Quota offers hope for hearing

The Condobolin branch of Quota International has its ear to the ground this month with volunteers aiming to collect discarded ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids to help their fellow Quotarians in Ba, Fiji, give the gift of hearing to impoverished people in their village.

The campaign is being held in the lead up to National Hearing Week, set to take place from August 21 to August 27.

Vice President of Quota Condobolin, Ros L’Estrange, said it didn’t matter if the hearing aids were in working order or not, as Tom Shepherd, an audiometrist working in Ba, can make a good hearing aid from three discarded ones.

“Many people in Fiji have hearing problems as there is no vaccination program for rubella as we have here, and little or no help from their government,” she said.

“So check to see if you or any of your friends have any old ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids and just bring them down to Shortis and Timmins Pharmacy where we have a collection box.

“It is a simple way to give a wonderful gift, the gift of hearing, to disadvantaged people.”

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