Vandals attack family and community services

Happy Daze coffee lounge discovered the damage to their front window on Sunday morning.By Dominic Geiger

Yet another spate of senseless vandalism has struck Condobolin over the weekend with local police receiving reports of smashed windows, scratched cars and damaged council facilities.
At least six businesses on Bathurst Street had their windows smashed or cracked, with owners discovering the damage on both Sunday and Monday morning.
One of the luckier businesses was left with only a footprint on their front door, suggesting the perpetrator was kicking the shop fronts as he or she travelled down Bathurst Street.
Owner of Happy Daze, Shirley Bell, said she was appalled someone would attack her store for no reason.
“What can you do about it?” she said.
“Until something serious is done, this [vandalism] isn’t going to stop.
“They should catch [whoever] did this, make them serve time or make them pay for the repairs.
“If it’s a juvenile, the parents should be made to pay the bill.”
A spokesperson for Condobolin Police called on any members of the community with information about the incident to contact the Condobolin Police Station.
The vandalism on the main street coincided with a malicious attack on a car belonging to the owner of Condobolin Newsagency, Lorraine L’Estrange.
Lorraine’s car was vandalised multiple times, leaving deep scratches across the rear of the vehicle.
“The perpetrator has entered private property to wantonly damage the car,” Lorraine said.
“It was clearly someone who was very angry.”
Loraine has offered a reward of $500 for anyone who can provide information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for the damage.
Lachlan Shire Council announced earlier this year that funding had been allocated to install three surveillance cameras in the main street of Condobolin.
General Manager of Lachlan Shire Council, George Cowan, said at this stage it was likely the cameras would be installed by the end of the year.
“We still need to meet with shopkeepers and police to discuss actual sightings for the cameras,” he said.
“We will be calling for tenders for the cameras in the coming weeks.”
George said a cubicle door in the public toilets on Bathurst Street had also been ripped off its hinges over the weekend.
“There are elements in our community that are destructive,” he said.
“We have a certain amount of money available to install surveillance cameras and we encourage shopkeepers to take advantage of this and to possibly make contributions [for the project].”

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