October 2016

Chamens Community Spirit on Show

• ABOVE: Margaret Baxter and Stella Jarick; and BELOW Laura Tickle, gratefully accept Community Chest donations from Christian Dagorne. MB

By Melissa Blewitt


Chamen’s Supa IGA has embraced giving back to locals, with their Community Chest donations, benefitting the Condobolin Amateur Pistol Club and the Condobolin branch of Can Assist.

The funds are raised a number of ways but mostly throught the purchase of products with an IGA Community Chest logo on the label.

Each organisation received a cheque for $4050.37.

Store Manager for Chamen’s Supa IGA, Christian Dagorne, was on hand to prtesent the cheques to Magaret Baxter (representing the Condobolin Amateur Pistol Club) and Laura Tickle (Representing Condobolin branch of Can Assist).

“We are very fortunate and grateful to be chosen as a recipient this year,” Mrs Baxter said.

“We will use these funds to help add to our solar power, make improvements to our Club by rebuilding our ranges and purchasing more pistols for members to use.

Our Club has grown in numbers from around 15 to 40 now, and our junior numbers are around 11. This donation will certainly be put to good use.”

Laura Tickle said she was very thankful to be receiving such a generous amount.

“It is wonderful to receive this donation, which will help us to continue to help residents and their familes who are affected by cancer,” she stated.

Community fruit and veg garden for Condobolin



Condobolin has formed its very own Community Fruit & Vege Growing Group. They will meet weekly at 3.30pm on Wednesdays at St Joseph’s Parish Condobolin. MB

Community Garden for Condobolin

Last Wednesday a group of 10 locals keen and excited to help the community and learn all about producing food in their own garden met at St Joseph’s Primary School.

Condobolin & Districts Landcare Coordinator Libby Roesner organised the meeting to bring together like-minded individuals to learn, work and produce fruit and vegies in the Condo community.

“At this stage, we’ve made a commitment to meet weekly at 3:30pm on Wednesdays at the Catholic primary school to work on establishing a spring vegetable garden there.

This is a great starting point for the group who are a mixture of keen experienced gardeners and those who just want to help and learn so they can try and produce their own food at home.

Teacher Mrs Jennifer Brady at the catholic school is eager to invigorate the vege gardens that she has established at the school with the help of the community group.

Understanding how to grow food is such a fundamental skill and it is dying-out with so much of the food-chain now being industrialised.

Growing food organically and eating it directly from the garden is such a wholesome experience. It’s great for children to learn where food comes from and experience cooking and eating what they’ve produced.

Any community members who are interested are welcome to come along and share or help-out.

Bring your gardening clothes, gloves and tools and a keen sense of learning /sharing.  Anyone who has any seeds/seedlings/mulch or equipment they’d like to donate or share we would appreciate your support as we have no budget at this stage.

We have established strong connections with the Council and High School who are also keen to contribute and see this project succeed.  There is so much potential for sharing of knowledge and skills.

After the school gardens are well established we are keen to move-on to other gardens in the community.

If you have any suggestions, questions or would like to help or donate, either turn-up on Wednesdays or contact Libby Roesner on 0499 199 018 or at condobolin@lachlandcare.org.au


Full consultation promised for Tottenham water supply upgrade

There will be full Council and community consultation on the best way to secure the Tottenham town water supply, according to Lachlan Shire Mayor John Medcalf.

This reassurance, comes after an announcement of $2.3 million grant to expand the Tottenham Water Storage Facility by Member for Barwon, Kevin Humphries.

The funding was made available through the NSW Government’s Regional Water and Waste Water Program.

“The project includes the construction of a 100 megalitre storage dam, evaporation covers for the Leg O Mutton Dam and new dam, a pump station, power supply augmentation and transfer pipeline between the two dams,” Mr Humphries said.

The total cost of the project would be $4.6 million, which means Lachlan Shire Council has to find the other $2.3 million from budgetary measures.

Questions were raised by members of the community last week, as to why such a project was not put before Council and more consultation not undertaken.

