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The Dusty Yellow Sunbeams latest album 'The Present Day Blues'By Dominic Geiger

Parkes band, ‘Dusty Yellow Sunbeams’, has released a brand spanking new album called ‘The Present Day Blues’.
Featuring relaxed acoustic guitars and smooth melancholy vocals, the band has managed to create an easy listening album perfect for any lazy Sunday afternoon.
With an incredibly clean, crisp sound, the album features a number of standout tracks including ‘Home is the falling leaves’, ‘Captain on the bottom of the ocean floor’ and a djembe laden final track, ‘Little Red Leaf’.
Relatively new to the Central West music scene, singer Tom Orr said he and his brother Chris formed the band after Chris took a twelve month break from university studies.
“Chris is a music student at Lismore University,” Tom said.
“He came back home [for a while] and we’ve just been jamming and writing.”
Tom said the entire album was recorded in the brothers’ makeshift home studio.
“We called a few people [in the lead up to making the album] including a friend who studied sound engineering in Lismore,” Tom said.
“Then we recorded everything, with me and Chris swapping instruments.
“We both write songs, play guitar and sing and Tom plays a bit of bass as well.”
Tom said he and Chris had been playing music together for a while but had only recently moved from covers to composing their own original music.
“We’re always jamming together,” he said.
“The album came out officially three weeks ago and we’re really happy with it.”
To check out the band’s album for free, log on to
To order an album copy, send an e-mail to

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