing and for that reason  only sell quality fuel and Premium Blue Diesel. It was with this concern for the quality delivered to his customers that Neville developed Premium Blue Diesel which has the stamp of approval from independent testing by Cat, Cummings and the mining industry.

Neville believes in service and quality for his customers and West ‘N’ Owens currenly have a special Shell Lubricants promotion – From 6/3/17 to 2/6/17 (or while stocks last.)  buy a 209 Litre Drum of Shell Rimula R4 L, Shell Rimula R4 X or Shell Spirax S4 TXM and receive One  Free 20litre Pack of HD Premium  N Anti Freeze Coolant Pre-Diluted 50/50. Source N NM Owen Web Site

Courage and sacrifice

• Despite raining consistently, the wet weather held off just long enough for the ANZAC Day March and Commemorative Service in Condobolin. Carolyn Blakeley and her horse ‘Boy’ participated in the March this year to honour her father, the late Ron L’Estrange, who fought in the Second World War. Carolyn proudly wore her father’s medals. The boots were worn backwards in the stirrups as a sign of respect, acknowledgment of service and remembrance. Mr L’Estrange, who was one of the Shire’s oldest veterans, sadly passed away earlier this year. MB

Lachlan Shire awarded

• Deputy Premier John Barilaro MP, Lachlan Shire Council (LSC) Chief Financial Officer John Chapman, LSC Mayor John Medcalf, LSC General Manager Robert Hunt and Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton MP at the LG Awards dinner where LSC received Highly Commended award in the “Innovative Leadership and Management” category. Cont


On Thursday 6 April, over 300 local government professionals gathered in the Ivy Ballroom, Sydney to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the sector at the Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW’s flagship event The LG Awards Dinner.

These awards recognise and showcase the pinnacle of excellence in the local government sector in NSW and significant achievements by NSW councils over the past year. This year, both Deputy Premier John Barilaro MP and Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton MP presented awards to nominees from the sector.

The Awards event was attended by Mayor, Cr John Medcalf, General Manager Robert Hunt and Chief Financial Officer John Chapman. Lachlan Shire Council was extremely proud to receive a Highly Commended award in the “Innovative Leadership and Management” category for its submission on transforming to a sustainable Lachlan.

“Council’s submission outlined the various strategies implemented to ensure Council met the Fit For The Future performance targets including being financially sustainable and noted the improvements being made to community facilities despite cutbacks in expenditure,” Mayor Medcalf explained.

Other councils nominated in the same category included City of Canada Bay Council, City of Ryde Council, Georges River Council, Lismore City Council, Liverpool City Council, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council and Tweed Shire Council.

“These nominations build confidence and encourage more ideas from Councillors and staff to create a better vision for the future. We are very proud to be part of the Local Government sector and it is great for Council to be recognised in this way by its peers,” Mayor Medcalf concluded.

Media Release

Flood relief farmer

Brad Shephard donated $7,000 to Condobolin and Forbes Lions Clubs after selling 800 of his Flood Relief calendars across the district, state, and even, as far away as Canada. MB

By Melissa Blewitt


He’s the local farmer, whose images, showed the country and the world, the extent of flooding across the Lachlan Region in September and October 2016.

Even as his own winter crops were under water, Brad, took to air and boat to capture the devastation and share his images online.

The photographs and videos proved so effective in raising awareness of the natural disaster, he selected 13 of his best images, and produced a 2017 Flood Relief calendar.

He then decided to donate the proceeds from the sale of the calendars to Lions Clubs in Condobolin and Forbes.

Brad presented $3,500 to each community group after selling 800 copies of the calendar in just three months.

The $25 calendars were sold locally, nationally and internationally. They show the progress and aftermath of the flooding across Eugowra, Forbes, Condobolin, Lake and Nerang Cowal.

Brad’s photograph of a truck making its way through flooded farmland along a rural road attracted mainstream media attention, as well as thousands of social media followers.

He hosted media in a bid to raise awareness of how the flooding was impacting those making a living from farming.

His videos showcased waves across paddocks, aerial footage of a closed Newell Highway and the relentless way in which water spread across the land.

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