More questions were raised about Mayor Medcalf’s personal involvement in the making the grant application and influencing the overall decision making process.

Mayor Medcalf was adamant, these questions and concerns needed to be addressed quickly, to avoid unnecessary angst or bitterness in the Tottenham community.

“I did not have any input into the submission for the grant prior to it being lodged. A previous Director of Infrastructure made the application,” he explained.

“As for me having undue influence over the decision making process that is untrue and unfair. I would never use my position as Mayor to improperly affect the outcome for a Shire community.

“The Tottenham water supply has never been a “pet project” of mine. And as for Council being a “one man band” that is simply false. There are nine other Councillors who sit alongside me, and will be actively involved in making decisions for the entire Shire throughout their four year term.

“I am from Tottenham, but like all other councillors I have been elected to represent the Lachlan Shire, and the best interests of residents. And I will continue to do that.”

Mr Medcalf said he wanted to assure the community of Tottenham, no such major decisions on expanding the Water Storage Facility would be made without extensive consultation and expert advice.

“We are going to be looking at all options for securing the water storage and supply at Tottenham,” he said.

“This has been a long process and Council wants to make sure we get the best outcome for the residents of Tottenham.

“Tottenham is in the top five of most vulnerable water supplies in the State according to Kevin Humphries. Decisions will have to be made on the water supply, but that will come before Council and they will explore all options available.

“I want Tottenham residents to know that options will be carefully considered and whatever the final outcome, they can be assured there will be transparency of the process.”

Chamber Chair needed

The Condobolin Chamber of Commerce had its first AGM on Wednesday the 12th October to find that no one present was willing to stand as Chairperson.

The AGM will be rerun 6pm on Wednesday 9th November, at the Committee Room at the Shire.

The Condoboin Chamber of Commerce is the peak representative body for business in town. It has the full support of Council and is the venue for business to improve the business climate of the town, to promote local business, the benefits of  shopping local and liaise with Shire.

The Chamber is seeking membership and hopes that all businesses will join. It is a $65 fee to join which will help to fund the administration of the Chamber and some promotional work.

Every business is urged to join. Please cut out the form included and send to the Chamber Treasurer, Shirley Bell as outlined.

A big thank you

• The NSW State Emergency Service invited residents of Condobolin and the surrounding areas to a Community Barbecue last Friday. Residents were able to meet members of the SES, RFS, Australian Defence Force and NSW Fire and Rescue, who provided assistance to Condobolin’s flood emergency response efforts. Residents helped farewell the ADF during this community event. Emergency response vehicles and equipment were also on display. ABOVE: Hunter and Jake Doyle (centre) met with FLTLT Lauretta Webster (left) and Captain Ian Goodwin (right) at the Flood Thank You Barbecue at the Condobolin High School last Friday. KP

Community Markets for 29th October


Community Markets will be held in Condobolin at Renown Park on Saturday, 29 October from 9am.

The Markets will feature Giftware, Sun Catchers, Candles, Handmade Sewing, Crochet, Confectionary, Scentsy, Cooking Delights (Xmas Cakes, Slices and Sauces), Inspiration Sauces, Baby Wear, Woodwork, Plants, Waste to Art Works, Barbwire Creations, Rabbit and Pig Food, plus many other attractions.

More storeholders are welcome to attend, and a small fee of $15 is requested to cover the cost of insurance which is being covered by Council.

For further information, contact Julie on 0417 671 304 or Mick on 0418 451 530. MB

Ian Simpson opens office in Condobolin

Media Release

Ian Simpson and Co are proud to be opening their office in Condobolin this week.

Ian, Director of the business has been servicing the Condobolin District for now 8 years.

“It is so exciting to be opening my very own office dedicated to all facets of real estate for the Condobolin Community,” Ian said.

Over the last 8 years Ian has been focussed on selling rural property only and some of his successful sales includes “Wallaroi West”, “Burando”, “Old Gulgo”, “Gilgies” and “Urah” to name a few.

“We now not only focus on selling rural property but we now can offer residential sales, water sales and property management”.

