Roundabout confusion in Condobolin

Compiled by Dominic Geiger

Last week’s vehicle collision at a Condobolin roundabout has highlighted a disturbing trend amongst Lachlan Shire motorists.

Many of us don’t know how to navigate roundabouts correctly.

Melanie Suitor, Road Safety & Injury Prevention Officer for Forbes, Parkes and Lachlan Shires, said many people in the region are unclear about how to drive through roundabouts.

“In particular, [people are confused about] how we should indicate and who has right of way,” she said.

Tarmia Healey, who works at Shell Service Station in Condobolin, said she often saw people drive through the service station to avoid the roundabout altogether.

“They come flying through [the car park] just so they don’t have to use the roundabout,” she said.

Kellie Mooney, who also works at Shell Condobolin, said she found it extremely dangerous when driving through roundabouts in town.

“Nobody seems to know the rules,” she said.

“I admit I’m probably one of the worst offenders though.

“They seem to nearly cause accidents everyday; kids also play on it and use it like a skatepark.”

Melanie Suitor said the confusion was understandable considering roundabout rules had changed over the past decade.

“Remember [when approaching] a roundabout: slow down, give way and indicate,” she said.

“Approach a roundabout with care.

“Slow down and be ready to give way to traffic already on the roundabout if there is any risk of collision.

“Enter the roundabout only if there is a safe gap in the traffic and show courtesy to others that have been waiting longer.

“Don’t forget to indicate as you are exiting the roundabout.

“Be aware of other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists when using a roundabout and remember the road is there to share.”


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