New tree planting scheme for Lachlan Shire

By Dominic Geiger

Lachlan Shire Council is planning to create a program to replace dead or obstructive trees on the various main streets around the shire with a selection of uniform species on each street.
The decision to create themed streets comes as a result of last week’s council meeting where it was revealed council had not been replacing trees that had been removed for safety reasons.
Councillor Peter Harris said it was not excusable for council to simply rip out trees around town and not replace them.
“We’re living on the edge of the desert and we keep (removing trees),” he said.
Mayor of Lachlan Shire, Des Manwaring, said all street trees in the shire were meant to be replaced with a suitable species after they were removed.
“Apparently this hasn’t been happening,” he said.
“There will now be an investigation into the suitability of various species.
“We will also be investigating whether it’s possible to plant trees further in to the road as many streets in the shire are very wide and this would mean they would cause less disruption to the footpath while providing more shade for cars.”
Director of Technical Services at Lachlan Shire Council, Kevin Smith, said council would now consult with the local community to determine what species could be used.
“The creation of a theme for the trees on the various streets in the shire will take place over many years,” he said.
“Council will look at each of the main streets and determine which trees are near the end of their lives and replace them”.

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