National Farm Safety week

Allan Helyar and an old John Deere tractor at a past Condobolin Show. Old tractors like these don’t have the safety features of modern machinery.With around 44 deaths in 2010 from farm accidents across Australia, the Ambulance Service of New South Wales is urging the rural community to maintain safe work practices on the farm to prevent serious injury and death from accidents.

Some high risk situations and incidents on farms involved; tractors, quad bikes, machinery, horse riding, roaming livestock, dams and exposure to chemicals.

By taking these following safety precautions you will be able to prevent incidents such as the above and keep yourself, work mates and family members safe.

Some safety advice includes:

• When driving a tractor, never let other people especially children, stand on the side and always attempt to drive on level land.

• Prior to reversing, walk around your vehicle to check for obstacles or children, it only takes a few seconds.

• When towing tall equipment look up for power lines.

• Install approved rollover protective structures that add to safety, and slow down when using vehicles such as quad bikes.

• People who are not used to being around animals need to be careful as animals can be unpredictable.

• Educate your children from an early age about hazardous areas on your property and how to dial Triple Zero (000) in an emergency.

• Ensure you wear appropriate safety gear and work within well ventilated areas when operating machinery that requires petrol or diesel and wear an approved helmet when riding horses or using a quad bike or motorbike.

It is important to note that in an emergency, don’t panic and do not drive yourself or someone who is sick or injured to the hospital. You can do more for the patient by staying calm, reassuring them and applying first aid while you wait for paramedics to arrive.

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