It’s not easy finding your way home from Bogan Gate

Eddie Marold and new found friend Bob Smidey releasing pigeons at Bogan Gate.

By Dominic Geiger

The skies over Bogan Gate were filled with pigeons last Saturday as part of the start to Cowra Racing Pigeon Club’s 2011 season.

Approximately 132 pigeons made the 116km journey home from Bogan Gate while a second group of birds were released from Grenfell.

Despite clear skies at the time of release, progressively worsening conditions throughout the day saw only 90% of the pigeons return to Cowra.

President of the Cowra Racing Pigeon Club, Greg Wright, said the pigeons used the magnetic pull of the poles to orientate themselves.

“Many birds are able to sense the earth’s magnetic field,” he said.

“They can also apparently see up to 150 miles in front of them,” he said.

Greg said the pigeon’s ability to navigate would truly be put to the test over the coming months.

“Bogan Gate was just early days; we’ll be there again next week before slowly moving north to Tullamore, Tottenham and Nyngan,” he said.

“By the end of the season we’ll be letting the pigeons go from incredible distances including Charleville and Cunnamulla in Queensland.”

The flock of pigeons will be released at 12pm this Saturday in Bogan gate.

Anyone interested in finding more information on the Cowra Racing Pigeon Club can visit the club’s website at

Eddie and Bob watch the pigeons soar away.


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