The team at Ian Simpson and Co. include Ian Simpson Director and Rural Sales and Tammie Simpson Director and Accounts, Ned Hamilton Rural Sales Specialist, Stacey Clarke, Residential Sales Specialist and Daniel Willis Real Estate Sales Support.

The business will kick off with an exciting new property coming up for auction in Officer’s Parade

• L-R: Ian Simpson, Principal of Ian Simpson and Co, Stacey Clarke, Residential Sales Specialist, Daniel Willis, Real Estate Sales Support and Ned Hamilton, Rural Sales Specialist in the new office in Condobolin. MB

Drivers disobeying rules

• “This is why roads are closed and drivers are warned not to enter flooded road ways – this is the Newell Highway south of Forbes.” Information and photographs courtesy of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command – NSW Police Force Facebook Page

By Melissa Blewitt


Drivers are putting their lives at risk and damaging the local road network as they conintue to ignore “road closed” signs throughout the Lachlan Shire.

There have been a number of sightings of trucks driving on unsealed roads through long stretches of water, severely damaging the surface structure.

Police can issue traffic infringement notices to drivers that ‘Disobey road access signs’, which carries a penalty of $253 and two demerit points.

This fine is for light vehicles, and depending on the number of axles, the fine increases, as more damage is done.

Police in Lachlan Local Area Command would also like to remind people not to drive through floodwaters.

“The message is simple ‘do not drive through flood waters’. Cars can easily be washed off the road,” Chief Inspector Nick Weyland said.

Motorists need to be aware that all insurances, including car/vehicle, income protection, and life insurance can be rendered null and void, and may not/will not cover the driver or those in the vehicle, should an accident occur.

The Condobolin Argus implores drivers to obey all road signs, and respect the road network that is under extreme stress due to the current flood event across the Shire.


Keith celebrates magnificent milestone

Keith Watt celebrated his 90th birthday on Wednesday, 5 October at the Condobolin SES Unit where he is the Unit’s longest serving member. Co

By Melissa Blewitt


Condobolin resident Keith Watt celebrated a magnificent milestone with his Condobolin SES Unit friends and colleagues last Wednesday (5 October).

The longest serving member of the Local Unit, Mr Watt, shared his 90th birthday commemorations with the team, enjoying lots of fun, laughter and gifts.

He joined the NSW SES in 1976. On joining, Mr Watt trained in all core skills in the earlier years but of late has taken on the role of ‘Finance Officer’, managing the Unit accounts with precision and diligence.

Mr Watt has contributed to the safety of his community by attending many operations including storms, floods and road crash rescue incidents, and continues to provide valuable support to the Condobolin SES Unit as a volunteer member.

Medcalf is Mayor of Lachlan Shire

• Paul Phillips (left) of Lake Cargelligo is now Lachlan Shire’s new Deputy Mayor after an Extra Ordinary meeting of Council was held last Wednesday. He will hold the position for the next 12 months. John Medcalf from Tottenham was voted in as Mayor, and will hold the position for the next two years. MB

By Melissa Blewitt

Councillor John Medcalf will be Mayor of Lachlan Shire for the next two years.
He was elected at an Extraordinary Council meeting held last Wednesday.
Mayor Medcalf, who has served a total of 25 years to date on Lachlan Shire Council, was honoured with the result.
“I am very proud and honoured to again take on the role as Mayor and I’m looking forward to a positive and productive two years ahead working with the new Council for the benefit of the various communities in Lachlan,” he said.
‘A’ Ward Councillor John Medcalf was elected to Council in 1991. Born in Condobolin and raised in Tottenham, Mayor Medcalf is well known for his long standing involvement with the community.
Mayor Medcalf lives in Tottenham with his wife Jane, and has two children and four grand-children. Owning and managing his own family farming enterprise, Mayor Medcalf has a focus on making a difference for future generations.
The Lachlan Shire Deputy Mayor position was contested by Councillor Dave Carter (C Ward), Councillor Max Frankel (D Ward) and Councillor Paul Phillips (E Ward).
Councillor Paul Phillips from Lake Cargelligo was voted in as Deputy Mayor for the next 12 months.
Mr Phillips said he was honoured to be elected Deputy Mayor and looked forward to representing not only ‘E’ Ward but the entire Lachlan Shire.
Mayor Medcalf was elected unopposed, and was officially declared by returning officer Lachlan Shire Council (LSC) General Manager Robert Hunt. Mayoral elections are now held every two years.

