Council to replace water filtration plant

The Condobolin water treatment plant located on the Parkes Road. DG

By Dominic Geiger

Lachlan Shire Council has recently announced it will be either replacing or performing significant upgrades to the Condobolin water filtration plant.

The decision follows considerable community complaint regarding the ongoing poor taste and smell of council supplied town water.

In early February, a Lachlan Shire Council spokesperson told The Condobolin Argus the bad taste and smell of the water was “due to the [recent] flooding,” and it “should improve in coming weeks.”

Speaking after last week’s shire council meeting, Director of Technical Services at the council, Kevin Smith, said the filtration plant would see its renewal date of 2015/16 moved forward significantly.

“Council has made the decision to upgrade the filtration plant as a result of the poor quality of drinking water currently being distributed in Condobolin,” he said.

According to the book, ‘Condobolin, Where The Lachlan flows,’ the Condobolin water filtration plant, which currently stands on the Parkes Road, was built in 1941.

“The current plant does not have the ability to provide further treatment for the water we’ve been providing to the town,” Kevin said.

“Council needs to [perform an upgrade] in order to improve water quality.”

The plant will either be upgraded at its current location or completely replaced and moved to an as yet undecided site.

Jessica Do, who is currently in Condobolin on work experience from Wagga Wagga, said she had found a marked difference in the quality of water between the two towns.

“The first night I was here, I just didn’t drink any water even though I was thirsty; it’s that bad,” she said.

“I tried to boil it to get rid of the taste, but that didn’t work so I mask the taste with coffee or tea now.”

Condobolin resident, Ashleigh Marsden-Smedley, said the poor quality of the water had driven her to purchase her own home filtration jug.

“The [filtration jug] does make the water taste better, but it’s still not great,” she said.

“When we’ve gone to Orange we’ve noticed the water tastes better there.”

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