Long lost train ticket journeys home

John Brasnett receives his 1957 train ticket from Malcolm Parnaby.By Dominic Geiger

When John Brasnett (above left) boarded a train from Condobolin to Hawkesbury Agricultural College in the Blue Mountains way back in 1957, the last thing on his mind was his train ticket.

With the pressures and chaos of travel and the beginning of a new school year, it’s no surprise John’s ticket eventually became lost.

What is a surprise, however, is that the ticket managed to find its way back to its original owner, 54 years later.

Early last week, fellow Condobolin resident Malcolm Parnaby (above right) returned the ticket from February 5, 1957 (inset) to John.

“I remember that journey well, because I ended up arriving a day early so I could make the train connection,” John said.

“When I got there, the bloke at the school put me in a room with a dozen pairs of shoes and told me I had to clean every one because it was part of the initiation process for all new students.

“Unfortunately the initiation lasted a week and I got an extra day on top of everyone else since I’d arrived a day early.

“I can’t believe this ticket’s still around.”

Malcolm said he often bought little bits and pieces of memorabilia as a hobby.

“I bought it in Sydney from a fellow who sells old railway tickets,” he said.

“When I saw John’s name on it I thought, you beauty.”

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