Quota celebrates 45 years

This month the Quota Club of Condobolin celebrates 45 years since its inaugural Installation of Officers.
Those were the days of evening dresses and long white gloves, extremely formal affairs.
Quota has changed considerably since those heady days, much less formal and the old membership status of needing to be a professional or business woman long since gone.
Quota has moved with the times, and clubs are now more social with a lot less procedure to deal with. We are even allowed to install male members in this age of anti discrimination, however I don’t think there are many male members in the Quota family.
So what would the Quota Club like as a 45th birthday present?
In two words MORE MEMBERS.
For 45 years Quota has served the community, that’s what a service club does, however because our membership has dropped gradually over the past few years we have an insufficient work force to carry out substantial fundraising functions.
We recently had to postpone our High Tea for that reason.
After 45 years of service we believe that Quota in Condobolin deserves to celebrate its 50th anniversary with a whole lot of new members.
Anyone from 18 to 100 can apply, we would love to see you.
IF you are interested please contact Roslyn L’Estrange at the pharmacy, she will be only too pleased to tell you about Quota.
Come on girls, we need you!
(- Quota International of Condobolin)

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