Colourful characters and their cars collect in Condobolin

Newcastle Variety Bash vehicles filled the Condobolin Public School oval last Monday morning.

By Dominic Geiger

An incredibly brightly coloured convoy of pre-1974 vehicles rolled in to Condobolin last Sunday night as part the 20th annual Newcastle Variety Charity Bash.
Cars, trucks and buses all sported various inventive designs ranging from stuffed Australian animals on bumper bars to a Scooby Doo inspired van.
The 100 plus drivers attended a Hangi dinner at the Royal Hotel on Sunday evening and then had breakfast at the Condobolin Public School on Monday morning where they put on a magic show for the students and gave donations of laptops and computer learning programs.
Public school principal, Deb Nay, said she thought the rally was fantastic.
“Both the cars and the characters are very colourful,” she said.
“The new computer program is called Boardmaker; it’s great for kids who find it difficult to write but also helps structure classroom learning in a visual way.”
Deb said one of the drivers, a music teacher named Steve Lavis, would also be helping to check the conditions of the school’s instruments.
“The school is trying to get a music program up and running so he’ll be checking the condition of the instruments for us,” she said.
Cavemen: Greg Paff, Tracey Stephens, Terry Patterson and Jamie Price.Organiser of the event, Victor Shields, said the Blue Reardon, owner of the Royal Hotel, had looked after the drivers extremely well.
“We’ve had a great feast tonight; we thought we’d try something different in the open air and have a Hangi,” he said.
“We had a great trip down from Newcastle; we stopped at a school in Gulgong and the kids came in on a Sunday for a circus.”
Driver Wayne Sexton aka ‘The Stig’ said he was having a ball of a time.
“It’s been fantastic,” he said.
“Yesterday was a big day because we did 600kms.
“Now we’re off to Ivanhoe for lunch and then on to Balranald tonight.”
Variety Children’s Charity raises money to help children who are suffering from health, educational or economical disadvantage.

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