Get on your Ghillies at this year’s September 15th Tattoo

Ghilles are worn in Irish, Scottish Country and Highland dancing. Sourced from Wikipedia.Ghillies are specially designed shoes used for several types of dance. They are soft shoes, similar to ballet shoes. They are used by women in Irish dance, by men in Scottish country dance, and by men and women in Highland dance.

Ghillies are also sometimes known by a variety of other names that include: light shoes, pomps, pumps, and soft shoes.They are almost always black, although they often feature coloured stitching and eyelets. Highland ghillies, for Highland dances, generally need to be a bit larger than the foot, due to being worn with thick socks or hose; for National dances they should fit snugly as they are worn with thin socks or stockings.

A feature of this year’s Condobolin RSL Tattoo will be a performance by dancers (wearing ghillies of course) of the Joy Reiher School of Scottish Dancing, based in Canberra. Joy has taught dancers who have won and been placed Australian Championships plus Champion of Champions Championships in Australia. Joy, herself won the Australian Championships three times, the Eastern Australian Championships twice, Victorian Championship, South Australian Championship. Joy won the ACT Highland Dancing championship nine times and a number of Queensland Championships. She is also a ABHD Adjudicator

Highland dancing, is a form of athletic solo dancing which developed the Gaelic Highlands of Scotland. Highland dance evolved into its current form during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the context of competitions at public events (namely Highland games), where it is often performed to the accompaniment of Highland bagpipe music.

Highland dance has been subject to many influences from outside the Highlands. For example, it has been heavily influenced by the patrons and judges of dance competitions since the nineteenth century.

Highland dance should not be confused with Scottish country dance.

According to the NSW State Committee of Highland dancing Inc website, Highland Dancing in New South Wales was being performed during the 1800’s and possibly prior to that period as our first settlers had emigrated from the United Kingdom to form a British colony. Later, Highland dancing competitions were held and were generally organised by Scottish Societies or Pipe Band Associations. Highland Games continued to flourished within the State through the period between and during World Wars One and Two.

Research and photograph from From Wikipedia.

Purchase your tickets now from the Condobolin RSL 68952113 or The White Picket Store – 68952565.

Adults – $30 and children under 16 – $10.

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