West weir on agenda again in Condobolin

By Dominic Geiger

The Lachlan Shire Council is calling on interested community members to join the ‘Condobolin West Weir Committee’, following the passing of a motion to establish the group at last week’s council meeting.
The committee, which will be comprised of members of the public and various councillors, will aim to finally have a weir built on the Lachlan River to the west of Condobolin.
Lachlan Shire Councillor, Les Saunders, said although the weir was first suggested in 1986, he felt as though there was now enough support within the Lachlan Valley to see the project through to completion.
“There was a recent meeting with the Lachlan Valley Customer Service Committee at the Condobolin Agricultural Station that I attended as a councillor and the majority of people there supported the weir,” he said.
“The meeting was made up of people from all up and down the river and it was that committee who recommended the Lachlan Shire Council aim to form a similar committee.”
Les said the advantages of constructing the weir would be numerous.
“If we had the weir, irrigators could order water today and have it within two days time,” he said.
“It would also guarantee Condobolin’s water supply.
“Anyone who’s going to benefit from this project should join the committee.”
Mayor of the Lachlan Shire, Des Manwaring, said the weir would be a good alternative to securing the town’s water supply as opposed to drilling more bores.
“The weir would give the town in-river storage,” he said.
“It’s still early days yet however; we’ve only had the suggestion to form a committee.”

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