Dung beetles dig in at Condobolin

Anne Foster holding some Bubas bison. DGBy Dominic Geiger

A property just south of Condobolin has become a regional first thanks to the introduction of 2,500 Bubas bison dung beetles.

The beetle’s release is significant as unlike locally active dung beetles, Bubas bison are primarily active in the winter.

Landowner, Ann Foster, said it was her son, Grant Relf, who originally suggested introducing the beetles to the property just off the West Wyalong Road.

“The soil here is incredibly hard and we wanted to improve it without having to use fertilizer,” Ann said.

“Grant got in touch with [a number of councils] and was put in contact with John Feehan who is an expert on dung beetles.

“John said these beetles were perfectly suited for the area but had never actually been used in the Condobolin or West Wyalong districts.”

Though native to Mediterranean regions of Europe, John said the beetles posed no threat to local biodiversity.

“I’ve released 5000 of these beetles with the CSIRO and many more since that and I haven’t heard a single complaint about them,” he said.

“Bubas bison are only active in areas where the native beetles are not as native dung beetles evolved to live in the scrub and bush whereas these ones are perfectly at home in paddocks.

“The release that took place [last Friday] is the first for the entire area – it’s a little bit of history taking place.

“It’s also particularly relevant given the carbon trading debate going on at the moment as dung beetles help store the carbon which exists in cow dung by burying it underground.

“they also reduce bush fly populations by up to 99%.

“Hopefully these beetles will now spread to neighbouring properties and become a sustainable population.”

Anyone wishing to purchase or obtain more information on dung beetles can contact John on 6248 0376.


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