Condobolin High School Class of 2016

The class of 2016 had their graduation and dinner last week. We wish them well as they prepare for their exams.

Future of mine unclear

The future of the Mineral Hill Mine near Condobolin is unclear.
Receivers and Managers have been appointed to KBL Mining Limited, the operators of the well known local mine.
Administrators were appointed to the company on 8 September.
However, on 19 September the secured creditor of the company appointed Martin Jones, Andrew Smith and Ryan Eagle of Ferrier Hodgson as Receivers and Managers over the assets and undertakings of the company.
A creditor’s meeting was held at the Railway Hotel on Tuesday, 20 September.

Rock and rhyme time at Condobolin Library


• Condobolin children can show off their voices and sense of fun when they participate in the Condobolin Library’s Baby Rhyme Time every Friday from 9.30am. MB

By Melissa Blewitt

Condobolin children showed off their voices and sense of fun when they participated in the Condobolin Library’s Baby Rhyme Time last Friday.

The program is aimed at introducing young children to the wonderful world of books and music.

“It combines action rhymes, music and singing to develop early literacy skills and allows toddlers to dance to familiar songs,” Librarian Theresa Jude said.

“They can dance, make noise and communicate through sound.

“Parents, grandparents and carers can sit with their child and everyone can sing or act out songs and rhymes.

“It’s noisy, fun and a wonderful chance to learn some new songs for bedtime, bath time or when you’re stuck in the car. We sing each song a few times so that we can all learn the words.”

Baby Rhyme Time is followed by Storytime. Storytime is a fun session of storytelling that fosters an early love of reading and develops literacy skills and social interaction in readiness for school.

Rhyme Time takes place every Friday from 9.30am to 10am at the Condobolin Library. Storytime follows from 10am until 11am. Contact the Condobolin Library on 6895 2253 for more information.

Going on a big adventure


Jock Leighton is one of the nine “Team Condo” members that will participate in the Scrapheap Adventure Ride 2016. Cont

By Melissa Blewitt


“Team Condo” will be beginning the Scrapheap Adventure Ride 2016 on Friday, 30 September.

They will leave from the Condobolin Tennis Courts at 8am and make their way to Four Corners Farm Stay at Nymagee.

There will be nine riders in the group – Jock Leighton, David Geeves, Peter Haydon, Mark Leighton, Colin Stibbard, Darren Smith, Ashley Bremner, Lochie Bremner and Andrew Braddon.

The Scrapheap Adventure Ride is a unique fundraising event which involves motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country purchasing a bike for no more than $1,000 and doing it up for an adventure ride through the Aussie outback, all while raising money for people with Down Syndrome.

They are aiming to have fun, raise awareness and funds for Down Syndrome NSW.

“Team Condo” is already neck and neck with the more seasoned “Team Inverell”, in fundraising the highest amount of money overall, having raised over $11,000.

“People can help this great cause and keep us at the top by donating any amount,” “Team Condo” spokesperson Peter Haydon said.

“We would love to raise more than Inverell. We would like to thank all of those who have already donated – every dollar will make a difference.

“Please come down to the Condobolin Tennis Courts and see us off on the start of our adventure.”

The community can head to the website http://www.scrapheapadventureride.com.au/ click on support, select Team Condo or their riders, to make a donation.

Another way to contribute to the cause is to visit www.mycause.com.au/page/123733/team-condo-2016-scrapheap-ride

There is also a donation bucket at the Railway Hotel in Condobolin. Residents can also donate direct to Down Syndrome NSW.

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