Condo supporters travel to Finke

By Dominic Geiger
A group of over fifteen Condobolin motor enthusiasts recently made the huge trek to Alice Springs for the annual Finke Desert Race which was held over the June long weekend.

Making the journey to support local riders Anton Jacobson and Jacob and Todd Smith, the convoy arrived in Alice Springs on Friday afternoon for the scrutineering event.

Supporter and Condobolin Publican, Greg Cooper, said he found it difficult to describe how amazing the weekend had been.

“The scrutineering was unbelievable; there were 98 cars and over 500 bikes,” he said.

“Even at that beginning point of the weekend there was an incredible buzz in the crowd, with [all the competitors] wanting to answer questions.

“On the Saturday they had an eight kilometre prologue event with seven to eight hundred supporters plus helicopters from the various teams.

“Todd and Jake Smith were the fourth and fifth fastest respectively in that part of the event.”

Greg said the Condobolin supporters left Alice Springs on Saturday afternoon to set up camp near the actual Finke Desert race track.

“We left a group 20 kilometres from the starting line to help with any problems and the rest went to Finke, some 240 kilometres south of Alice,” he said.

“We set up four kilometres from the finish line and watched the cars and bikes wind their way through the desert dunes; it was nothing short of spectacular.”

Todd Smith secured the highest position of the three Condobolin riders, coming fourth overall.

Despite beginning in fifth position, Jake Smith’s bike unfortunately suffered from a mechanical failure and he was unable to finish the race.

Anton Jacobson managed to climb an incredible 40 places to finish in the middle of the pack.

Jake said the biggest highlight for him was witnessing the incredible amount of effort the Condobolin team went to in order to support the riders.

“It’s a fair trek for them; I really want to say thanks to everyone who made the drive,” he said.

“Unfortunately my bike had some engine trouble and I couldn’t finish.”

Jake said thanks to recent rain, the track itself wasn’t too dusty.

“It was very wet, very rough and very fast,” he said.

“It’s a 230 kilometre course that you do in under two hours, so that means you average 115-120 kph, with occasional sections of 160 to 170 kph.

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