Sixth potential site announced for Condobolin Skatepark

By Dominic Geiger

Lachlan Shire Council has temporarily suspended the public consultation process for the proposed skatepark development in Condobolin following the announcement of a sixth potential site at the Wiradjuri Study Centre.
The skatepark project, which has seen numerous delays since its inception over ten years ago, will be put on hiatus until council can liaise with the CEO of Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation (WCC), Percy Knight, in regards to building the park on study centre grounds.
General Manager of the Lachlan Shire, George Cowan, said a report from the consultation process with Percy would be brought to the June council meeting.
“Council (will then) determine whether the new site will be added to the other five for community consultation,” he said.
“I will be meeting with Percy sometime this week to discuss the matter further.”
Percy said he was “open minded” about the possibility of a skatepark being built on study centre grounds.
“I’m certainly prepared to talk to council about (the project),” he said.
“If the skatepark is to go ahead it will require amendments to the development application, but that’s just part of due process.”
Percy also said he was considering the possibility of building an internet cafe on study centre grounds to offer an additional place for young people to socialise.
“Establishing a supervised net cafe would offer something for the kids who aren’t interested in the skatepark,” he said.
“We would provide computers and internet but of course the cafe would have to be managed properly.
“We need to be really strategic and proactive about these projects; they need to be managed in a cooperative and collaborative way, but all those issues can be worked out.”

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